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Seems reality has defeated a media driven candidate with nothing to pitch but the show… and we the people wanted reality, experience, know how and… her!

NOW THAT THE VOTERS ARE BEGINNING TO SPEAK and our future is being written right in front of our eyes, why did this crazy campaign seem as difficult during it, when looking back its probably gonna be seen as a huge victory for her and for our democracy. I knew this election wasn't gonna be easy. A woman getting elected for President? In what universe do you live in? 

Even if you believed like myself that Hillary Clinton was the leader our nation needs, and have believed for years. I mean look at her resume, I mean come on, what more could you ask for in a Presidential candidate? Of course I know we have the little issue of her last name, and her husbands so called ghosts and those damned debunked conspiracies from oh so many years ago. But really look at what she's done, from her earliest years helping to prove discrimination, to even now with her family's foundation, the woman has been for one thing, helping others. And unless we discover a secret bank account somewhere, apparently neither Clinton has made any money from it. Luckily for all of us, and unlike Donald Trump her taxes are an open book so we know how much she's earned. In other words those accusations are simply attacks without merit or facts or proof. Despite what the liars who want her to lose say, one would think that people who have been proven to be wrong about everything from the economy to science, to even our weather should also be disbelieved when they lie about Hillary. But for what ever reason, those lies stick, even when those liars are throwing them out. When you ask people and I have about where they get their information for their arguments against her, why they believe she's lying. Without exception they mention Fox Faux News or one of Donald's surrogates or something they've seen on the internet. Whenever she's been attacked or accused of anything, most if not all of those questions of her character, her job performance or even her personal life have been debunked or explained away as misunderstood or misinterpreted non issues. Seemingly if you want to make someone look bad you can, and they've tried. As opposed to the other side of the campaign, Donald Trump who appears to be a never ending Pandora's box of evil, who keep deflecting his truth by attacking others for his own actions. Somehow, his activities are never discussed but the accusations of others is all that ever is the thing people are talking about.
When you look at both candidates. At their histories. At their politics. At what they've done and said the difference is vast. Look at how they've campaigned, look at their stomp speeches, look at their ad campaigns, websites, surrogates even the political leaders who have come out to stomp for each candidate. Look at their positions and platforms. Look at their endorsers and listen to the people discussing each nominee. Look at their running mates? Why was there any doubt? Look at their public and private faces, seriously? Even look at their off spring? Look at how both families have spent their lives helping others as they entered adulthood. Why was this a contest in anyone's eyes?
I understand that Donald is good television. I understand that the media has made billions of dollars throwing out conspiracies and spending hour upon hour discussing them as reality or fiction for decades. I understand how the haters on the right have been throwing out things against our current President, accusing him of all despicable deeds as he cleans up the mess they left behind when the American people voted them out of office. That the incessant drum they keep beating that our nation is heading in the wrong direction has wore down a lot of people's beliefs in the system, because their lives haven't been affected in a good way for years. I get it. People need someone to look up to, especially when in hard times. Sadly seemingly like clockwork, the leaders of those oppressed, more often then not turn out to be charlatans or worse. Just look back at history. Seriously I still can't understand why anyone thought any of the failed clowns that seemed to come out of the woodwork to run for the Republican nomination were any good. I could understand why the number of candidates kept expanding, I mean none of them in my viewpoint had it in them to run our nation. They each may have positions of power, but their positions on the issues and their voting records defeated each one even before they entered the race. And their pathetic campaigns once in it, made their loses predetermined before they said the words. So a media driven candidate beating a bunch of has beens should never surprise anyone especially one whose mastered the art of conning pretty much everyone. So someone with Donald's star power and skill at BS'ing people was the perfect weapon to easily defeat a bunch of losers. But defeating someone with Hillary Clinton's abilities, or in fact any democrat who ran this year was something only a rigged election possibly could have accomplished. Its a shame the good guys never rig the system, they just get blamed for it by those already doing it. No matter her negatives, no matter the amount of nonsense that the media incessantly tries to throw out at her to try to poison the audience, the reality of Donald Trump eventually would overcome any attempt by the media to try to sway this election. 
