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Maybe Donald should be more like Mike, and learn a lesson from this debate? If nothing else, he stuck to the talking points and never deviated from the script. 

YOU KNOW WHAT'S SCARIER then the thought of a President Donald J. Trump sitting in the Oval Office? A Mike Pence sitting right beside him as his Vice President. Hearkens back to the bad old days, of Dick Cheney commanding George W. Bush what to do. Scarily that era might make Trump's seem like Heaven, instead of the Hell that it actually was. From Pence's use of his political office to push his religious beliefs upon us, to his utter disregard of the laws of this great land and our Constitution. Mike Pence showcased again during last night's Vice Presidential Debate why he is unfit to hold the office of the Vice President. That doesn't even start to mention the biggest omission of the evening, his seemingly personal vendetta against the LGBT community, which sadly never came up. Oh, and about Abortion? Vote for Trump, it's gone, it's over, we are all screwed! 

"You should live fully with enthusiasm commands of your faith. But it is not the role of the public servant, to mandate that for everybody else." - Tim Kaine
Now that's how to respond to a question about a woman's right to choose! At Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia, the location of this years' Vice President debate, the highlight of the entire debate for me, and Tim Kaine's best moment occurred at the end, when he said that perfect argument to Mike Pence, and those who want to kill 'Roe v Wade'! That's right, if Donald Trump gets in and brings along his trusty sidekick, these two would take us back to the good old days of wire hangers, abortion in dark alleys, and untold horror stories. Tim Kaine asked the perfect question to Mike Pence.
"Why doesn’t Donald Trump trust women to make this choice for themselves?"- Tim Kaine 
Kaine also reminded all of us of Donald Trump's off the cuff remark on MSNBC's 'Hardball with Chris Matthews' where Trump suggested that women should face some kind of “punishment” if they received an abortion. Not just the doctors who performed them, but the women as well! But as Pence had done several times earlier during the debate, he argued his personal beliefs over his job. Meaning, screw our Constitution, what my God believes, or what my narrow point of view believes goes above everyone else. Screw the law, even if I'm wrong and it hurts others, a true hypocrite if there ever was one. That was when Tim Kaine said "But it is not the role of the public servant, to mandate that for everybody else." Get it? But of course Mike didn't. His big comeback to Tim Kaine's comment was that he was “proud to be standing with Donald Trump” on the issue. Meaning both of them plan to finally do what 'The Pro Life' movement has wanted to do for years, end 'Roe v Wade' forever. Out of all of the issues in this campaign, not to mention the fact that Hillary Clinton a woman is running for President, I would say this above all others will anger women. It will energize those who believe women have rights, and men can't tell them what to do, not anymore. Hillary Clinton winning will send a strong message that, fellows keep your hands off our wombs! 
Another item where Mike Pence believes his personal beliefs supersedes our Constitution, was his defense for the now debunked police practice known as 'stop-and-frisk', something Trump has been pitching a lot lately. Especially in African-American communities, the exact places it's been proved to have discriminated. Hillary Clinton opposes it, and Kaine explained why it was bad and why they won't be bringing it out of mothballs. But Pence seemed to double down on it and again flaunt his disregard of our Constitution. The man is the picture perfect face of a Republican legislator, note that wasn't a compliment. 
On the other hand, I think Tim Kaine's biggest error was going for the kill at the start of the debate, he should have built up to the Abortion section. Seemingly him going on the attack, being the attack dog, at least in the opinions of the talking heads, was the reason they say he lost in the CNN poll. Personally, I don't agree, I wanted to smack Pence a half a dozen times for multiple reasons, so I get it. I also got his game plan, and it really worked, cause as the debate went on, these nudges were getting a reaction and Pence's annoyance was playing right into Kaine's hands. I'm sorry the man lied the entire debate, refused to defend Trump's behavior on multiple occasions, except for the one time where instead of defending him, Mike tried to use Hillary’s perfect description of Donald's followers, his 'basket of deplorable's' against her.  What gets me is the comments Pence argued against that Kaine quoted, happened on television in front of millions of people, we all have seen the video tape. And even worse, the quote that Kaine recited that Pence said, occurred just weeks a go, so he obviously just lied straight faced into the camera. Happily the media is having a field day with this, and the Clinton campaign has already created an ad, showing his comments and then the video proof… so tell me, you still think he won the debate? I must say, because of this, the way most of the media is discussing Kaine's behavior, and disregarding Pence's lies and forgetfulness, for the first time since Hillary chose her running mate, I so wished Elizabeth Warren was there instead. All this bull about attack dogs, would have been thrown to the side and she would have simply decimated the Indiana homophobe. I'm sorry Tim, you did your job. But Elizabeth Warren would have made Pence reveal himself like the slime that he really is. That sadly is a gift Tim Kaine doesn't possess.
Not that I'm a fan, and I don't expect ever to be one, and honestly I wish they never did it, especially Democrats, I am referring to when people bring up former President Ronald Reagan in a positive manner. President Obama has done it on a number of occasions, even Hillary Clinton, and I get why. For those Republicans who loved the actor, using something he did or said that they agreed with could cause them to possibly vote for Hillary Clinton. Get them to maybe see reality. So when Tim Kaine did it, I was only imagining where he was taking us, and happily its actually turned into his other big moment. Seems he basically called Donald Trump a 'fool or maniac' with his comments on nuclear weapons.
