Monday, October 17, 2016


Zombies now? I wish I was kidding, as their latest attempt to deflect the reality of Donald Trump's self destruction turns the ending of his con game into a sad pathetic joke.

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT it couldn't get any wackier…  it seems I awoke to the latest insanity by Donald's surrogates, voter fraud. Not that this argument is new by them, or by the Republicans. Look at all the new obnoxious racist laws enacted by them in recent years. But now, instead of attacking Bill's ghosts of women past or The Clinton Foundation or her emails, its now a full on assault of the media and our very own sacred right, voting in elections.
All of his Trumpeters are throwing out this spin, as if this new accusation explains all of Donald's troubles away. Seriously making all of them look as insane as Rudy, or the man himself, which is pretty crazy. Seems Trump's issues with women isn't what they want anyone to discuss. Bill's surely, but Donald's not on your life. That they explain is being political and has nothing to do with showing the candidate for whom he really is. Even though every other candidate probably in modern politics, that part of them, their private lives, their personal foibles is all the hypocrites in the Republican party have been screaming about for years. Every single one of them, all of his paid off robots are now out drumming this latest and purposed worse talking point yet. Arguing that our system of electing our nations leaders are tainted. That is of course if the Republicans and Donald lose, otherwise, all is good with the world. From Rudy, on down, they're all throwing the same bullshit. Capped by the former Mayor of New York's hysterical 'I see 'dead' people… voting' comments. Well some of his followers have argued that President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are Devils, so a Zombie apocalypse, I guess that's almost logical when you live in the Fox Faux News land. 
I wish I was kidding, but sadly that is exactly what this is, a sad pathetic joke. We have seen Donald Trump's campaign attempt every possible assault on our nations democracy. From immigration, our laws, our taxes, equality, to common human decency, the things that have made our nation the envy of the world and the one that all others strive to one day become like. But this latest attack, accusation and out right lie seriously needs to be swatted away like mosquito's. Sadly the media, like every other one of Trump's verbal charges against anything, is being discussed on air as if there is any semblance to reality. After years of Republicans using debunked numbers to enact voter I.D. laws throughout much of our nation. Possibly disenfranchising thousands if not millions of Americans of their constitutional rights. As each one of the laws have been stripped in court, this latest onslaught against the rights of the citizens of the United States is seriously dangerous. Much like four years ago when the Republicans announced on air that the vote totals had to be wrong, because according to their own poll numbers, their internal data, Romney should have won. 
So now Donald and his surrogates are arguing that the women who allege he assaulted them, who are getting so much press is tainting the media against him. Seems all the media news about Benghazi, about her emails, about her server, about her paid speeches are fine? All the discussions about Bill Clinton's ghosts are fine? All the recently leaked emails, illegally released, which may or may not actually be even real are kosher? But Trump's accusers who're claiming he did to them actually what he bragged about, when he was being egged on by Billy Bush, is the media being rigged against him. Seems everything that Donald has pulled, one worse then the other, has nothing to do with his failing poll numbers. Everything he's said or done, his actions, his tweets, his behavior, his sniffling on stage, don't mean a thing. Donald's stalking of Hillary at the debate? His treasonous comments about locking up his political opponent? The fact he seemingly has no answers to any real questions, and the only thing he has now in his arsenal is attacking others. Lets not forget to mention this latest whine that the system is completely against him. Maybe Hillary should bring a pair of diapers for the baby if he wets himself during the next debate. She could bring it along with her box of Kleenex to offer him if he gets another case of the sniffles. But seriously, I think I figured it out. I get it, this is his game. If Donald can't win this deal, he's gonna take down our country? You see Hillary and Donald, in Donald's mind, are bidding for this job. His latest in a long line of deals. In this case, the Presidency of the United States. Seriously you can't get a bigger deal on Earth, right? One Donald Trump's ego can't bare to lose. As we've all seen with other megalomaniacs it seems when their biggest deals are happening, that's when their past comes back to bite. Sadly for Donald his antics be it personal or business has finally arisen loud enough to tarnish whatever credibility Trump has ever had. Its one thing to act the cad, its another thing to be revealed to actually be one. Stop claiming everyone and everything is against you, and start actually campaigning sir. Maybe then your numbers would turn around and instead of this race turning into a landslide victory for Hillary, horrors of horrors, you could actually make this election a race again. Up to you sir, or keep it up and tarnish your false last name forever. 

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday. October 17, 2016

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