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Is this treason? Lucy we've got lots of explaining to do, as Republicans prove my point, whenever they accuse others of doing anything, they're the ones who already doing it!

AS I CELEBRATE MY 300TH NEILIZMS, I find it amazing that our nation is dealing with a bunch of Republicans in power, playing unprecedented, practically treasonous games with our democracy seemingly with the assistance of Russia and that isn't even the story of the day. I began this blog because I was sick of watching our world be turned into a bad television script by the powers that be. As our nation was still recovering from the tenure of George Walker Bush. As the Republicans tried to fight everything that our new President, Barack Obama wanted to try to fix the mess that his predecessor has left. Unfortunately for him, most of the remaining players in Washington, especially on the Republican side who had helped cause the implosion our nation faced under George Walker, were still in the game, arguing their way was correct, screw what the facts and reality was showcasing. Screw the fact that their candidate had lost. So we watched as they tried everything in their power to try to stop whatever President Barack Obama did, including shutting down the Federal Government as a tamper tantrum because again, they couldn't rid our nation of 'The Affordable Healthcare Act'. Sadly the same things I was discussing then I am still discussing now and seemingly those issues have become more pronounced and much more in your face. From my complaining about 'Racism in today's politics' to 'The Liars on the Right', to even a little something about the 'The Seven Dwarfs Debated last night' a piece about the clown car of Republican candidates from four years ago. You think this years class was bad, that was actually worse. Nothing changes, accept some of the players, and that pile of crap which these traitors within our midst have pulled, its a lot taller then it was before. 

Led by an invasion of hackers via electronic devices by something that feels right out of the cold war tactics of the KGB. Seriously how did this election get this insane, how did this sneak up on us? Talk about Amerika! Wait did it sneak up on us or was it happening right in front our eyes? Someone please explain to me why was it okay for James Comey to discuss his information with Republicans, but not kosher to discuss the Russian connection thats happening during this year's election campaign?

