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A lifetime of dreams came true right in front of your eyes 

Call me a very happy American today. A very happy Democrat. And a very ecstatic enthusiast of the Democratic process. And happily for the first time, I was actually in the room when the big announcement was made.
Yesterday, I witnessed history, being one of the lucky few, who got to see in person, Hillary Clinton give her historic speech. Yeah me, and us!  
Primary Night with Hillary Clinton, as the event was simply entitled, well, it should have actually been entitled, History Before Our Eyes with Hillary Clinton

So exciting, as our instructions told us, we had to appear at the spot in Brooklyn starting at 5:30PM. And once we got there it turned out there was a shuttle bus to our final destination The Brooklyn Navy Yards. When we arrived there, as one might expect there was tight security, but everyone was cool. We had to empty out our pockets, and nothing "extra" was allowed in, including umbrellas and water bottles. 
At approximately 7PM as we entered the arena, I was told "to follow the people as close as I could get and enjoy." And happily, after I got to the place where I eventually stayed, I was ecstatic to find myself less then 25 feet away from the podium. Yes, less then 25 feet away from where Hillary Clinton, wife of former President Bill Clinton, was gonna appear. 

The place was set up in sections. When you first entered, there was a section filled with reporters on laptops. As we passed them on the other side of a temporary wall there was at least twenty video cameras with reporters, including  Andrea Mitchell who you could see doing her gig in front of the camera. As for her supporters, the lucky few you see behind her on stage, below the huge American flags, well, they got to sit down. The rest of us, all stood, including yours truly for the entire event. I quickly looked around to see where all the media was, to try to spot the famous people in the room, and to see what was to come. People around me claimed they saw New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, but I couldn't find him. 
The next several hours was so much fun. There was piped in music, to get the crowd excited. Looking around at all the so-called unenthusiastic Hillary supporters cheering, dancing and singing along, with the music which also included a Live cover band, who appeared on a stage, set up next to the supporters. Simply we were all having the time of their lives. Every so often on the large monitor to our left, they would break away from the giant Hillary H Logo to showcase breaking election coverage. When there was good news for Hillary the crowds cheered. The few times there was good news for Bernie, the crowds booed, but I didn't feel resentment, it was more a fun boo, if you can call it that. But, whenever Trump was showcased, the boos this time, felt genuine. There would be no one in this room switching sides.

All of us who were there were cheering and celebrating, most people seemed to be wearing something with a Clinton logo on it, and all seemingly were as happy as me. And like me, witnessing history and rather happy to be living this historic moment. Of note, I did not see or hear any dissenting voices the entire evening. There was no protest at this event, at all. Just thousands of happy Americans, some like me, who have been waiting 8 years for this to happen. 
My only complaint about the entire event was that the sound system wasn't set up right, and it was really difficult to hear the music or announcements. Luckily the mic on stage was for the most part fine, so when Hillary finally arrived, we could hear everything she said.
At approximately 10:10PM the crowds began to roar, as a lovely young lady came out and beautifully sang our National Anthem, and right after she left to cheers from out the shadows, The former First Lady, Secretary of State and New York Senator appeared, smiling as she was surrounded by people waving thousands of American flags. 
Yes she can! Happily the suspense had been ruined the night before by AP's announcement that Hillary had passed the magic number of delegates needed, so yesterday's big final Super Tuesday, was more of an after thought. And the hope from many of the people in the room that I spoke to was that Hillary would win California and end Bernie's never ending Magical Mystery tour. Of course we discovered later that night, after the event, that even though she easily won California and New Jersey, Bernie wasn't giving up, just yet.

