Wednesday, October 12, 2016


What a pack of hypocrites, as religious Republicans forgive practically every sin known to man just to get in bed with power, while threatening retribution to those who don't go along.

YOU'RE EITHER WITH US or against us. That is the message from Trumps surrogates, as they appear to be fighting a losing battle. Scarily it seems, if they're going down Donald is taking everyone with him. Including his own party and our nation, trying to bully those who've wised up to their gorilla politics. As Donald showcased at the second debate when he promised to jail Hillary for something that had already been thrown out as nothing. 

"We all fall short of the glory of God,"  "I believe in forgiveness." - Mike Pence
Seems the party of Lincoln has turned into a pact of sell-outs that throw out accusations, lies and filth as if its all written in stone. Or they heard it from the man upstairs and argue that their own sins can easily be disregarded as 'locker-room' chit-chat. Finally after hours of not knowing if Mike Pence was either quitting the race as Donald Trump's running mate, or sticking around till the man quits and he's given the crown. Well I guess he's hoping Donald gets out, cause he came out and basically said all is forgiven and lets put that heathen in a prison. Donald it seems had apologized, how amazing was that, God works in mysterious and wonderful ways. Then the man double downed and like the good bible thumper that he is, he threw out the old standard, 'He that is without sin among you, let him first cast the first stone' or something like that. Basically saying that all of us have sin in our hearts, so give the man some slack. 
"It takes a big man to know when he’s wrong and to admit," it, "Donald Trump last night showed he’s a big man." - Mike Pence
Of course the hypocrisy of this is huge… somehow if you don't agree with their politics or are named either Hillary or Bill Clinton, sorry you are the devil incarnate or a witch that should be burned. Seems the Clinton's are the greatest sinners who've ever walked this Earth and they would rather burn our nation down instead of allowing Hillary back into the White House. No matter how much she repents, apologizes or prays, Hillary Clinton needs to drop dead and rot in Hell. 
Am I wrong? Well, am I? Hysterically listening to the Trumpeters argue after the release of the Access Hollywood video and its proof what a pig the man is wasn't enough to drop the man like the degenerate he is. According to them, all the Democrats want to talk about is the video and Donald's other scandals and possible crimes, they don't want to discuss the issues. They keep saying that all Donald is doing is coming out with one policy proposal after the other, but the media doesn't want to discuss those, just the video. Seriously, its like they think we haven't witnessed the decade long attack against any policy proposals by the Democrats. How they tried killing any progress by going after Obama's birthplace, and of course going after Hillary with Benghazi, disregarding that they themselves had killed the funding for it! Or they actually think that none of us have lived through Donald Trump's campaign and watched as they argued away everyone of Hillary's proposals with one conspiracy after the other. Supposedly all Trump has been doing since day one is talk about how he wants to make America great, that's it. According to them its Hillary whose been throwing filth, its Hillary whose a bigot, its Hillary who just wants to talk about things that our citizens don't care about, something in Donald's past. It's Hillary's fault that the campaign has turned so fowl. Just like at the Vice Presidential debate when Mike Pence argued that everyone of Donald's comments and actions never happened. 
It seems with Mike Pence, after just one day of praying on it, all of the latest revelations about Donald Trump are now forgivable. Even though a day ago, all we heard from Pence was how irredeemable Trump's words were and how he didn't want to be associated with them. But now his faith has answered all, and Donald's sins have been wiped clean and he's ready to be our nation's next President, or possibly our last.
"The other part of my faith is I believe in grace. I’ve received it. I believe in it," - Mike Pence  
For years they went after Bill Clinton, for all of his real or presumed sins, but somehow one of their own could rape a harem filled with women, and that would just be a kiss on the cheek. Reminds me of Priest's in the Catholic church who have molested children for decades, so-called men of God, yet the good church for the most part let that slipWhat a bunch of hypocrites, "I believe in forgiveness" really? Where's your forgiveness for Hillary Clinton? I mean your condemning her for things she never actually did or that you yourselves made up. And give the old man a break already, when are you going to leave Bill Clinton alone? Don't you think being embarrassed on the world stage is enough? No you righteous soulless spawns of the Devil want her to suffer, to feel pain to drop dead!
"I believe in forgiveness, and we are called to forgive as we have been forgiven." - Mike Pence
Speaking about Sunday school prayers, talk about disgusting and I wish I was kidding, but its been reported that Alex Jones, one of Trumps biggest vocal supporters is paying cash prizes for people who get seen at rally's on television with a t-shirt that says 'Bill Clinton is a rapist'! Which is why on several occasions at events for Hillary, featuring her or Bill Clinton or our current President, President Obama, there have been repeated heckling with people showcasing the vile message on their shirts. I mean how do you do that in one breath and in the next preach that Hillary is the sinner and the nation needs the leadership of Donald Trump. 
How do you pay women, to parade on national television to totally embarrass themselves for things that have been debunked or they themselves have said never happened? How do you sleep at night and then act like your a worshipper of God? They forgave George W. Bush for practically destroying our nation and unbelievably going to war with the wrong nation! They forgave or mostly forgot Bush destroyed 22 million emails but Hillary should be stoned because of 33,000? Or because she's married to Bill, or because she's not a Republican or simply because she's a woman!
will never forget watching the lynch mob going after Bill Clinton for his sins, unnervingly as the Impeachment Hearings continued, and it seemed every member of those going after our President or even those trying to help him remain were revealed to have issues of their own. Even the Reverend Jesse Jackson for God's sake had a mistress! It was seriously maddening, here was a man being persecuted for sins that they were doing, and worse. 
Donald has been married three times, pretty much cheated on all of his wives, seemingly been revealed to be a sexual predator with any attractive women under the age of 50! And Hillary is being condemned because she was angry and obnoxious to the women who supposedly slept with her man! Look how they've gone after Anthony Weiner for sexting! The man never got to first base with any women, but these hypocrites wanted him banished. Look at all the men in power both politically as well as leaders of our communities who have been discovered to be perverts, deviants, rapists, or worse, somehow their sins can all be forgiven. What gets me in all this is most of those sinners have been good old Bible thumping Republicans, not Democrats. Nothing Hillary could do or say, no matter how many times she apologizes, no matter how many things she does to help others, her sins are never forgivable. I mean look at their respective Foundations? Her's is charitable, his is a political slush fund, you want to talk being a good Christian and following the teachings of Jesus, case closed! 
So as Donald Trump has decided the scorched Earth approach is gonna be how he runs out the clock, his campaign is pulling out the most disgusting vile attacks that you could possibly imagine. Crowned by ghosts from Bill Clinton's past, and now he's going against even the Republicans who have found his sins to be at least worth not being seen in public together. It seems if you're with them, you could be Adolf Hitler or worse and that's okay, as long as you fall in line. But any step away, any brush back, and then you are in bed with the Devil! According to one nut job, you smell of sulfur, seriously is this how you run a Presidential campaign?
It seems Mike Pence and his fellow bible thumpers who believe 'their' interpretation of the lords word is how we are supposed to live our lives. If you don't you need to be punished or pretty much beheaded, stoned, gassed or any other punishment that would make a nice stanza in their revised version of their bibles. Its not like I'm surprised at any of this, nothing they're doing now in new. In the same way that ISIL has corrupted the Muslim faith, I believe these righteous zealots like Mike Pence are this nation's version of those terrorists. That's right, I'm comparing them to terrorists, and it feels so good! They can forgive the worse sins on Earth for their own, but all others much pay for their presumed sins. Well, in their own words, if their is a God, lets hope these sad examples of human beings spend their eternities spinning, while roasting in Hell!  

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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