Interesting, for months Donald Trump has been playing this game with Russia. Touting what a great leader Putin is. It seems lots of people working in his campaign have or had dealings with the former Cold War enemy. Well, one of the things we discovered in the last few days over this brouhaha with James Comey's memo, excuse me, gift to his Republican comrades, was that the FBI is investigating former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort with his Russian ties. This of course was something that according to reports, James Comey decided wasn't fodder for the world to know, but the laptop with possible connections with Hillary Clinton was. Why is there always a double standard with Hillary, and I'm talking about everything! And why is it whenever the Republicans do something whatever they do is never as bad as when someone else does it? Even if the others haven't done anything! There's always a double standard in regards to how terrible it is, how illegal it is, or how far the punishment goes. With Donald and the republicans its a slap on the wrist, with Hillary and the Democrats its a death sentence or life in the pen. Everything no matter how small, is always compared to Watergate in regards to the Democrats. But with the republicans it could actually be a treasonous act, like playing games with our democracy itself, as it appears they may actually be doing this year, but that, isn't something we need to even discuss. Over the last several years, Republicans have been playing games with our politics, practically trying to make it their way or the highway in regards to any policies being discussed in Washington. Any desire by the Democrats on anything was pushed back and the only way they got something done was by having to work around them. 
The head cheerleaders in our Russian invasion are Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy, ever since the Benghazi embassy attack became the vehicle to go after Hillary Clinton, I would have to list these two patriotic holier then thou Republicans as probable leakers of every congressional hearing that our nation has been subject to. Each time a new leak was released, amazingly they all made Hillary Clinton look bad. Several of these leaks have turned out to be bogus and faked items, that have showcased them for the liars that they are. But a lot of them have led to even more hearings and even more waste of time and resources. Well this most recent leak by FBI director James Comey is just the latest leak that can be directly linked straight from these republican congressmen.
James Carville was on MSNBC discussing the Russian connection and as usual he nailed it. I missed it when it was first aired, a few months back I stopped watching Thomas Roberts because I got sick of his take on politics. Actually wrote a piece about it on my blog. Happily these days we've got the online never ending life span of clips and well this interview just made me sit up and want to give James Carville a huge bear hug. A big wet sloppy kiss. A standing ovation. A parade. You see, the long time friend and political advisor of the Clinton's said in a short coherent message exactly what was going on. For me, it was by far the best explanation of why every one of these traitors in our midst need to be investigated. What else can you call a group of men conspiring to take over our nation. The election is rigged? Its rigged alright, look at what's happening right in front of our very eyes. 
"I think this is an outrage and I think the fact that the KGB is involved in this election is an outrage and I think the American people ought to take their democracy back regardless of what the press wants to do and the excuses that want to make for Comey. Thats what I think." "We're not going to come together with the Republicans and KGB working together, I'll tell you that."“Why are you defending this? Why are you sitting here when our democracy is under assault, when the FBI is acting at the behest of Jason Chaffetz, and sitting here acting like this is legit, when it’s not?” 
See, don't you want to kiss him too. Whatever you think of the man, you always know where he stands, and at least for me, in most cases I think he hits the nail on the head, and this time we're talking bullseye. In yet another unprecedented moment of a campaign filled with hundreds of them, this latest might actually, dare I say it, top them all. As usual without any facts, Donald is going guns blazing on this, screaming to high Heaven that Hillary's crimes are bigger then Watergate. So in other words what he's trying to pull with the aid of a little Russian intervention, a little WikiLeaks coal into the fire, the biggest scam that Donald Trump has ever pulled. Turning our nation into the Soviet Empire, with Donnie our nations czar.
Somehow with all of this, magically every sordid laundry list of charges against Donald Trump are forgotten completely. There is no talk about taxes, his Foundation, the women accusing him of assault, the rape case happening in December, nothing. All we get are Trumps accusations, flat out conspiracies and all out lies distorting everything into acts of treason by Hillary Clinton. Kellyanne Conway was being interviewed on CNBC, and used Donald's Trump's taxes as a way to sidestep the first question I have ever heard asked to her or any of Donald Trump's surrogates in regards to the rape case coming up in December. One would think a Presidential candidate who was gonna stand trial for rape would maybe have gotten a little more press, but thats probably because I'm partial to Hillary, but come on people, he's up for rape, report about it! The interview had gotten to the part where Kellyanne was trying to imply Hillary's Presidency would be marred with Congressional Hearings because of all of her supposed illegalities. You know the ones, they keep concocting… Somehow all of his, wasn't part of the conversation. CNBC host Andrew Ross Sorkin argued with the Trump surrogate that both candidates might be dealing with Congressional Hearings and not just Impeachment hearings, who ever got in which is when he brought up the rape case. 
“If Donald Trump is the president, he’s got the child rape case that’s going to happen that was just given a date.”
In response, Kellyanne Conway quipped
“Next you are going to ask me where his taxes are,” 
Andrew Ross Sorkin's smackdown after that was wonderful. 
“That’s a whole separate issue, but we’re going to have legal cases for each candidate,” 
Kellyanne Conway was having none of it 
“That’s such a ridiculous conflation, To just throw the rape word in there when we’ve got 650,000 emails based on an active investigation of Huma Abedin’s pedophilia husband because he’s sexting pictures of himself to some 15-year-old girl in North Carolina, I think that’s just ridiculous.”
Isn't it amazing that every attack against Trump is ridiculous, unworthy of even discussion. We are talking rape, and she's discussing emails on a laptop that we are just finding out even exists, let alone have anything to do with Hillary Clinton. Even it it does, is anything in the 650,000 emails which been supposedly found on the laptop, are any of them incriminating? Who knows when we will find out? Knowing this year, the night before election day! But Donald my dear, is going to trial for rape with a thirteen year old. If this was Bill Clinton, they would be calling for his head. Look how they went after him the last few months, I mean Hillary is already guilty of treasonous acts and we don't even know whats on the damned laptop. Why the double standard? Why is it okay for FBI director James Comey to send a memo to the Republicans, you know the ones who've always leaked the memo's they've gotten in the past, knowing full well that these same treasonous fools were gonna do it again. But releasing anything about Trump's former campaign manager or the Russian involvement in the hacking of the United States, specifically directly aimed at the Democratic party and the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign, not gonna do it that would be effecting the election. But going against precedent for political reasons trying to hurt Hillary Clinton two weeks before election day, why the Hell not? Honestly since I began writing this blog, I have watched a lot of actions by many that made me want to stand up and scream what happened to my country? How is it possible that our political leaders for the most part have turned into characters right out of a political satire directed by Stanley Kubrick or Sidney Lumet, with a script by Stephen King. How is it that no matter how vile and treasonous these politician's act, somehow the people seemingly let them get away with it. So now we've gotten within days of our nation's election, millions of Americans have already voted and hopefully before this years big dance is over, records will be broken. 
I started this blog still upset that Al Gore didn't get the chance to continue the job that Bill Clinton had begun, and now days before our next, I'm wondering if Hillary Clinton is gonna be robbed in a similar fashion from her destiny as Al Gore was from his. Will the Powers that Be, play another game with our Democracy and a President Donald J Trump will somehow get in. Or will history be made, and our nation be rewarded with its first woman President? Well thats so seven days from now, which means, we've got seven days for even more shoes to drop. I just hope when they drop they fall in the right direction and that last glass ceiling finally gets demolished.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, November 1, 2016

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