Thursday, October 20, 2016


So all you patriots out there, you proud Americans, are you still voting for him? Or will your love of country, finally wake you up and you'll see the man for what he truly is… just a sore loser.

IN A WORD, PHEW! Yes, they're over, now we can begin the final countdown to election day and President Hillary Rodham Clinton! And yes, tears did just appear in my eyes writing those words. Okay get a grip, its not a done deal, not yet, it just feels like it is. Especially after sitting though the third debate. Seriously what happened last night, Donald either never had it in him, or he seriously flopped the final exam. There was simply nothing there. It was like all the teasers that Trump and his surrogates threw out was all he really had left in his tank. I mean after the last debate and the drum up to this one I was expecting all Hell to break loose. Instead all we got from Donald Trump was a lot of old sound bites with no meat on the bone and a laundry list of conspiracy accusations against her. Hillary Clinton out played Donald's role of taunter and chief, and whipped him easily. After three debates, all victories by the future President, Hillary demonstrated more then anything the difference between whats reality and whats made for television, and definitely not ready for prime time. While Trump tried to win this election with his television experience, Hillary showcased her real world know-how and who is the only person in this race qualified for the job.

The first sniff was 20 minutes into it. The first sign of insanity was 10 minutes later. From there is was honestly quite boring as this debate for the most part actually resembled a real one. Except of course when he began his heckling section of the debate, as his lack of preparation quickly became apparent again. Only one candidate had any real answers while the other just kept making stuff up. Every attack he attempted, she swatted away with a response that caused him to lose it just a bit. So by the end, it was apparent Hillary had his number, and he had had lost this campaign. On more then a couple of occasions the man argued that he hadn't said something, calling Hillary a liar. Each time his dismissal was easily fact checked during the debate and laughingly joked about after the debate by most of the talking heads. To probably everyone's surprise, Donald only brought up Benghazi during the debate while mentioning his invited guests. But once that despicable moment was over, it seems the tragedy was forgotten. I did find it funny that Donald brought up NAFTA more times then Benghazi, as if the trade deal orchestrated by George Bush and signed into law by Bill Clinton has really anything to do with Hillary. 
Several experts argued afterwards that Donald actually did great answering questions last night, that is until his big bombshell. I of course disagree, since it seems he was wrong on most issues, and their differences on some was vast. The discussion about the Supreme Court and a women's right to choose, abortion and Woe v Wade, was huge. We heard succinctly that if Donald wins, abortion in our nation is going away. At least the legal kind. So women you heard it from his mouth, in the past he said woman should be punished for them and now he says he plans to end them completely. So for me, he just lost most of the vote of women who think this is evil. The discussion about hacking by the Russians was also big, showcasing the fact that Donald refuses to either admit he's in cahoots with Russia, or is seriously in his own world, disbelieving all the words of the experts. 
The big take away for me in this entire event, was Donald trying to make Hillary's victory not legit if she win's. To try to delegitimize her Presidency in the same way he tried with our current President. Seriously this is huge and this showcases the contempt he has for our nation and its laws. Even though the talking heads, and of course his surrogates argue he won the debate, the polls say otherwise, as do I. If this was the best we've seen from Donald so far, as they claim, as if thats what screams he won the debate to them, their judgement needs to be looked at. Losing not as badly is still defeat. Which brings me to Donald's latest worse offense.  
His pronouncement that we'll see, how the election turns out, to decide if he'll concede was seriously historic. In fact the audience in the room watching the debate, their gasp's could be felt by the audience at home. Afterwards his now infamous statement has been ridiculed by many and has disqualified him by some. 
“I will look at it at the time,”
“What I have seen is so bad. First of all, the media is so dishonest and so corrupt, and the pile-on is so amazing.”
“I’ll keep you in suspense.” - Donald Trump
Keep us all in suspense? Sir, the way this is going you're lose worse then Mondale did! The only suspense now, is how badly you'll lose, but seemingly its up to you if the final results are believable or not. It seems Donald wants to have the last say, not the voters. Sounds like something Putin might suggest. 
As one would assume, that bombshell during the debate wasn't the topic of conversation on his publicity network, Fox Faux News, no they were discussing how evil she was with women. I wish I was kidding. Yup I turned it on for 5 minutes, actually as a lark to see if they were discussing reality and instead Sean Hannity was having a chit chat with his Fox friends and I simply shook my head and flicked the station back to the biased liberal media. Seriously that was five minutes that I could've missed.  
