Thursday, June 09, 2016


First President Obama, then Martin O'Malley, then Vice President Joe Biden and finally Elizabeth Warren all endorse Hillary on the same day.

Hillary's week just keeps getting better. Wow, as someone who has been on pins and needles for over a year, ever since this election campaign began, today of all days, seems to be the day reality has occurred inside the Democratic Party. Even before Hillary Clinton announced her 2nd run for The White House, I was hoping that a day like today would occur. But I never it would happen in such perfect symmetry. 
Even though, I couldn't be more happy with the job our current President has done, I've always wondered what would have happened 8 years ago if Hillary had become the Democratic Nominee instead of then Senator Barack Obama. Honestly who knows if she would have eventually defeated Senator John McCain then and happily any doubts I had about the ability of the young Senator to be up for the job, ended probably during the debates that we witnessed between Obama and McCain. And as we discovered over the last 8 years, perhaps the people got it right, and Hillary was the one who needed more experience before she earned the job. She needed to pad her resume even more, to prove that yes, a woman was up to the task. Sadly in the year 2016, women still have to do the job twice as good as a man to get anywhere, and still don't get equal pay, strictly because of their sex. Me thinks, after 200 years its about time that a woman got the chance to be the leader of the Free World, don't you? And even if she wasn't a woman, Hillary would still be the most qualified person ever to possibly be up for the most powerful job on Earth.
Happily now, we all have a second chance to find out if she, a woman, can do the job as well or better then any and all the men (and the one other woman) who were running this year. Eight years ago, our President proved that a man of color, an African-American, a person of African heritage, born in Hawaii, could do the job better then anyone in our history possibly has. And this year we get to make history again, and with the announcements of todays endorsements Hillary's chance to become our next President just have gotten that much better.
Yesterday I read that our President's daughter, Malia, is voting for the first time in her life this election. Just think about that, the daughter of the first African American President, might be voting for the first woman who could actually become President. Talk about history in our lifetime. 
And now with the endorsements of these four of the top names in the Democratic party, it looks like any stumbling blocks are gone. Of course, Bernie hasn't come out yet and given in to reality, at least not verbally. But todays, speech by him, after his meeting with our President was the closest we've gotten to that happening. And that should occur next week, perhaps when he makes his last official stomp speech as an official candidate for The White House. Until then, we will hear the last gasps of his supporters still living their dreams, as the rest of us absorb how this last week has unfolded.
Anyone who thought this election year was unpredictable,  especially after all what we've witnessed with the Republicans, wasn't following the Democratic side of the campaign. While not exactly the race that was expected, the Democratic victory by Hillary Clinton as well as the way her party has fallen in line behind her was as predicable as anything that I can remember in my lifetime. While the script was shall we say blown up by Bernie Sanders historic campaign, the way it is concluding actually could've been written four years ago, right after Obama won re-election. People have been talking about Hillary's next run at The White House, ever since she lost to Obama. I can remember hearing people talk about her running in 2012, if his tenure turned out to be a disaster as some would have had us believe. Happily instead, his 8 years have been for the most part a huge historic success.
I know it's too soon to call her Madam President. I mean, any day now Trump is gonna give us his huge speech about both Hillary and Bill and The Clinton Foundation, who knows if any of that will stick and change the course of this election. And of course any day now, Hillary will and won't be arrested by the FBI for are misuse of her email server.  But it sure feels a lot closer then it did one week ago. Boy they weren't kidding when they say things in politics can change in an instant. 

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, June 9, 2016 

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