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I've seen many a thing in my life, but witnessing a deranged lunatic acting like a deranged lunatic is a first, especially at a Presidential debate  

Illustration by Neil Feigeles © 2016

WOW, SERIOUSLY UNBELIEVABLE that's what I was thinking as I watched Donald Trump unravel, as Hillary sat idly by awaiting her turn, letting him stick the knife into his own back. From the first question to the last, as he spewed his vile attacks, obviously not listening to the questions, while not answering them with nonsensical commentary that went on and on. Which was actually topped by his introducing several women including Paula Jones at the top of the event, who claimed Bill Clinton had molested, groped or raped them. Talk about deplorable!

From the opening seconds, when the candidates didn't shake hands, we knew the debate was gonna be tense. I must say before the big show, Donald decided instead of praying, chilling out or even going over his notes, the man unbelievably put on a floor show by bringing out discredited ghosts from Bill Clinton's past and turned a debate into an episode of TMZ, making a total mockery of the entire event coming up. So even before the debate, I was filled with a bad taste in my mouth for him, and once the debate began that taste turned very bitter, as I almost felt like I could throw-up from all the animus the man was trying to throw out. The very first question, Donald was asked about was his now infamous Access Hollywood bus video. Instead of just apologizing and saying he repented, as before, he went off on Bill Clinton, Clinton's past and looked like he was gonna explode while doing it. 
Hillary for the most part, let everyone of Donald Trump's vicious attacks slide by, by saying that she's gonna follow Michelle Obama's advice, "When others go low, go high" and simply ignored Trump's bullshit. Instead of answering the questions asked, Trump spent his time attacking Hillary Clinton with his Top Ten attack lines. Throwing things like If 'I was in office "You'd be in jail!" If you want to talk about optics, in a word, unfreakinbelievable. Physically the man looked like a character from a horror film, perhaps a Jack the Ripper type, as he stood there scowling or walking slowly past her like the Monster of Frankenstein seemingly for no reason. Hilariously, as Hillary Clinton was talking to the questioner or the audience actually answering questions, on multiple occasions Donald Trump always seemed to appear behind her on camera. It reminded me of John McCain during his debate with our President Barack Obama. He was creepy, spooky, a little unhinged and totally inappropriate, and I'm sure one or two kids started crying at some point during the evening. Every time, there he was, in the background looking like he should've been wearing a trench coat. I actually was wondering if he would take out his TicTac's and I hoped she would offer him a kleenex every time he sniffed loudly.  
What continuously bugs me in this year's campaign is when they discuss how dirty this years is, and last night's debate was no exception. Chuck Todd went off on the tenor of the debate, calling it practically despicable. Blaming both, seemingly equally. Sorry Chuck, you are totally wrong. The problem is they are accusing both candidates of going there, of doing it, of being vile despicable candidates. My big issue with Hillary's performance at this debate was, she decided to "Go high" and ignore his vile accusations, lies and verbal attacks. So you see she didn't go there, not once! Donald on the other hand never stopped spewing vile comments, he ratcheted up the shit a mile high and she reacted like a grown-up, making stern expressions at him. On several occasions Hillary smiled and actually laughed at his insanity. How do you blame any of the vile actions on her? Hillary was given plenty of opportunity to go low and destroy him, and she didn't, did she? 
Happily at least for now, the polls that the media are discussing that occurred during the debate or right afterwards say that the majority think Hillary won easily. Although they think Trump did much better then the first debate, well a dead person could. That said, unbelievably after witnessing a maniac on stage which he definitely was during debate, it seems most of the talking heads thought he won! Really? Thankfully a voice of reason appeared in the guise of James Carville and he didn't agree at all. After listening to several of his fellow talking heads discuss about how good they thought Trump had done, James kind of lost it. He went down the list of things Trump said, how he acted, his body language, and the visual aspects of his performance as it appeared on the television screens. His summation for the debate was that Donald totally lost the debate. She answered the questions, knew the facts, ignored Donald's rants and unlike him, Hillary actually related to the audience and looked them in the eye. Donald for the most part, ignored the audience, actually opening the debate by standing in the middle of the stage, staring directing into the camera and seriously lose him marbles. I'm sorry, after the opening question, for me nothing else was needed. Everything wrong with Donald was apparent in the first 15 minutes. And everything right about Hillary was showcased though out. She's a grown-up, she knows the issues and has answers, and he's a spoiled little Brat who insults and lies. 
The biggest omission of the debate by the moderators or the questioners was skipping one of the biggest stories of the last few weeks, and for the most part this entire campaign. Nothing was brought up about the Trump Foundation or even the Clinton Foundation. Much like Mike Pence's hatred of the LGTBQ community was unbelievably left out at the Vice Presidential debate, skipping the subject of their Foundations is seriously a crime. Donald Trump has tried to destroy the Clinton Foundation for months simply for political reasons. Even though there is no proof and all the accusations have been debunked they continuously throw all the same old lies. As for the other side of the story, it has now been revealed that the Trump Foundation, which seems to have been outed to be seemingly a non-certified organization, spending other people's charitable donations as if it was his own personal slush fund. Talk about a contrast, talk about something that needed to be brought up. I wanted Trump to have to answer questions about the accusations. I wanted Hillary to flat out smack Donald with the great things that her family's Foundation has helped millions of lives and saving millions more. 
As is his lot, Donald spent much of the time complaining about her answers running long, while his never ended. He complained at one point that its was a three-to-one attack on him, meaning Hillary and both moderators was against him. He complained after bringing up her missing emails and spending minutes on it, that the moderators weren't bringing up the missing emails. At one point we spent several minutes where he kept interrupting her and she somehow kept her calm. Simply put, from the beginning to the end of the second Presidential debate of 2016, Hillary Clinton demonstrated she was up to the job, and Donald Trump showcased why he needs to be in a padded cell. If anyone is still undecided they are seriously delusional. 

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday October 10, 2016

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