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Enough of this, I can't trust her garbage or she so unlikable nonsense, at least she up for the job. The man's a pathological liar, a crook, a bigot, and that was even before this week's revelations. Seriously what more do you need before you open your God damned eyes and see the truth?  

SOMEONE ON TELEVISION said a striking thing that really made me sit back, the fact that Donald Trump acts the way he does and says the things he does, doesn't bother him so much. What bothers him is Donald is an idiot. Knows less about things then Gary Johnson and he doesn't seem to want to know or care to find out about anything. That to him was the most telling. In other words Donald being unhinged isn't as bad as the fact that he's a doofus. Unfit for the Presidency. Boom!

That commentary reminded me of something Rachel Maddow discussed on her show this week, after Monday night's historic debate during a segment about world issues. Trump was asked about the Nuclear Triad during one of the Republican debates and didn't really have an answer. Rachel explained the significance of the Triad and why it would be something that a President needs to have at least a basic understanding of and its importance in our strategic military defense. Honestly I was probably more in the dark about this then most people, but I understood the importance once I heard Rachel's explanation. She has a way of doing that a lot. That said, the reason she brought this up in the first place was, it struck her odd that during Monday night's debate with Hillary Clinton, a similar question was asked, and Donald Trump still didn't have an answer. That meant to her that months later the man hadn't read up on this very important military issue. That the man has no interest in learning the facts on anything. My friends, lets get serious… warning, warning, if this isn't telling us something, what more evidence do you want? I mean it does give you pause, wouldn't you think? Especially after watching our current President be such a master of well everything, and lets not forget Hillary Clinton's constant reminder, that 'a man who can be so easily baited with a tweet, shouldn't have his hands anywhere near the nuclear codes.' Or something like that, and even if you don't agree with her on most things, you gotta hand it to her on this one. The man shouldn't even be asked a question about it. Who knew the expression 'No Nukes' was actually a warning against the presidency of Donald J. Trump?
We have watched the Trump campaign spend most of its time pushing assorted talking points, mostly insults and attacks, and I will grant them they have 'discussed' very important issues in our lives and our futures. The problem of course with everyone of his so-called pitches, none of them is explained, the numbers don't add up, or all he's doing is simply making shit up. It seems by now we have learned everything we will learn from Donald Trump in regards to his policy proposals, or as I call them, his empty promises. He wants us all to believe that somehow he can make everything better just by getting into office. That everything magically will work out because he's gonna renegotiate every teaty, rewrite every law, and he wants us all to believe this because of what a brilliant business man he is. Yet he refuses to give us any proof, any references, any facts to prove everything he's pitching. The truth being, as a business man, he wouldn't shake hands on a deal with himself if that ever became possible.
This election it seems is being written for the movies, every day a new revelation comes out to keep the public excited, amazingly most of the ones on Donald Trump's side would have ended most campaigns, but somehow his keeps going. Every day a new person come out of the shadows adding to the list of victims that Donald's accumulated. Every accusation that the man has thrown out for months, hysterically seems to come out as one the man himself has done or is currently still doing. For example, accusing the former Miss Universe contestant, Alicia Machado of being in a porn movie, where it was discovered that he had actually appeared in a Playboy video. 
Well as I'm writing todays commentary, it turns out that The New York Times has reportedly received Donald's tax records from 1995, seems someone mailed it to them and its post marked Trump Tower. In other words, someone in his inner circle or a person who works for him, decided to do the peoples business, I can't wait to find out who they are, and unveiled a big secret that Trump seemed to want to hide. 
Turns out in this election cycle there's even an October surprise. Guess what, its totally possible that the man hasn't paid any taxes for years. Hillary was right, she wasn't just giving the man a dig. Seems Donald had such a huge tax loss in 1995, $916 million to be exact, that it could actually have cancelled out any equivalent amount of taxable income over an 18-year period. So maybe the man is smarter then everyone else, the rest of us fools have been paying through the nose but this man possibly pays nothing. Everyone else seems to think that the reason Donald doesn't want to release his taxes is to hide something like this, and honestly I'm a little surprised that this revelation is so huge, and we are only talking one year, lets do the math. Personally I figured his taxes would reveal other things, more illegal in nature. Unnervingly it seems tax wise the man could actually be in the right, but beggars can't be choosers, this will do. Hopefully the Sunday morning political shows are gonna have a field day on this subject and the other real issues that have been revealed recently, his Foundation and his Cuban expedition, or is it gonna be more of the same, the beauty queen or something Hillary Clinton said, or Bill Clinton's sordid past.
What gets me in all this is, that there are human beings who have been falling for it, and no matter what he says or what is revealed, they refuse to see reality. They seem to double down on siding with him and believe anything negative reported is a lie. God could come down to Earth and they wouldn't believe even 'him' on this. I mean what does it take for people to get their heads out of their asses and see the man for what he is? Maybe today's revelation that the man paid no taxes will finally be the last straw, but probably instead they will want to learn his secret to his tax genius and vote him in because of it. Listening to his follower's almost blind faith in him is unnerving to say the least. When they started proudly wearing t-shirts with the word 'deplorable' on it and didn't realize how ironic that was, that honestly was all that was needed to be said. I guess the real question is, not if they are stupid, it's how stupid are they? How gullible are they and much lower does the man need to sink before they wake up and say sorry that sir is one step too far? That doesn't even mention his surrogates, listening to, or should I write, suffering through the Trumpeters robotic responses, their preprogrammed lies, their talking points and counter accusations, not to mention their way of talking over everyone else in the room seriously drives me crazy. I just hope that one by one they will all quit their gigs, or have they simply lost their minds and sold their souls for Donald's gold. Knowing Trump's history, I hope they got paid in advance, cause he's known to skip out on his bills.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, October 1, 2016

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