Monday, June 13, 2016


Is everything about your ego sir, or are you just a walking, talking asshole?

After the horrible events in Orlando, as people tried to understand how this tragedy could happen, yet again. As our political leaders tried to describe the horrors and discuss what was the motivations of the latest nut job (who shall remain nameless in this blog), who injured at least 103 people, murdering 50, using the crazies favorite weapon, an Assault Rifle! 
Our President came out, yet again to tell our nation his feelings after this latest worst day of his Presidency. In fact our political leaders were pretty much in a unified voice, condemning the nature of the act. Be it as a terrorist attack or as an attack against the gay community or both. All except one that is. And sadly that one voice comes from the leader of our nation's second most powerful political party,  the Republicans, who seem to be in league with the NRA when guns of any kind are involved.
And of course, instead of a moment of silence by The Donald, a moment of quiet reflection or a poetic response from the orange faced buffoon, we got his usual non-stop twitter tantrums, and this was probably my least favorite:
"Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don't want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!
"Appreciate the congrats for being right…" really! He's practically taking credit for the killings, maybe you sir are the terrorist? Seriously who the fuck do you think you are? How big of an ass can one person be? Of course that was just a tweet, sadly as is his manner, our future Emperor, was on a phone call yesterday with FOX FAUX NEWS' FOX & Friends, and said this in regards to Obama’s approach to terrorism:
“He doesn’t get it or he gets it better than anybody understands. It’s one or the other, And either one is unacceptable.”
Really sir? "…or he gets it better then anybody understands…?" is that a sly way of calling our President a terrorist? President Obama, has come out over a dozen times with tears in his eyes, trying his best to make sense for our nation why this keeps happening, and why Congress keeps bullshitting us with their mantra of saving our 2nd Amendment rights. As I wrote yesterday, seems our rights are more important then our lives. And by going after our President, yet again as a possible illegal, a traitor in our midst, our Manchurian or should I write Kenyan Candidate if you will, he again has taken us back to his Birther lie.
And this from a man who wants to be our President.
Maybe sir, you should look in mirror. what happened the other day in Orlando, might have been prevented, if your friends in the Republican Party had simply passed the Assault Rifle ban. 
But no, as President Obama, reminded us all during the last horrible incident, people on the No-Fly list, who can't board a plane in our nation, can buy assault rifles! Weapons that shouldn't be on our streets in t he first place. In other words, our latest nut job, could have been stopped before he got to play God and killed all those innocent people for whatever his vile reasons were.
Perhaps, as a nation we should seriously look at the NRA as a terrorist organization, and those in cahoots with them as the real traitors in our midst. How else can you explain their unwillingness to do anything.
But of course that will never happen. So all we can do as a nation is make sure that Donald "Drumpf" Trump doesn't get elected. That Hillary Clinton, whose platform boldly goes after the NRA and their bull, gets in and continues her logical thinking when it comes to ending this gun worship mentality of our nation and its leaders who believe that it is better to allow every man, woman and child, regardless of mental capacity, or status in regards to terrorism to easily obtain a weapon of mass destruction and do whatever they want. And then if tragically something happens, was usual can blame our President for doing nothing.
Its bad enough that the Republicans and of course Drumpf won't stop blaming the Democrats and of course most importantly condemn Hillary for her fault in the Benghazi tragedy, but they always forget that the Republicans in Congress were the ones who gutted funding for embassy's around the world. That our political leaders complain about our crumbling infrastructure, blaming our President for it, at the same time, refusing to fund any fix up of the problem. Look what occurred in Flint, after the water debacle, instead of simply funding the fix, they argued against it. Screw the people, let them basically die.
Its just so sad, that these tragedies keep happening and our President is handcuffed by, ok I'll call them what they should be called, traitors! Seriously culpable traitors who have sold their souls for power and have been corrupted by an organization that should be considered a terrorist group. How else can you explain their almost glee at the deaths of innocents. But if they are terrorists, as I'm beginning to believe, perhaps the victims in this, in their eyes are the terrorists in our midst. 
If you listen to some on the right, who have come out and practically cheered at the deaths of The Gays at the club, as if this was an Act of God, as if he was giving them what they deserve. Really. How insensitive if not simply evil of them. Good Christians, as they would have us believe, who think their God would smite others who dare to live what these zealots consider evil lives.
And sadly we now have their leader, a racist, a vile buffoon using tragedy as a way to stoke his ego. Simply despicable, and yet another reason why he must never ever get close to victory in this years Presidential sweepstakes.
I try not to wish harm on others, but if God did decide to smite someone down, perhaps instead of whom he's been going after lately, if you believe the haters, perhaps he could take a few moments and end all of our miseries and give the Drumpf something he really deserves, a nice juicy electrified lightening bolt. Hey big fella up in heaven, you don't have to end his life, just teach him some manners and perhaps do us all a favor and burn off all of his overly hair sprayed follicles, and leave his spray tanned face covered with a huge bald scalp.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, June, 13, 2016

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