Happily after last nights bombshell, several political leaders from even the Republican party came out and agreed with most of the talking heads that Donald's announcement was actually bad. Actually worse then possibly anything else he's said so far. I know, how is that possible?
Trump “is doing the party and country a great disservice by continuing to suggest the outcome of this election is out of his hands and ‘rigged’ against him.”
“If he loses,” “it will not be because the system is ‘rigged’ but because he failed as a candidate.” - 
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) 
Sadly his surrogates are calling these Republicans the same ones who didn't want him in power in the first place, losers. So as they argue, why should we care what they think? They're part of the problem. Seems every time a new type of Republican comes out, first we had the Tea Party and now we've got Trumps third Reich, they go after their own. Destroy the old school and in the process tear about the party itself. Cracks me up, keep destroying your party from within fellas, keep helping the Democrats get back into power so they can rid our nation of the crap that the Republicans have implemented since the last time they suckered the American people with their lies about our current President. Hm, President Barack Obama got healthcare enacted, perhaps Hillary can use the majorities to get Immigration enacted, just saying history has been known to repeat itself. I mean isn't that what Trump's whole plan is? To fix our debt and our job situation, as Hillary has called it, using his Trumped up trickle down economics? Its failed every time they've attempted it so far, and his version is supposedly worse.
And sorry Republicans out there who are arguing that what Donald Trump pulled last night is exactly what Al Gore did when he took back his concession. As we all know, it was too close too call, it looked like he lost, so Gore conceded. When they realized, nope, maybe Al still could win, he took it back. Hence the whole 'chad' drama, but most importantly when the Supreme Court made its decision, the man, manned up. He came out and told his followers and the nation that the President was George W, and all was whole in this nation. I may not agree with his personal decision, and wished the result were the opposite, but Al Gore's concession proved more then anything what a great man he is. The question 'does it really matter who wins?' was answered with that one decision. Instead of arguing that the whole world is corrupt, and making a jack ass of himself in front of the billions of people, Al Gore did the proper thing, and made our nation proud.
What Donald pulled last night, was the opposite, he pathetically argued to wait to see, depending on how it goes! Sorry Donald this is not something you can take back. This is not something that you answer afterwards. This isn't sweeps week and you're waiting to see if your show is being picked up, this is the Presidency. As is his way, Donald came out today and walked back his comment… well not really. As usual the clown made a joke of his faux pas… 
“I would like to promise and pledge, to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the United States, that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election,” -- “If I win.”
"If I win!" If I win! Buddy, you ain't! In other words. No, the man won't concede, ever! Because in his sad, twisted mind there's no way he could possibly lose in a landslide to a girl. Wow, this must really chap his ass. A little puny practically in a coma woman, is gonna destroy him on election day. And its all of his own making. Really, we got Don Rickles… I mean Donald Trump the day after and he plays with his listeners. He double downs today on the stomp making a travesty of our constitution, of our countries history, of actually being American. Sorry this is just not right, no matter what your political beliefs this is beyond anything thats acceptable. I understand that his followers have begrudged him almost every one of his sins, but this one, the most symbolic aspect of our Democracy could, if anything can, wake them up from their stupor. 
One would hope that the people who have been following Donald Trump, who have witnessed him spitting on our nation with his refusal, will finally open their eyes to the truth about the man. They might now realize that everything he's been saying is a lie. That this whole campaign was one big con against us, his latest deal. Maybe they will stop believing every accusation that the man throws out at her as truth, and realize that its one big sham. Maybe then they will wake up and see the truth about the man himself, that all he does is lie. That what he's been telling us all along, when he attacks others with accusations of misdeed, that he's admitting to the world the actions are his misdeeds and not others. Of course that could happen, it happens in movies and television right? Happily in less then a month, this campaign will be over and whatever reality show we are living in, the finale will reveal a happy ending. Otherwise, please wake me up from this nightmare I'm living and end everyone's misery before all Hell breaks out on Earth.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, October 20, 2016

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