"Let me tell you what would really make the Middle East dangerous ... Donald Trump’s idea that more nations should get nuclear weapons. -- Ronald Reagan said something really interesting about nuclear proliferation back in the 1980s -- he said the problem with nuclear proliferation is that some fool or maniac could trigger a catastrophic event, And I think that’s who Governor Pence’s running mate is, Exactly who Ronald Reagan warned us of." - Tim Kaine
Yes, I honestly screamed out loud with joy at our future Vice President's assertion. Mike Pence seems stunned by it, practically twitching in his chair. I will remember this for a while, it was a thing of beauty.
"Senator, that was even beneath you and Hillary Clinton, and that’s pretty low." - Mike Pence
No sir, you are. You have achieved the highest honor of being uncovered by the entire free world, and probably Russia for the liar that you are. You should be proud of that accomplishment. Heck it's probably gonna get you on the short list for anchors on Fox Faux News after election day. Congrats, you probably have a job lined up even before you get the pink slip from The Trump Campaign.
One of the cleverest things Kaine did last night, was constantly bringing up Donald Trump's racist comments during the announcement of his candidacy, and a few of his other comments since. Donald's description of the Mexican people, his calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” and “criminals” last year which got the most vile human beings in our great nation to climb out of their holes and become a political force. Pence, who never admitted anything that Kaine was quoting was true, appeared to have a repulsion from even hearing the word 'Mexican'. Each time Kaine brought it up, Pence shook his head and grimaced. Eventually this graduated to the final nudge. 
"Senator, you’ve whipped out that Mexican thing again,"  
Yup that was his big zinger! Thank you Pence for digging your own grave. "Senator, you’ve whipped out that Mexican thing again," and let me assure you, Mike wasn't discussing the privates of the Mexican seƱors! Hysterically "That Mexican thing" has now become a hash tag trending online. thanks to people who see Mike Pence for the hater he is.  Pence might currently be the so-called winner, but this obnoxious comment ain't going away anytime soon.
During the debate Pence while responding to something argued that others were misinterpreting the things that Donald Trump has said. Giving, maybe the best answer to that argument so far.  
"You know, the words don’t always come out exactly the way he means them, -- But I’m telling you what the policy of our administration would be." - Mike Pence
Others have argued for Trump for months, playing verbal gymnastics and looking like fools. Probably his worse one has to be when he suggested to NRA fans to do their second Amendment rights and stop Hillary if she gets in. The excuses his surrogates used, their interpretations of what Donald meant to say were simply laughable. Why is it that everything Donald Trump says, needs to be explained or interpreted, by anyone? How do you nominate a candidate who can't speak for himself? Basically we aren't supposed to believe what we hear from the man himself, but how his surrogates explain it to us. Well, they're gonna have to find extra money in the budget if Trump gets elected. They're gonna have to hire someone to translate his verbal fuck ups. It works in the major leagues, why not in the White House? 
A few more thoughts about the Vice Presidential debate, though out the debate Mike Pence, tried to get under Tim Kaine's nerves, mostly by lying. But several times he tried to throw in a half-ass insult which each time fell flat! 
"I promise, I'll work with you when you go back to the Senate." - Mike Pence
Really sir, seems to me you're getting ahead of yourself. Hysterically Pence also kept bringing up the "War on Coal" thing, seemingly he doesn't realize that that, is on the way out much like the Dinosaurs were. And I'm sorry, someone needs to explain to Mike Pence, re-using famous lines at a debate is possibly even worse then plagiarizing the current future First Lady's convention speech.   
"There you go again." - Mike Pence 
Really, I literary laughed out loud when I heard Mike Pence say it. What an idiot. Hey fool you’re supposed to come up with new zingers, not regurgitate them... ha ha ha
At one point Pence argued or was that whined  that Kaine kept repeating Donald’s tax attack, as if it was a bad thing, an annoyance. Of course the only annoyance was to Pence, and Kaine beautifully kept up the query throughout the debate, demonstrating how everything is connected to it.  For me that was Kaine’s biggest victory, hitting it again and again and again. He’s paid taxes... how do we know? He has no business dealings... how do we know?
At one point during the debate the issue of the candidate's Foundations came up. Pence lying though his teeth did what Donald Trump always does, attack others for doing exactly what Trump is doing, while not doing anything wrong. So Pence presented the version concocted by the haters, attacking the Clinton Foundation as a slush fund for their personal gains, and laughingly saying the Trump Foundation gives most of its money to charity. Talk about a crock of shit. Kaine tried to fight back, but he skipped the latest revelations, that most of the Foundations work was in reality a Trump's private piggy bank, to be used for his own political ambitions. He skipped the NY Attorney general’s 'cease and decease' notice, which is pretty big problem for Donald to say the least. 
Lastly today I watched an interview between Mike Pence and Chris Cuomo on CNN, and what struck me was everything Pence said or did in response to a question about Trumps past verbal assaults was exactly what he had done at the debate. From the shaking of his head, to the chuckle under his breathe, to the answer he really didn't give. It was as if he was lip singing his own words. My only question I would ask him about this in the future would be, if he's ever asked about this interview, will he lie about it and say he never said it?

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