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Loretta E. Lynch, me thinks Donald needs a taste of his own poison, wouldn't you agree with me

In the last few days we've learned our Donald, might have been playing a little (or a lot) of pass the wallet to several major political elected officials, in cases related to his now defunct Trump Universities. Seems there are a few problems with Presumptive Republican Nominee, Donald "Drumpf" Trump's past that might actually come back to bite him big time in the ass!
Turns out our little Drumpf might have been a really really bad boy. Seems his racist verbal attacks against Judge Gonzalo Curiel (who is presiding over one of the two class action lawsuits pending against Trump University) are just the icing on the cake.
Today out of Texas, its been reported that a Ken Paxton, a Republican Texas Attorney General, is trying to muzzle John Owensformer state regulator who says he was ordered in 2010 to drop a fraud investigation into Trump University for political reasons
You can read more about it here:  
As written in this article, "Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton moved Friday to muzzle a former state regulator who says he was ordered in 2010 to drop a fraud investigation into Trump University for political reasons, The Associated Press first reported Thursday that Trump gave donations totaling $35,000 to Abbott's gubernatorial campaign three years after his office closed the Trump U case. Several Texas media outlets then reported Owens' accusation that the probe was dropped for political reasons." Owens' boss at the time was then-Attorney General Greg Abbott, who is now the state's GOP governor!In the article, it also mentions a second case, this one in Florida:"Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi briefly considered joining a multi-state suit against Trump U. Three days after Bondi's spokeswoman was quoted in local media reports as saying her office was investigating, Trump's family foundation made a $25,000 contribution to a political fundraising committee supporting Bondi's re-election campaign. Bondi, a Republican, soon dropped her investigation, citing insufficient grounds to proceed."
I understand, that that's no proof and in both instances could just be people trying to make something, anything out of thin-air. I mean people these are obviously scary times, just imagining what our lives will be under this… leader is honestly frightening.
Hey President Obama, since Drumpf is all about having his future Attorney General go after Hillary, why don't you have yours, Loretta E. Lynch go after him. Please, for the sake of our futures. Lets investigate these cases of possible political bribery… and the other ones we are hearing about. Lets investigate his taxes, I mean there must be a reason he's always getting audited, right?
Seems Donald, you need a taste of your own medicine. An since, the case that Judge Gonzalo Curiel is presiding over,  doesn't go to court until after our election, me thinks Loretta E. Lynch should seriously look into these allegations now.  Simply make a speech on national television showcasing that in the interest of our national interest and safety, she is opening an investigation in the possible bribery of political figures which include both Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and GOP Governor Greg Abbott. Talk about a seismic event. Better now then after he's elected. I mean talk about a redo of the Nixon years. Understandably Drumpf probably would go full throttle bat shit crazy if this actually occurred. He would scream to high heaven, that this is all a political witch hunt by Obama the Kenyan and this is our President's way of getting back at him for all of his years of Birther truth telling. Well let him! The crazier he gets, the more foam that splatters from his lips the better. One of these days, our little orange faced buffoon will fully reveal how insane he really is, that in an instant of realization most people living in reality will scurry fast away from him. And it would be a scene right out of A Face in the Crowd with Andy Griffith. His poll numbers will sink faster then the Titanic after it hit that whittle ice berg.

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