Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Lets hope they have more staying power then the fool from Texas named Ted Cruz

Perhaps its a case of great minds think a like, or maybe something is in the air, or simply its about bloody time! You see, just as I writing a tweet suggesting that someone in Washington, lets try a Filibuster on assault rifles… anyone, please!  
Heck if Ted Cruz of all people, can filibuster and shut down our government over ending Obamacare, something that actually helps Americans, why can't we have one brave soul in all the world filibuster over something that kills and hurts people.
Well, just as I was gonna propose that in a tweet, my iPhone woke up and I read a headline from one of the many news media outlets, informing me that The Democrats in The Senate had started a Filibuster to end the senseless allowance of military weaponry or at least make it more difficult for people to get them. Simply, thank you Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), for beginning this, and whomever is the brains behind this brave stand against insanity. 
It's been, shall we say fun, watching the Filibuster online, as his Democratic friends in The Senate, are allowed to ask questions of him, and help continue what I hope will be a very long event.
Here are some of the words Senator Chris Murphy used as he begin this historic moment in our country. The moment when Democrats finally take a stand.
“There is a newfound imperative for this body to find a way to come together and take action, to try to do our part to stem this epidemic of gun violence and in particular this epidemic of mass shootings.” “There is a fundamental disconnect with the American people when these tragedies continue to occur and we just move forward with business as usual,” “So I’m going to remain on this floor until we get some signal, some sign that we can come together on these two measures, that we can get a path forward on addressing this epidemic in a meaningful bipartisan way.”
So I wrote a different tweet:
in Washington! YES, just as I was about to tweet the idea, are putting a stop to the BS, no assault rifles!
Let's hope this latest nightmare, this latest massacre gives The Democrats the energy to make a statement. To make a stand. Simply no more! You don't wanna vote on this, nothing else gets done. You don't wanna vote for a new Supreme Court Judge, fine, vote for this. You don't wanna do anything for the American people… lets Filibuster till November. Even if nothing comes of this, its, shall we say a great visual for November's election. Lets use the Filibuster as a showcase to whom in The Senate are for and against this.
Of course, even if The Senate, actually votes in a change of the laws, we still have to get The Congress to do anything. Perhaps a Filibuster in the Congress is next. Sadly as we learned with the Immigration bill, The Republicans are playing hard ball, in fact they refuse to even vote on it. Even though supposedly they have the votes to enact it. The Senate passed a bill, but then The Congress never acted on it… basically making their work a waste of the People's time.
Well, people if I was an elected official in The Senate, I would be one of those standing up right now. And I wouldn't be so nice about. I probably would be more red faced then Donald 'Drumpf' Trump!
Its simply maddening! Sadly as I enjoy watching the event online , the major news outlets on television, CNN, MSNBC and yes, even FOX FAUX NEWS, aren't showing the video feed!  For  a few minutes on FOX FAUX NEWS they had the video, but no audio!
Why? One would think this news! That this is more important then discussing Trump's tweets, or replaying one of his nonsensical speeches about how our President and Hillary, don't understand the word terrorism, or worse.
Seriously sad, that the 'news' media, isn't making this into a story. Its as if they don't want to report on it. Well, hopefully tonight on the media outlets today will be discussed. Lets hope later tonight, that the filibuster is still occurring and it wasn't just an hour long tirade by a bunch of frustrated Democrats, just trying to show their constituents that they have a spine, and not just doing this as a political stunt.
Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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