Saturday, October 22, 2016


Are you freaking kidding me? So now it seems Trump's Russian pals want to hang near our voting booths on Election Day… honestly what could go wrong?

THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING, THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING! After months of hearing how the Kremlin was meddling in our democracy itself, it turns out they want a front row seat to this years election. Seriously? Seems they wish to observe polling locations and requested it in three states. Happily so far, they were rejected by officials in Louisiana, Oklahoma and in Texas. Seems they each received letters from an officer of the Russian Consul general in Houston, named Alexander K. Kazharov who asked them to allow someone to be "present" at a voting station during the presidential election. Really, do they think people have been asleep at the wheel? Of course, many Republicans were, hence Donald's nomination and the millions of other people who are are still thinking of voting for him. As reported they've been hacking multiple servers for months now and have been releasing personal and political documents on a never seemingly ending stream online. Not to mention the untold business connections Donald Trump has with them, and of course all the members of his political team who have their own connections. Now they want to see it up close? See how our election process operates, perhaps maybe they can effect the process and assist the Donald into the oval office. You feel that cold chill down your spine, perhaps its just a case of the Siberian flu entering our borders. 

Remember my deflection theory I seem to harp on all the time, you know, the one that Donald J. Trump keeps pulling. Every time a new hiccup springs forth that should derail his candidacy, say his Foundation or punishing women for having abortions, they bring out a new conspiracy to change the subject, a new email leak. Well this is his other con, blaming others for doing exactly what he himself is doing. Lets call it the blame game, shall we. Accusing others of a crime, while you secretly do it. Some of his better ones have become stables in his campaign events. She's crooked being the big one. According to him, The Clinton Foundation really is a political slush fund for them. Bill Clinton's offenses are worse then even his. She's the bigot, which turns of course into Hillary being the one using her African-American friends just to get their vote, not me. Or even the unbelievable, Hillary's the one hiring goons to rough up Donnie's followers at Trump rally's.
But of all his accusations, the worse has to be something Trump's been using for a while now, that our election is rigged. Its causing mistrust to voters in our nation that the system is stacked against us and Hillary Clinton is behind it all. So basically in my view, Donald is the one doing the rigging, and now maybe it looks like he's having a little help from some of his Russian friends. Perhaps it was one of Donald's Moscow connected surrogates who suggested having them inspect how our country actually elects our leaders democratically. As opposed to poisoning off all of its political enemies, or simply imprisoning them for crimes concocted in the KGB tainted brain of his. Kind of sounds a little like Donald's threats towards Hillary at the second debate, and seemingly all of his enemies.
Besides whining about Hillary, he's been going after the media as the bad player in all this. That they're all in it to win it with her. All of the attacks against him, which is of his own making is the media making stuff up just to hurt him. Disregarding all the free publicity he's received for most of this campaign, all the puff pieces that were written about him. All the many phone call conversations that you had live on air. Helping transform the man into part of everybody's family. Sadly we all have that nutty uncle that needs to be left in the attic when company arrives, sometimes they get out and embarrass the Hell out of you, and his attack on the stomp today, is the perfect example of what he's been doing. Accusing the media of doing everything ugly to help Hillary win. 
They lie and fabricate stories, to make a candidate, that is not there preferred choice, look as bad and even dangerous as possible. - Donald Trump
Right Donald, they're all out to get you. Today, as he was complaining about the lies, the media, Hillary, the world, what everybody's been saying about him, Donald announced he would be suing these women who dared to have come out and accuse him of doing exactly what he had boasted to his buddy Billy Bush. Donnie's a little busy now getting those Foundation papers together for the New York Attorney General right? So this will wait till after the election is decided. I presume win or lose, he's gonna go after their asses for ruining his reputation. So, while destroying our nation if he wins in the first 100 days, in his spare time Trump's gonna be taking them all to court. I know the Republican haters will be going after Hillary once she's in, threats of Impeachments probably on an hourly basis. Everything she says or does or has done will be subject to a Congressional hearing. But Donald, his Foundation, his debts, his ties to Russia and foreign governments, these women, Donnie has lots of explaining to do, and hopefully lots of prison time in his future. Doing that if he wins, would probably be the only thing I'd look forward to in a Trump Presidency. Watching the man's plummet from the heights of the Presidency to seeing it all unravel in real time, as our country is destroyed from within for voting for the biggest con man in history. Not that I would ever wish that would happen in a million years, but at least I'm looking at the upside of it if he does. Heck we survived Nixon, Reagan and George W., I guess we could survive even Trump.    
Its funny, or is that scary, and maybe I've watched the television series 'The Americans' way too intensely, it appears to me that this election seemingly is turning into an episode of that series. Or any other Cold War drama set in the 1950s or 1970s. Just sit back and think of all of the Russian imprints in this election campaign. Remember how many times our Donald complimented the Russian leader. Remember how his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort had to leave his post because of his Russian ties. Or how he was interviewed by Larry King on a Russian sponsored television network. Lets not forget to mention, how the newest Soviet leader, or should I write newly re-elected President Vladimir Putin is trying to return Russia into the evil empire it once was. Seemingly the historically recent Democratic overthrow of the Communist empire, is sadly only a distant memory of todays ramping up of old school KGB style politics. With all his devious actions, Putin seriously is trying to turn what was once a warming friendship with the two nations, and quickly returning it into the Cold War enemies of the past. 
As Hillary so perfectly described Donald's part in Vladimir's plan, simply the man is Putin's puppet. Trump's suggestion of corruption in the electoral process itself, surely must be making the Russian leader's heart skip a beat. His little puppet, Donnie, is playing right into KGB hands. So now, after all this, why not allow a few Russian spy's into our voting booths. Lets see how they can somehow tweak the numbers. Lets discover how they can play games with the machines themselves and orchestrate the perfect takeover of their enemies nation. Alexander K. Kazharov, by asking nicely for the opportunity to witness our electoral process might have given us all a big clue to the Russian plan to over throw our government. As with most things Trump, listen to his words, what he is warning us about is usually telling us what he has done or is planning to do. This interesting revelation of possible rigging being attempted by a foreign government, showcases the exact thing Donald is warning us against. So it seems, with Donald going full force that our Democracy is in danger I would think its about time for the Feds to really look into Trump's connections with the Russians and with his puppet master Vladimir Putin. Just saying, maybe its better to do this sooner then later. 

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, October 22, 2016

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