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Seems The Donald's witnesses to his University scam, either owe him, make there living through him, or get paid by him. Seems even his pitchmen are phony too! 

How very ironic is this to discover that the people who Trump trout out to showcase his University wasn't a total crock, could all turn out to be paid off spokesmen. Well I see the irony. A Trump talking head, sprouting off lies about Trump. And all we'll get as roof is is usually tag line, Trust me! Believe me!
Donald 'Trump' Drumpf:  Con Man, Liar & Crook, & those are his best qualities. ©Neil Feigeles 2016
Today I was scanning the news and I read an article discussing the Trump's former students, from his now defunct University, who were showcased in a video by The Trump campaign, basically saying that they loved going there, they got what they paid for.  In other words, all of the others suing him are all liars and simply… "Trust me" 
Well in the article it explains who these believers are, and how each one of them in one way or the other is beholden to the man. In other words, maybe they're lying?
We are discussing a man who screamed to high heaven that he never settles a law suit and we discover he's settles dozens. And laughingly his attacks on the judge presiding on the Trump University case, might have been the last nail in his coffin. Using every trick in his verbal attacks on the stomp, Donald not only touted his witnesses as proof that all of the lawsuits against him and the University were bogus, he also attacked the judge, in the case, Gonzalo Curiel as a Obama lap dog, whose got it in for him. As usual playing the victim card, and sadly, because of the judge's name, he's brought into the mix, racism, again.
Trump has denounced him because of his Mexican heritage, which of course is a pathetic joke, since Gonzalo was born in America. The man was born in East Chicago, Indiana, not Mexico. But since we are dealing with Donald, we've learned that Hawaii isn't America either. So I guess if you believe Donald's geography lesson, I guess then any man with a Latino last name, is now a serial rapist, or worse. But certainly untrustworthy and oobviously against him. So believe him and disregard reality, again. I mean, I guess if we agree with him, all Mexicans are rapists, even those not born in Mexico… bringing us full circle in this crazy campaign season, back to its beginning. Hating others. Sadly racism, as usual, simply despicable. Throwing filth back into the mix. 
Seems my friends, finally, we actually might have something that can bring down his kingdom, his Game of Thrones. Without realizing it, maybe that's what we've been living through in this made by television election. I personally feel I've relived a few Game of Thrones weddings this campaign. As we have watched Drumpf dismember each successive enemy, quicker it feels then the battles that come on the HBO epic. One after the other The Donald has gone through our land, defeating his foes with epic rants and insults, his choice of weapon. For in reality, that's all he has.
But now maybe, as some have been saying for months, wait till the general election. Donald won't know what hit him. And well, these experts, actually might be right on something, finally, maybe they predicted his eventual downfall.
Well as is the case with others like him in the past, that Trump himself, will be the thing that takes him down. So for months we've heard Trump University, could finally be the straw that broke Trump's back. And it just might be.
If as read earlier today that the so-called witnesses on Donald's side are paid off or are beholden to him. This revelation, might finally end this charade. As the evidence and the real victims of this scam come out. As we begin to see ads, showcasing this university as the sham that it was. And as Hillary uses it to showcase that Trumps entire campaign is run in the same way, as a giant Ponzi scheme. His grip on the election will fall by the wayside and the predicted Hillary landslide will occur. 
Sadly the case against him will not be in court till after our election, actually within weeks, of the big day. So if Donald Trump actually becomes President, its possible that out next Commander-In-Chief might be on trial for fraud at the same time he's putting his hand on the bible and being sworn in. Yup, Hillary the criminal here, if it wasn't so pathetic that a orange faced buffoon might actually lie his way into the White House, and the main reason he's in is because  of all the lies thats have seemingly stuck to her as the facts. Well, lets just hope, the truth about Donal will come out in time to save us from our worse nightmares.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, June 2, 2016

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