That being said, once Hillary did come out, and give her speech it was magical. In the text of the speech, she talked about the history of the moment, she gave an amazing tribute to Bernie, and she attacked her future opponent Donald Trump. Beautifully showcasing why she is the one person to make this historic moment her own, and ours.
I must admit, that I did get rather emotional a few times. I was fine up until right before she appeared, they played this beautiful video entitled: History made showcasing the history of women's rights in America. And as soon as Shirley Chisholm appeared, the water works for me began. As a kid I remember watching this great lady, never in person sadly, but I was a fan. And maybe because of her, I've always wanted to see a woman running our nation. Heck they couldn't do a worse a job then the men have. I remember  Geraldine Ferraro, when Walter Mondale chose her to be his Vice Presidential pick. I was excited, but of course we know how that election turned out. I must admit, I was one of those who so wished she was the head of the ticket not Walter. Sadly I don't think that would have changed history then. But that was so last century. 
Eight years ago, when Hillary lost, I wasn't a happy camper, it honestly took me a long time to warm up to our future President, but by that Democratic convention, I had already begun to understand how historic his election was, and how great the man is, and by the end of the campaign and his eventual winning, I had become a big fan. And think that as a nation we did the right thing. I think he was the right person at that time to do the job. And even though she lost, that campaign, she learned from it and eventually got the on-the-job-training as Secretary of State, which should showcase even further why now she really is prepared for the job. Showcasing on a world stage why she is the obvious person to follow President Obama into the Oval Office.
So then she finally appeared on stage, basking in glorious victory, to the cheers of her supporters. And as she ticked off why this day was so historic, the idea that her mother was born the same day as Women finally got the right to vote, was for me a very emotional moment. She reminded us that 8 years to the day, when she gave her endorsement of then Senator Obama at her parties nomination, she was now gonna be the first woman ever to lead a national party.  
Just seeing her on that stage, living the moment. Being surrounded by thousands of supporters who like myself have waiting our entire lives to see this moment in history, 
And actually witnessing it in person will be something I will never forget. I still remember the first time I watched Hillary on television. It wasn't the first time I had heard of her, but it was the first time that I watched her in an interviewShe was showcased on 60 Minutes, sitting next to her husband, then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton on Jan. 26, 1992, to deny allegations by Gennifer Flowers, of her alleged 12-year affair with Bill. You can read a transcript of the interview online here:

And for me, it answered any questions I had about her and her husband. Simply, It was none of our business. Its there marriage. And honestly, I was sold. Something about her made me know that this was someone we should all watch. Big t things were coming for her and for use. And ever since, I have watched as her public personal has matured. Has her accomplishments have only grown almost as much as my admiration for her and her abilities.
Well last night watching her give her historic speech, all of those memories came flooding back to me. 

And as she finished and the crowd when crazy, we were treated to an appearance by the entire first family, including former President Bill Clinton. And that was it for me. My night was complete. Finally after so many years of wondering what it would be like to see Bill Clinton in person, was answered. No complaints on my part.
And almost as soon as they arrived, they were off the stage, along with Hillary. And history was over. And it was time to go home and share our moment in the sun. And so like the others around me, I quietly left, still feeling the excitement that I just experienced. 
Now the fun really begins, sadly this excitement is only temporary, and we begin the next stage in this years election cycle. The conventions and then the real race to The White House. After what we've been through I can only imagine what will be hitting the fan every day until November. Each day wondering if The Smoking Gun will appear. What the next insanity by Drumpf might be. Is something, anything out there about him or her, which could actually end one of their runs. Will the American people decide on a real leader or is this a change election? Or simply are we ready for a women in the White House? Was the last 8 years too much for this country? Has Donald Trumps' Birther BS about Obama's Birth place, made Hillary vulnerable for a loss? Is Hillary really that disliked that people would believe the lies over her record. Will the distortions of her record, and the conspiracies, all proven wrong mind you, that have now become the mantra of those on the right and sadly most of the people who have ever watched 5 minutes on FOX FAUX NEWS? Is everything I just mentioned, just more of the media talking heads filling the airwaves tying to drum up viewers on their programs, trying to make what should be an open and shut case election into a nail biter, or worse a loss.

After what I just experienced, if I had any doubts, well they're gone. I'm sold. She's the right candidate at the right time against the perfect candidate. Everyone of their attacks over the years on The Clinton's which have turned out to be false, its turning out that in the Donald's case, they're real. And any bull he chooses to throw out, as with his already announced Clinton speech coming up in a few days. So get ready for a huge pile of crap. My only question will be, is how the media treats his comments. Will they investigate them like real reporters or simply air them like gossip columnists. And how will the citizens of this country react. 
I'm not too worried about Hillary, me thinks she's proven by now that anything and everything she's attacked with and faced with, she's pretty much handled it swimmingly. And after watching her transform in front of our very eyes as a person who really isn't a politician into the skilled speaker last night. Any qualms by those who shed doubt on her abilities to inspire people, are just those looking for ways to make her look bad. 

Just one man's opinion 
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, June 8, 2016

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