Sunday, June 12, 2016


In this day and age of mass killings, how many people have to die before the world wakes up

So another day, another mass shooting, in a country where there are now more guns then citizens, maybe the NRA's mantra that the government wants to take away all of our guns, isn't such a bad thing. In fact, when can they start?
I understand that thats their talking point, and every time they come out and say it, more guns are sold. But considering that some crazies, like in todays incident in Orlando, will use our current pathetic system of gun laws, to kill a larger and larger number of people, maybe our nation should do exactly what they protest against. Lets remove guns from everyone,  except the police and our military.  Lets have a United States' A Gun Free Zone. Or at least can we get rid of the arsenal variety and just make it like the good old days of hand guns and pistols. Ah, the good old days.
I for one do not understand why anyone needs a gun,  personally I've only touched a real gun once. I used to be friends with someone who was a police officer, one day he allowed be to hold his pistol. I still remember feeling uneasy the second he showcased me his weapon, it was the closest I've ever been to one. I only held it for a few seconds, until l had had enough excitement and handed it back to him. In fact as a kid, I wasn't a fan of playing cops and robbers or even touching a toy gun. I just wasn't into it. And for me, westerns or movies with guns was simply entertainment. Maybe its because I grew up in the 1960's and the 1970's where violence was a way of life in New York City. Living in what some people would call a ghetto, does make you aware of the gun issue. 
Or maybe its simply because I just don't understand why people think more guns is the solution as opposed to less. Who feel that Gun Free Zones is a bad thing. That somehow we should deal with our problems, like the old wild west and shoot it out! Isn't that what our police force is for, protecting us? Isn't that why we pay all those tax dollars, isn't that why we have laws?  
I understand the need to feel protected, the want to carry something that could fend off a criminal. I understand the instinct to use whatever is available to do whatever is necessary to be safe and live relatively free. I also understand that criminals do not follow the law, but, does that mean everyone needs to carry an arsenal, just in case some nut job decides today won't be our lucky day? Does everyone have to become Charles Bronson?
Immediately after I read about the tragedy in Orlando on my iPhone and watched the news reports about it on television, I made one or two comments on my twitter page. And wasn't surprised to receive a few arguments against my feelings.
Honestly argue to the cows come home, people are dying left and right, but sadly in America in 2016, its more important that we keep our rights then keep people safe. Guess rights are people too, I mean if corporations now have a  pulse, I guess our so-called rights are more important then our very lives. Ironic isn't it?
But is today's incident even a gun issue? I understand that today's latest horror, is now connected to terrorism. At least that how the media is describing it. President Obama, came out and without stating it was written in stone, but, according to him, its looks like it was a terrorist attack, by a self proclaimed ISIS/ISIL fan. However, the killer's father was interviewed afterwards and said, that he believed his son wasn't a terrorist but simply a hater of The Gays. As if that was any better. That his son had witnessed men, outside the club being affectionate to each other. Behaving badly in his view point, and this is what set him off. It had nothing to do with ISIL.
Honestly I don't care if he hated Gays or was a terrorist or what color his eyes were, I care that people died! I care that again, any discussion about gun control is immediately attacked as a way to take away our 2nd Amendment Rights. What good are our rights, if we are all dead in the process.  
That said, my one question in all of this is, how did he get his weapons into the nightclub in the first place? What did he have them jammed up his ass? Did he simply carry them past the bouncer at the door? I mean we are discussing an assault rifle, not a simple gun. And the security, and/or  doorman, didn't notice it? Just saying I predict a few law suits by some of the victims and their families when the dust settles. Of course, I have no information about what exactly happened. It is possible that he started shooting before he entered, so, passing inspection by the bouncers wouldn't have helped. And I should't be throwing our conspiracy theory's about what did or not take place. Or what was the real reason why today was the day that he decided to lose it and destroy the lives of many people.
That said, we are talking military weaponry, why is this even a question? If our government was as powerful, like people complain about, wouldn't our guns have all been taken away already? And how does a small sect of our society, the NRA, have the power to stop any gun control? Well, lets hope something good come out of todays tragedy, but my feeling is, we're just gonna get more of the same or worse.

Just one man's opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, June 12, 2016

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