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Seems something in Anthony Weiner's dick pics might of have caused the FBI director to reopen his email investigation on her, and now her haters are saying I told you so, while none of us know exactly what this is in the first place.

AS USUAL THE ATTACKS BEGIN without having any of the facts except a memo that lets us know that something is up with something. But already its 'I told you so's and lock her up'! As usual, the lynch mob began their Impeachment talk in earnest and Donald Trump himself has already discussed this on the stomp. Again accusing Hillary Clinton of dastardly deeds without any knowledge what is even on the emails and if she's even involved with the probe. Seriously dude, could we get any facts before you lie about it, at least for once. I guess as we've discovered the man will say anything and everything about whatever as long as it gets him what he wants. 

All we do know is that something interesting sparked the FBI's noodle, and he wanted to make sure this was kosher or not. Unfortunately the timing sucks and sadly the media is pouncing on it. Like everything else, this is todays big feeding frenzy. The fact that the FBI director came out with this red herring, not explaining exactly what this is about, is wrong. I mean wouldn't it be more prudent to fully explain what this is all about before you go off for the weekend? Remember its a Friday, FBI director James Comey, so that means we get the entire weekend to let the Republicans turn this into their huge attack against her. Talk about making a possible nothing into a huge something! Whats maddening is, this could all be nothing. So it seems the FBI director James Comey is gonna do exactly what he said he wouldn't do… get involved in politics. Perhaps the questions about the director are real and the man himself needs to be investigated?
Gary Johnson, actually got some really needed air time because of this possible issue for Hillary. The current Libertarian Presidential Candidate, was drummed out to turn whatever this is into an even bigger story. Basically he says this is gonna be more of the same in Washington, because of her new position, that they would have to hire an independent commission. He actually said that Donald Trump was toast, that maybe the best thing that the people could do was elect him! I must say this for me was funny. What gets me is he's right. Whatever this is has thrown a wrench into her Presidency, that is unless director Comey comes out and fully explains today's bombshell. If she wins this will probably give the Republicans even more reasons to attack her, even if there is nothing there. Since none of us know exactly what this is, how bad it is or even if this is about her at all, why are we even making this into something of importance? Shouldn't we wait for once? All we are getting is speculation and personal opinions from people who have agendas to sell a news story and others who instantly turn anything into the next smoking gun. Oh look something new to fill air time and play on air detective.
'Crazy might beat corrupt'. So I flicked the channel and a guest on Thomas Roberts, Steve Deace, threw out his thoughts on the election in regards to this latest news worthy event. That for the most part this campaign we've had the 'corruption' candidate, Hillary Clinton winning against the 'crazy' candidate, Donald Trump. Depending on what this actually is, maybe the corrupt candidate could lose. Of course, I looked up Steve Deace, seems he's a conservative Republican. So I could be wrong, but the man's slanted in his opinions, when he calls her the corrupt candidate I have to ponder what his proof is. Where's the evidence? Just because you and your conservative friends call her criminal doesn't mean she is. Has Hillary even been proven guilty of anything, no. Funny thing, in all this, Donald has lots of times. That said, in the case of whatever this is, perhaps she finally will be proven a false prophet. But I guess I'll take it, at least the man didn't call her crazy too. 
In an almost mind-blowing update, the New York Times is reporting that the newly uncovered emails were discovered in seized electronic devices belonging to the wife of Anthony Weiner of all people, Huma Abedin, a top aide of Hillary Clinton. According to the report, Director Corey, was taking steps to "determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation." Seems the man who couldn't keep his dick in his pants and screwed up his life, might be the downfall of Hillary Clinton's rise to the presidency. The funniest thing in all this is now Donald Trump has complimented FBI director James B. Comey on his sudden gift to the Trump campaign. 
I have great respect for the fact that the F.B.I. and the D.O.J. are now willing to have the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made, This was a grave miscarriage of justice that the American people fully understand. It is everybody’s hope that it is about to be corrected. - Donald Trump
To read more about the Anthony Weiner connection, please go to the NYTimes link to learn more.
Of course, as I write this, me thinks this story, even with no real news, will supersede all others today, and as the facts trickle out all other news stories in the foreseeable future. It seems the media has latched onto her server as her big mistake. No matter now small or how big it is. With all the facts or none of them, but speculation or conspiracy, this ranks for them to be the big kahuna. As with all of the other accusations thrown at her, this will now be the latest ammunition used to go after her. As Donald Trump was telling his sheep the happy news about Hillary's new crimes, the usual chants were heard on the stomp to 'lock her up' and 'crooked Hillary' so in fact nothing is new here. What is new is the timing of it. What is new is the uncertainty of it. Happily several of the Clinton spokespeople have come out and showcased why the way this new revelation came out is unprecedented. Hillary who has kept silent on this until now, perhaps it being wiser to wait for the facts to come out before making a statement. Knowing no matter what she says, her words will be dissected from now till Hell freezes over, even when she's exonerated for this being nothing, as most of the other accusations have eventually turned out to be nonsense. Well she finally made a statement, and as usual showcased her at her best when attacked from all sides. She asks that the information mentioned in director Comey's memo, should be released so everyone knows exactly what this is about. Basically stop it, stop letting Trump make this into something and stop playing games with our politics. 
The timing and the lack of information in the directors memo leave too many questions unanswered, leave too many facts unknown. Worst, it doesn't explain if Hillary Clinton herself is even involved in the investigation at all. Why do this the way Comey did it, unless he was trying to play political games so close to the election. The exact thing he said he didn't want to do. If this doesn't sound political in nature, nothing does. So the election is rigged huh? I guess maybe we should see whose rigging it before complaining about it. 
Everyday this election has brought us something unprecedented to take our breathe away, which seemingly has never happened before in our political history. I guess this was today's moment for us to sit back and go man, what's next? Of course, as this election campaign has showcased, who knows what this means in the long run. Will this finally scar Hillary Clinton too much and lose her the election she so richly deserves. What looked like a slam dunk by Hillary Clinton, might now be turned into a nail biter by director James Comey's bad timing and who know's what news. But what's new is the man, who just yesterday was considered a leper, has turned the election on its ear, by throwing out a bomb. Me thinks he owes everyone an explanation or does he want to be remembered as the man who altered history by just tickling an itch that the media and the Trumpeters can't help but scratch.  

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