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That's right Hillary has knocked The Donald off a peg or two by doing what the others couldn't, beating him at his own game

Donald 'Trump' Drumpf:  Con Man, Liar & Crook, & those are his best qualities. ©Neil Feigeles 2016
Today I awoke to discover a war erupting in American politics. But not the usual place, television or the press, but on Twitter. I know Twitter is nothing new in this political season, with Drumpf tweeting out at an almost terrifying rate, but today was different. Today Hillary woke up the political world by even out doing Drumpf's tirade. And as opposed to the previous tantrums by the other wannabees, Hillary's tweets intelligently hit him, non-stop seemingly for hours. It felt like a boxer going in for the kill. And each successive tweet put him closer and closer to the mat. By the end of the day's twitter battle, Hillary had done what she needed to do, showcase what a fraud Drumpf is. And by going on this attack, unlike even her own tweets in the past, Hillary like no other has helped put this idea of "Fraud" into the consousness of the American people, for one main reason. The press is actually talking about it, and The Donald is seemingly on the defensive. 
We keep hearing from the talking heads, that this has been tried by his former challengers, and obviously we have seen each one fall by the way side. And that if Hillary tries it, she will fail like the others and she will fall into his trap. Really? That she should simply go positive. I guess you people haven't been watching, thats what she's been doing ever since she announced her campaign last year. Coming out with positions and positives, and attacking him for his stupidity and racism. Remember she was the one that talked and said "We need more love and kindness in America," if thats not being positive I don't know what is. But seems the media doesn't want to talk about that, that doesn't bring rating. What brings rating is Trumpf's racist and hateful tirades.
And honestly, by now, do we really trust the talking heads who think they know it all. They've been completely wrong all years about seemingly everything. And whichever way the night ends, the way they discuss the issues seems to stay the same, nobody like Clinton and everyone is shocked by how well Trump is doing.
As she has showcased in the past, Hillary isn't like the other candidates. As she has constantly has said when asked, she has one thing the others don't, her positions and her history. All those previous attacks by all the others were by candidates who basically have the same positions as he does. Remember, they are as crooked as he is and at least with them, we know what their polices are. Him not so much. With him it depends on the day of the week and what he's trying to pitch on that given day. We have lived though all of their hateful treasonous actions, like shutting down our Government just to mention one small thing. As Hillary proudly expresses, I'm not them. I'm not a sleeve ball being paid off by the Koch brothers or the NRA. With no morals except those that put money into my own pockets.
Whatever you think of her, if you don't realize that by now, I'm sorry you're either brainwashed by the right and believe one of the many lies over the years that all have been proven false, or you are a brainwashed Republican whose simply a lost cause. Rather going down with your ship then face reality. Of course that means, the garbage is gonna really hit the fan.  Scary thought, if it hasn't as of yet. And the only question now is, will this time,  the nationwide up and snap out of it. Look at reality and not fiction, stop trusting the liars about Hillary and look at the people who are telling you he lies. If you don't trust them, then how to do you believe the garbage that they keep spewing. If it doesnt pass the sniff test, it doesn't matter if you're seen it on FOX FAUX NEWS, it doesn't make it real. And then look at what Hillary and what Donal has really down over their lives, not the BS, the reality of both. Then sit back and think, if you'd prefer him to her. I mean, If Hillary of all people can knock Donald off so easily with nothing more then facts and records, then wait till she really goes on the attack. If you though she did good against Bernie during the Democratic debates, wait'll we see her destroy him during Presidential debates.
Perhaps now that Hillary has showcased that's she's actually better at this twitter thing then he is, perhaps, he'll stop the tweets and actually become a real candidate. But I know that's so 2012.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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