Saturday, June 11, 2016


Karma is a Bitch, now Republicans, 'you' get to sink or swim with him… is that Taps I hear in the distance?

Seems the powers that be aren't happy these days with what they got as their nominee and some are seriously thinking of voting for Hillary, I mean how bad must the #Drumpf be if even Republicans are announcing that they might vote for a Democrat for President, let alone a Clinton. Their personal Boogeyman, in this case, Boogeywoman. But there's one big hiccup with that. What's that you ask? Oh that's right, nobody wants the rest of their clown car either. And I'm not even discussing his racist commentaries or idiotic inane tweets, I'm talking about his many business dealings that we are now learning how this possible emperor of the world did his business. 
The main reason Donald so easily won this election is something I've been saying all along, not one of their candidates was any good. No matter what the talking heads on the air said. And as Hillary Clinton has been saying every time she's asked, why her attacks will work while theirs failed. Each one of them, all had for the most part the same policies of the Donald, except for the most part, they kept their racist and vile commentaries out of the camera's lens. So when you think about who could replace him, the pickings of the lot are shall we say, pretty pathetic.
But that said, why didn't the Republicans go after Donald like she has and why didn't the media investigate him like they have recently over the last year or so?
Hysterically after several days of spewing racist verbal and twitter attacks against a Judge of Mexican decent, yesterday The Donald came out and told us in a speech that any racism is a bad thing and people should not do it. And he seemed to yell it with a straight face, as he spent the hour spewing his usual bogus attacks and threats to any and all whom oppose his desires for world leadership. Seemingly daring the powers of the Republican party to try to dethrone him of his well earned presumptive nomination. This after showcasing his unease with the teleprompter earlier in the same day.
Well it seems, Donald's campaign tilt will be same old same old. We will still be getting his tirades, but they will be his off-the-cuff remarks. The rest of it will be speeches written by Republican committee, spouting off same old lies that we've heard for years, like: If she gets in, you lose your guns, and yesterday he actually said, that if Hillary wins, woman will be able to get abortion's up until the time of birth! Unbelievable. And what's worse, no journalist or talking head on television called him out on that lie. I understand his lies and comments come out us like bullets at a gun range, but this one made me want to scream.
Amazing, in less then one week the media has unearthed seemingly an endless stream of examples of why, Donald "Drumpf" Trump is not the man he wants us to believe he is. As Hillary brilliantly described him the other day, he's a fraud. And seemingly every business that he's ever run has been a sham. Making money off of businesses that go bankrupt, while everyone is left empty-pocketed. Leaving in his dust thousands of people who've lost everything on broken promises by the self proclaimed king of the deal. And every time his businesses fail, the only one that comes out ahead is The Donald. And if they don't fail, it's turning out that he also decides not to pay his employees too, whoops.
Today I read, on the Huffington Post that in addition to his Trump University issues, and his Veteran's charity scam, he also might have pulled a scam with a board game, entitled "Trump: The Game" where he promised to give one lucky winner a million dollars. Guess what, as far as they know, he never did.
So my question, why did it take so long for the media to go after Donald? Its not like his past was hidden, I mean, his whole life has been practically a weekly diary in The National Enquirer. Why didn't his adversaries in the campaign do what the media has done in a few days for the entire last year.
I understand, that the powers that be in Republican-land kept telling us, eventually the people would wake up, in their usual delusional manner. I mean they keep telling us, everything that failed for decades, actually worked. They keep telling us that their healthcare plans will be better then Obama's, but still haven't presented one. They keep telling us how they'll fix Social Security and this time their latest plan will do the trick, and of course we always discover its more of the same. They keep telling us the way to fix our economy is by giving tax breaks to the 1% and screwing the rest of us. They keep telling us that the Government should stay out of our lives, yet keep wanting to tell us how to live ours. And they keep telling us they're not racist or haters and want whats best for us, yet everything they propose would only hurt Americans and take us back to the 19th century when it comes, to well everything.
And as usual when they tell us, in almost universal proclamation they're against something, we'll probably find out that their condemnation was all for show, and secretly they're actually completely in agreement with the vile message that they are sending. Remember Abortion, remember their diagnosis on their loss to Obama. We must fix whats wrong. And what did they fix, nothing, they just double-downed on their lies and acted like anything they had said before never occurred, even when confronted with the video or the audio.
Donald Trump seems to do one thing, attack others with things that he actually is doing or has done. He called Hillary crooked, and all we're discovering is is thats all he is. He tells us not to be racist and everyone should be looked upon as equals, and all he's done is spew racist garbage. He disparages women, insults them to their faces, and then says how much he loves them, like a rapist or Pimp discussing his last victim or john. "Thats my African American?" Really? 
Well Republicans, you gave birth to the big fat orange faced baby, I think he's now going through his terrible twos, and sadly our nation is the unsuspecting baby sitter who has to clean up his mess. 
Let hope the Republicans can find a way to rid us of his potential nightmare, and even if they can't. Hillary, me thinks is more then ready to teach this toddler that its time for a grown up to put you to bed.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, June 11, 2016

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