Thursday, June 16, 2016


Yes, Ted Cruz, Mr. Green Eggs & Ham, the entire thing was a stunt! Could you just scream!

I understand this is politics. But, after yesterday's display of Democratic unity on the Senate floor, the last thing I was thinking when I witnessed this heart affirming event was that the Republicans instead, had witnessed a publicity stunt! Excuse me? Simply unbelievable, to have Senators come out today and express outrage that the Democrats had been politicizing the Gun issue as opposed to whats more important going after ISIS is honestly pathetic!
Thats right, seems, yesterday, the Democrats decided to give up their weak attacks against ISIS and the Muslim terrorists and instead try to of course, destroy our 2nd Amendment rights! I mean Donald has been harping about this for days now. Hillary wants to take away your guns! Believe me!
Of course he went further, excusing Hillary of conceiving a plan to rid our citizens of all their guns, and then allowing millions of undocumented aliens, to come into our shore and force Shiria law upon on! Can we be more paranoid? Probably not! Well seems, thats what the Republicans are accusing the Democrats of doing. Seems Drumpfs bullshit conspiracy talking points have seeped into the Republican line of attack. Honestly I better stop watching the news, because my blood pressure must be going through the roof.
To have people who refuse to actually vote on the war, come out and argue that others are wasting valuable time, is shall we say ass-backward to put it nicely. And laughably the worse offender in all of Washington, Senator Ted Cruz of all people, who wasted hours of our Senate's time on a filibuster to end Obamacare, rail against the Democrats attempt to rid us of our sainted gun, is beyond repugnant. 
And what a difference. When Cruz showcased share evil to shut down the government over his principles, he spent his time badly reading Dr. Seuss, and hysterically obviously misunderstanding the entire meaning of Green Eggs and Ham. He spent his time meandering about dribble, as opposed to what we witnessed. 
Yesterday what we saw was, right our of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, a real filibuster. We witnessed Senators standing up and discussing facts, opinion polls, the honest truth, practically pleading for some sense of logic in this never ending nightmare, that we face as a country every day.
But instead of coming out and at least pretending to have seen the light, what we get is more spin seemingly from out of their assholes. To see Mitch McConnell of all people, come out with that smug face of his and whine about the Democrats and their political games is honestly getting more and more difficult to witness. Please citizens of these United States vote this inbred out.
The party of no had morphed into a a joke, a non-party! Simply following the lead of their highest bidder and screwing our nation. Donald 'Drumpf' Trump keeps talking about saving us from the terrorists, perhaps he's sending his attack dogs after the wrong danger in our midst. 
Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, June 16, 2016

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