I also understand the players in the game on both sides of the field. The pros and the cons of the Clintons and of the Trumps. I get how good or bad both candidates are and how everything they did has helped or hurt people. From their work in politics to their work in the private sector. As politicians in office and as lawyers defending their clients. In the case of the Clintons, and most importantly Hillary the great far out weighs any negatives. Whatever money or influence you think that The Clinton Foundation got her, ask yourself how much good her family's charity has done. The list of accomplishments that people joke about that Hillary likes to remind everyone is long and seriously world class. Simply hers is a life of service. In the case of Donald, the only service he knows is when he asks for a waiter. Honestly what good has he done? Seriously what? I'm talking about for others. Yes, he's built up this huge empire, of course we honestly have no clue what he really runs or what is really a business that pays him to have his name involved. We keep hearing how many jobs he created or how many people he employs, which sounds great and is an accomplishment in any one's book. But what has he actually really accomplished? Perhaps a lot of tall buildings, perhaps he's an agile deal broker. But look how many businesses he appears to have ripped off. How many people have come out of the woodwork to tell their personal or business nightmares of dealing with the man. Seriously the only thing the man has, and its the one thing that I keep hearing about from his advisors, surrogates and of course followers and those Americans voting for him, are his supposed positions on policy's. On the stomp or after debates it seems that they wish Donald Trump would shut up and just talk about his policy proposals, then all would be good. They somehow always say that they expect him to surround himself with good people once he's in office and that he would follow their advice. Really? Why would he do that then if he's not following anyone now? So why would people think he would change once in office? How far in the rabbit hole do you need to be to still believe that the man's gonna pivot? After I guess he's actually begun destroying our nation from the inside out, as the leader of the free world.
I say supposed positions, because his few policies that he says he has, that is after he spends endless minutes attacking and demeaning others, could just be his talking points read by Donald that others have written for him. Do we have any clue what he actually intends to do if he was elected into office? Honestly what's believable when the person telling us things, lies about everything? And his deflection is everyone is lying about his, and everything is rigged against all of us by them. We have one candidate, Donald J. Trump, who has spent a lifetime, living it up like a Pimp or mafia king, or even charlatan religious leader or emperor, or anyone who makes money off the backs of others. Donald Trump seems to have a never ending list of businesses that he's decided not to fulfill his part of the deal. Somehow they do their jobs, but him, he weasels his way out of it. Screw everyone else, as long as I can live or at least act like I'm the king of the world. Listen to the way he talks about people, especially women. Then we have the other, Hillary Clinton, a person who has spent her life helping others and had to do that while a cottage industry of attackers seemingly grew up around her. Ever since Hillary Clinton became a political force for good in our world, people have been going after her. Somehow each set back, is simply a scar that she's acquired along the way as she's continued to move up the power grid of our nation. From First Lady, to New York State Senator to almost Democratic Nominee, to Secretary of State and now to Democratic Presidential nominee. On each step of the way she's come out stronger and more ready for the job of Commander in Chief. Seriously, has anyone ever run a better campaign then Hillary Clinton? Obviously Bernie Sanders threw a wrench in her plans, especially with memories of her defeat to our current President, Barack Obama from eight years ago. My argument with those who were upset that Hillary seemed to have been anointed for the job was they didn't seem to remember why she almost won in the first place. Remember? A lot of people wanted Hillary to win the Democratic nomination, but like grown ups we realized that idea was over at least for now. But our real dream electing a Democrat back into the White House was still alive, and happily he won and so did the American people. And unlike seemingly all Republicans who have lost the race for the Presidency, after the campaign, Hillary didn't quit public office or get a gig on cable news, she along with her husband continued their great work on the Clinton Foundation, and of course she spent a great couple of years performing the role of Secretary of State. And now as a Democratic candidate for President, all she has done is showcase how world class she is. Look at how Hillary has run her entire campaign, how she has handed every attack and nonsense thrown at her during it like an adult. Compare her surrogates to his, her endorsers to his, how she presents herself, how she discusses the issues, how she actually knows pretty much about everything, and he doesn't. Why was there any question about her winning this election? If you have watched these two candidates side by side for months, on the stomp, answering questions, head to head at the debates or even their conventions there is no comparison. We have one candidate that has a lifetime working for this moment and the other who has spent a lifetime getting away with murder. So as the most recent poll numbers indicates, the masses in this nation has been paying attention and it looks like Hillary might actually win in a landslide. Everything it seems is gonna wind up as it all should be in the first place. There will be no last second hiccup like with Bush and Gore, this race will not be decided by anything named chad. It seems the creme has arisen to the top and the reality of who deserves to serve as our next President is actually gonna happen. Seems the people have watched for themselves and compared the two candidates are deciding that a reality television empty shell is no match for a qualified experienced knowledgeable who actually is ready on day one and not just for his close-up.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday October 23, 2016

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