Sunday, June 19, 2016


But I think its time for more then just a Trump Trampling, its time to show the doubters why you have the right stuff

Hillary continue the attack please, but it's time to add your pitches to the campaign. Lets put the final nail in Drumpf's coffin, the doubters need to want what your pitching. I understand why Hillary is doing it, and doing it beautifully. Going full on attack dog mode, using Donald 'Drumpf' Trump's own words, his own demons, his life, to showcase why he isn't right for the job of President and Commander-In-Chief, let alone dog catcher. But in order for Hillary to win over the millions of Berniebot's and others who have been brainwashed to believe what they think she is or what she stands for. She needs to showcase why she's the right candidate to replace President Obama, because of her past, not in spite of it. And most importantly I think it's time to start selling her policies.
I understand she's been touting her proposals for months. I understand that on her website everything is showcased in what she plans to do about practically every issue facing our country now and in the future. Every issue! Believe me I've been there, I've read a lot of it. Its quite impressive and for me eye-opening. If I had doubts, I wouldn't after just scanning a few chapters. The woman is prepared, and knows of what she speaks. 
But so far, that hasn't been the real focus of her campaign. For the most part we've gotten the differences between Hillary and Bernie, how they are similar, but hers make sense and work and are not paid for by magic and pixie dust. And we've witnessed her beautifully choreographed attack against the Republican's and of course the ass, known to the world as Donald Trump. But we as a nation haven't seen Hillary really pitch her ideas. We've gotten a taste of them, but we haven't seen the entirety of them, and how the sum if enacted will set our country on a course far greater then I could ever hope for. Which kind of scares me. 
The last time I felt so happy about our country was in the final years of President Bill Clinton's tenure. It seemed we were on the course to set the world on fire, to really get to the next level as a country. Prosperity was all around us, every thing seemed to be going our way. And for the first time in years, we weren't in any real wars. I remember walking around Manhattan, around the World Trade Tower's smiling at how beautiful our city was, and how great everything in our world seemed to be. I felt so positive about our futures.
And then the bomb dropped, George Walker Bush, got into office, and within a short period of time, our world was shook to its knees, and everything changed.  
And finally after all of these years, as a nation, we are in almost the same position we were then. President Obama, righted the sinking ship that George W., left. Our economy is on the upswing. Sadly of course we've got the nightmare known as ISIL/ISIS to contend with, but we are on the cusp of great things. And its time for Hillary to as they say seal the deal. Hammer it home. End at least for me, my misery… the thought that she might not get in again. To see if I am right, that she was born do this the job. To see if what I hope for our country and our world could actually occur. I know, life isn't a movie but, the real world, but a dreamer's gotta dream.  
Perhaps that will come, her pitching her goals, and that was the plan all along, once the Democratic Primary finally ended. Once we all said a good bye to Bernie forever. And of course since she's become the presumptive nominee, all we've had is the Drumpf seemingly spiral out of control. And what has come of that has been a showcase of why Hillary is gonna smash this election, easily. I can not wait for the debates. Sadly for Hillary, she is following in the foot steps of two of the greatest pitchmen in history, her husband and of course the current President. When both of them went out and pitched their proposals this country believed that they had a vision and the country fell in love and they won. And each in hand won re-election easily. Now its her turn.
Hillary needs to seal the deal. Get those doubters, the ones who will either not vote for her or will vote for Drumpf, just cause he's the Republican. My feeling is that most of the Bernie fans will eventually turn around and vote for Hillary, and if they won't, they probably wouldn't vote anyway for anyone but Bernie. So simply put, in my view point, they're not important and not my problem. Let them wipe their tears away if Drumpf wins and they wake up to a real national nightmare. Even after she's become the presumptive nominee, Bernie refuses to concede or endorse, so it seems we won't be having any help from him pushing her plans. For some reason on the stump, me thinks he'll still be pitching his own,  so no real help from him. And I presume this campaign, that the media, this election will be focusing on all of Trumps' issues and not about Hillary's plans or ideas. The only thing we're gonna hear about Hillary probably is if we get any developments in the Email conspiracy.
That said, Hillary is still is on course to win it all. So perhaps I should let the experts do their job and mind my own business. So far they aren't doing such a bad job, Hillary seems to be acing every test, no matter how the talking heads try to sway public opinions on it, no matter what is thrown her way. But maybe my suggestion might be something they should consider... it's time to go on the offense, showcase why the policies Hillary proposes are going to do great things for the country. Showcase why her knowledge of history, ecology, science, politics, the world, diplomacy, even reality and facts, are what this country needs. And of course, please continue destroying the fool every time he utters another hateful monologue or tweet.  The fact that anyone is still siding with him is scary, that no matter heinous the man gets, they will still follow him to Hell and back. The fact that there are enough people out there like that, makes it imperative for Hillary to do everything in her power to win the big seat. And part of that blue print is making us believe as a nation that yes we need her ideas implemented, we need her. I'm not the first person to suggest this, but now that we are in the final jeopardy round of the campaign it's time to end our misery. The possibility that a nutcase nightmare could be our next President. But what do I know. I'm just a dreamer

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday June 19, 2016

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