Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Maybe its his bodies way of showcasing that his campaign is toast and so his business empire 

Today as I was watching our President showcase perfectly, in an extraordinary take down on The Donald's commentary about the tragedy in Orlando that he did the day before. I had a funny thought that I wanted to share with you. As usual President Obama showcased why we are a very lucky world to have had this man running it. And then I watched Hillary destroy every one of Drumpf's bull and lies, demonstrating again why she needs to be our next President. What a difference in tone, in language, in intelligence, and in reality, then the Drumpfs is.
What I wanted to share was, I understand, that these are very serious times, but sometimes from tragedy humor can strike at the worst possible time. Remember The Mary Tyler Moore's classic episode, when Chuckles the Clown died… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92I04DkMEps is pretty much the perfect example. 
Well today, what I found funny had nothing to do with the most recent tragic events, but it had to do with The Donald's shall we call it skin condition. What struck me as funny was that when I looked at his face what I saw was a piece of Toast! That's right I thought of toast, putting bread into a toaster and toasting it. What does that have to do with Donald 'Drumpf' Trump? Well, for months we've watched The Donald's face on air, either in person or in photos. Each time I've noticed that the man's complexion is either a really bad wind burn, a spray tan or who the hell knows what it could be and pondered why nobody is querying if the man doesn't have a health issue. Seriously? I'm not joking here.
Well for whatever reason, today when they superimposed Drumpf's face on the air while discussing one of his vile statements, my mind realized what his complexion really looks like, toast. Probably on the number 2 or 3 setting. Just when the toast gets a darker shade of orange. And as we've watched as his insanity level has ratcheted up a notch seemingly everyday, especially when he decides to go off script, his face is getting more and more orange. As if its like a mood ring. Maybe they should make a chart, depending on the shade of orange how insane his comments get. It would save us the time listening to his drivel. Just a suggestion.
As I write this, Donald was making a speech reading off of notes, no teleprompter, no off-the-cuff insanity, simply leaning over the podium and reading notes. At least this time when  he was reading the text, we couldn't see his eyes staring at the text, since they were looking down. If this fool becomes our next President… watch the shade of orange on his complexion. It could mean nuclear war or some other horrible event.
So as a suggestion, in the future, to make his appearances more appealing to you. Whenever you see The Donald again, just think of toast. Be it rye, whole wheat, or probably best white. It might not make what he says more palatable, at least my idea might bring a smile to your face. Your welcome.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, June 14, 2016

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