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Reading off a teleprompter Trump double-downs and this is supposed to win him the White House, while Hillary comes out and showcases how its supposed to be done

AGAIN NO PIVOT! Wait maybe we got one, but not from him, but from Hillary Clinton! Hysterically on the same day that Paul Ryan and The Republicans come out and finally after years and years of threatening to come up with something that would be their pitch to replace Obamacare, and Marco Rubio announces even though he hates Washington and his old gig which he's never really done, he's now decided to run for re-election, Donald 'Drumpf' Trump comes out and gives his threatened attack speech against Hillary, So the more things change the more they stay the same. 
Seems instead of a real plan, a real bill, something that could go in front of Congress and get voted in. According to reports, all we got from Ryan were a bunch of talking points and seemingly everything good about Obamacare stripped away. And worse, as expected, everyone who signed up for Obamacare, would lose their healthcare, everyone. Thats right folks, 20 Million newly insured healthcare recipients, would now be sans healthcare. So simply, we'd be scrapping whats working. Sounds about whats to expect from the Republicans and of course Paul Ryan. What no vouchers, oh wait, that'll be in their final bill, if and when its ever written. 
As for Marco Rubioseriously, no words.
Now how about that Donald? You guessed it, again more of the same. What we got today was Trump trying to be Presidential. So it seems we have a pattern, when he needs to act like a real candidate, we get the teleprompter and as we've discovered, he's not very good at it. Funny, every time he whines about someone else being bad at something, like Hillary reading off of the teleprompter, we discover he's the one whose pathetic at it. Seems to be a pattern, he calls others crooked and the more we learn about his business dealings, the more its revealed he's the crooked one.  
So instead of responding to Hillary's accusations that she assaulted him with yesterday, The Donald ignored them completely, and just threw out conspiracies and out right lies. He blamed her for everything that's wrong with the world, I presume that includes the weather. He threw the sink at her, hoping anything sticks, hoping the media would just go crazy at his red meat and disregard what he's really selling. 
Same old bull. The man's pitiful, and sadly the media seems to be allowing it. Amazingly we actually got an argument on MSNBC afterwards, about Trump pivoting or not pivoting, as if anything he said showcases he actually knows what the word pivot means. And honestly I refuse to turn on FOX FAUX NEWS, today, I will not listen to however they want to spin it, not today.  So as usual we got him throwing out lies, this time off of a teleprompter. Afterwards, the fact checkers showcased that nothing he says is true, and all made up garbage.
"Donald Trump delivered his long awaited attack on Hillary Clinton!" 
That's how MSNBC tried to pitch his speech today. Well, I must say, that's kind of a ridiculous way of describing what he was doing. We got the exact same thing's he been doing since day one. Every one of his attacks he said today he's said before and these are the same talking points, that the Republican talking heads have been shouting for years.

And how funny, as reported elsewhere the Clinton gang ain't having none of his nonsense
Brian Fallon, a Clinton spokesmen tweeted: Currently tallying the number of lies about Hilary Clinton in the transcript of Trump's speech. I am at 15 so far.
Its possible that this latest sample of Trumpism's will have his fans falling in line for him, blindly following him like the sheep they are. 
But, in fact GOP operatives, that MSNBC reporter Katy Tur, spoke to after Trump's speech, believe that, "the speech was successful. Yes it was a step in the right direction, but they do not trust this candidate. Yes he can read a speech from the teleprompter text his aids prepare for him, this is not the issue. The issue is what does he say on the campaign trial, when he shoots from the hip. What does he say during interviews. They're not fully committed…" 
So it seems, that at least outwardly we are still hearing the Republicans not fully committed to him. Seemingly waiting to see, if Mr. Hyde will come out and showcase the monster within.
So there you go, one day after Hillary Clinton comes out and drop kicks Donald's resume to the curb, using facts and the truth, we get The Donald throwing out innuendo's and conspiracies and out right lies and not one argument about what she said. In other words, he can't argue against what she's saying, because she's telling the truth. And no matter how many times he wants to call others criminals or crooked or unAmerican, when you're seemingly the one whose the very essence of the crimes you argue others are.
And beautifully instead of wasting her time on the stomp arguing against his bull, Hillary ignored it today and showcased her plans for this country. After spending most of her speech laying out her agenda and proposals, she did bring up The Donald's latest attacks: 
"Now think about it, he's going after me personally because he has no answers on the substance, in fact he double downed on being the King of Debt. So all he can do is try to distract us That's why he's even attacking my faith"    
Those who complained that yesterday she only leveled attacks at Trump without saying what she was planning hopefully watched today's speech. As had been reported by her spokespeople before yesterday, yesterday was just part 1 of a 2 prong attack. Destroy your enemy with his own words. Then showcase what she plans to do. And yes she did. 
The other day I wrote a piece about her doing just this, and as I surmised, she already had this on her agenda. And I was right. Lets see the Progressives bitch about her now. How do I say this, Bernie, as she has said from day one, She's a progressive that can get things down. Instead of lacing into Drumpf, she spent her time telling us her many ideas. From infrastructure to good paying jobs. From raising the minimum wage to comprehensive immigration reform. From clean energy jobs to ending bad trade agreements. From Gun Control to making our economy work for everybody.
Anyone who says Hillary doesn't know how to get a crowd excited, who says she's bad speaker, has not been paying attention. Maybe its true in the past she was a little stiff, as she has explained, this politics thing wasn't what she planned to do, and unlike Trump, she has learned on the job. Cause, man her speech was a thing of beauty. I guess all those paid speeches she made paid off. I must mention, that has been reported in the past, Trumps fee's for his speeches are actually 5 times higher then hers, but somehow that never gets mentioned when he's bitching about hers.
The media said that she was gonna be reading off of her notes, as opposed to a teleprompter, well, it seemed to me that she learned her lines perfectly, cause I was on the edge of my seat her entire speech. And it didn't look like she once glanced at either the teleprompter or her notes. The excitement that she was giving to the crowd was energizing. If you put both speeches today side-by-side without the sound, we got a showcase of what to do and what not to do. And as usual, Hillary aced it. And Donald, well, looked like a sad pathetic weasel with a bad spray tan, punctuating his points of attack. Kind of reminds me of the old Nixon against Kennedy debates.
So all in all, we got another showcase who is Presidential and whose playing the part. We got someone who seemingly knows everything, and the other who throws out conspiracies and lies as facts and wants us to believe him, well because he's so successful. And the only way we know he's really as successful as he says is, is by simply believing him. Well as Hillary likes to say "Donald I don't believe you!"

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, June 22, 2016

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