Tuesday, June 21, 2016


But what happens if his campaign goes bankrupt before Election Day, are we to ignore another obvious red flag?

Amazingly we've learned that over the yearsDonald Trump has seemingly built his empire, his billions on a string of failed businesses. One bankruptcy after the other, and as he's proudly announced he's made money off of those few hiccups, that the lawyers like to call bankruptcies. 
"Hundreds of companies" have filed for bankruptcy, Trump said earlier in the debate. "I used the law four times and made a tremendous thing. I'm in business. I did a very good job."
Well what happens if his campaign runs out of money and it actually files for Bankruptcy? I mean campaigns cost money, disregarding whatever spin the Drumpf's talking heads try to tell us. How does he spin this bankruptcy as a good thing, as he's tried to describe his many past failures. The string of them is eye-opening, and should make any person with half a brain seriously realize that the man's a fuck up, and not someone who I would trust with my fortune or worse the fate of our country. Just ask any one of the poor souls who lost their life savings or 401K, to one of this man schemes. 
Sometimes ideas just happen, and this notion of Trump's campaign going bankrupt was one of those. I was watching the news and on the air they were showing Senator Elizabeth Warren as she was listing off a bunch of failed Trump businesses and went wham, I got todays idea for a commentary. I know this is a far-fetched notion, I mean think about it, a Presidential candidate's campaign going bankrupt. But we are talking Donald Trump. Seemingly his business model, is to go bankrupt. Pitch a pipe dream to millions, watch as his victims all fall for it. What if God forbid Donald wins in the end, and the rest of us become the loser, and this time our country goes bankrupt because of his policies. What then?
According to reports the man has only $1.3 million or so left in his campaign coffers and he's now just beginning to fund raise and he's not getting very few nibbles. I guess self-funding has its limits and supposed billionaires with unlimited funds, have limits. That is if they are as rich as they claim, since until we actually see his tax returns, everything he's told us is simply a series of talking points to demonstrate how rich he is. Believe me, sorry I don't Trust me, not on my life or the nations! My question is, if he is as wealthy as he claims he is, then just open the flood gates, why this game of cat and mouse with the fund raising. Or was this his idea all along, once I win the nomination, the coffers from the Republican National Committee will just open wide and I could sleaze my way all the way to The White House. II can actually hear that last sentence in Drumpf's voice… scary.
Wouldn't it be ironic if the business man that won the hearts and minds and souls of millions, by claiming to be a self-funded successful business billionaire, files bankruptcy during the race. Say a few weeks before Election Day, it comes out that Donald's campaign is broke. That its filing the big B. That it can't pay its bills. That a number of his campaign workers have quit because they never got paid.  As we keep discovering has happened in his past business dealings. Would that finally wake up the blind? Will the Republicans finally wake the fuck up and see that they've all been hood-winked by a Circus Barker? 
But since his past bankruptcy's don't seem to sway any of his followers sadly even if he was in chains, in The Big House, on Death Row, I still think that his sheep would believe him. Luckily I hope, that the number of the deaf, dumb and blind people out there are small enough in number that even if this occurred our National nightmare would be over and he would get 5% of the vote on Election Day. 
But this is 2016, so maybe this will inspire others, I mean, if a man's whose such a failure, such a fuck up can become our next President, so can I! So I'm still gonna vote for him, because just like Donald Trump I am a total loser and I love the fact that even a total loser could be President. I might have been wrong about George W., but Donald would never do me wrong. Scarily after what I just wrote, I now hope my idea never comes to fruition, because, sadly me thinks that somehow the Drumpf would make this work for him too, and I would hate to be right about that. 

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, June 21,2016

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