Monday, October 24, 2016


Should we remind Donald that “without the media” his name wouldn't be known by anyone except perhaps for readers of gossip columnists in the pages of New York City tabloids. 

WHEN DOES IT STOP? When does his list of excuses end? When will the media that’s supposedly in bed with Hillary stop giving the fool more free air time then anyone could possibly wish for? I simply don’t get it? Donald Trump is actually insulting the same media outlets that never stop showcasing him. He’s attacking the very idea of fairness in the press, and those same outlets he’s attacking seem to love being the butt of it. Hillary is lucky if they even discuss her stomp speeches, let alone air them. Even when networks promote the event or show Hillary Clinton in the background on their monitors, if they do, we almost never get the entire speeches but only segments of it. Instead we get discussions on the hacked released emailed from WikiLeaks with questions about how much damage does their guests think that these revelations will do to her candidacy.

Honestly why don’t they just run Donald Trump’s teleprompter tirades on a loop, since most cases, its the same speeches except for his never ending ad libs. Yesterday MSNBC actually aired all three of his, and yup annoyingly they were the same speeches. Again except of course for his habitual verbal assaults that are the only reasons to actually watch any of them. So I guess its a good thing they film his speeches, I just wish they would just tape them and then just showcase whatever is new or relevant to the American People. Seriously, most of his talking points we’ve heard from him from the day his campaign began, with some adjustments to fill in his so-called policies and whatever newsworthy events he could use to bamboozle his followers. Of note lots of those ad-libs are deflections of whats the big thing that day that could throw a huge wrench in his aspirations to become our next PresidentSo besides continuing his attacks against the women who have come out to prove the man’s boasts to be true, and his attacks on the media, Donald also went after the “phony” polls. You see now that his numbers have fallen sharply, now they must be fixed. Somehow when he’s behind the polls are fake, but when Donnie’s ahead it proves he’s winning. I guess Trump is living in the same place that Mitt Romney lived in four years ago when his people seemingly was letting him believe his own delusions of victory. So when everyone started announcing President Barack Obama was gonna win and win easily, the Republican nominee, and his surrogates argued that something must be amiss. Until they were escorted to the computers that showcased the reality of the situation. Either he’s delusional or Donald is living in his own world because everything is now against him. The only polls he brings up now are the Internet polls, the ones that don’t count. The ones that show him winning by 90% … For a man who has read and played people for decades brilliantly, its amazing how dense he is, that is if he’s even looking at the numbers now. If he is, can even he be this dumb? I can’t fathom how Donald doesn’t realize that he destroyed his own campaign, by his own actions or words, and by the way he’s unravelling right in front of our eyes. According to Trump, none of that craziness is why he’s now turned a close election to a possible landslide victory for Hillary Clinton. According to Donald Trump now, the polls are wrong, and that Romney feeling smacked me in my face, as he argued that we should look at the numbers of people at his events, obviously he must be winning. According to him, "We’re winning this race. I really believe we are winning,” As Hillary Clinton said hysterically, "No, Donald, you're not."
Or sure you are Donnie, and I’m the billionaire! I guess he doesn’t remember the recent events filled with Bernie Sanders supporters. Thousands of people came out for Bernie on a regular basis, even more then have been coming out to see Trump or Hillary. He also argued that the First Amendment needed to be updated. In his estimation the press has too much freedom. Actually suggesting we adapt some of England’s laws. Trump wants to make it easier to sue the media! “England has a system where if they are wrong, things happen,” I guess he forget about a little something called The American Revolution. Seems the press most be hitting a nerve. Donald never misses an opportunity to get any press, sadly we New Yorkers have had to deal with his need for attention a lot longer then just his Apprentice days or his decision to enter the 2016 Presidential campaign. 
Why is it that Republicans are all for the Constitution and attack anyone who disagrees with a single word in it, but whenever it suits their needs they're all in for changing things about it. They scream and shout about anyone who wants to put a few restrictions on their precious Second Amendment but without hesitation they argue to change the First Amendment or any others. And then they argue they're the real Americans the rest of us are the real sinners.
While Hillary Clinton continues on a quest for the Presidency acting like one would expect a candidate to behave whose seeking the highest office in the land. Donald Trump is instead making excuses, attacking his accusers, the media and anyone who disagrees with him and actually going after our Constitution. I guess this whole attack on the media and on polls could actually be his latest deflection. Remember, we’ve got a huge milestone coming up for Donald, he needs to bring in the paperwork to the New York Attorney General to prove his Trump Foundation is legit. If Donald doesn’t deliver or when he does, whats written on those pieces of paper could define the rest of this Presidential campaign. In one big moment, the man could be the nominee of the Republican party, and in the next Trump could be arrested and brought into custody for fraud, tax evasion or worse. Remember Bernie Madoff… I’m not saying his crimes on Madoff’s level, but my feeling is he’s up there somewhere.
So this issue of Polls going against him, or the media piling it on him, does let him change the subject from the real deadline that’s approaching. As we’ve seen from day one, anytime a huge hiccup occurs we get a new deflection by the Trumpeters. A new leak is brought up, some old attack is brought back as the latest smoking gun. Whenever there’s something Donnie doesn’t want people to talk about the onslaught begins anew. So attacking the press, the media, the polls, or everything else that he blames for his faults as a candidate is just the norm for Donald. Remember we are dealing with a habitual liar and a person who must take credit and the spoils of everything, no matter how it hurts others, no matter the consequences. Sadly as we’ve discovered nothing about this election has been traditional, so why should we expect the ending of it to be any different. When Al Gore’s Presidency was taken away by the final decision of The Supreme Court, I’m sure there weren’t many who thought something could ever top that historic election. Unbelievably, me thinks this year’s has and I can only imagine whats to come before its all over.

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