Monday, June 20, 2016


Screw reality and whats right in front of our faces… as usual, the powers that be are playing with our lives using their own political blindness against us

Common sense over political correctness. Yes! Oh, this isn’t about guns, sadly it’s about profiling Muslims! Boo! Yup Drumpf, what is this now you’ve triple downed on the racist rhetoric, again! For once I heard something Donald Trump, said and then I screamed yes. I mean, no. I mean, scream! I mean, what?
He uttered the expression ‘common sense’ in regards to a solution to something. It doesn’t matter that it was for a heinous reason, it matters that the concept is actually within this, yes we have to call him one, Presidential candidate. 
Of course this could also mean that The Donald is just co-opting the term, tainting it forever, which he seems to do all too well. Ruining the very essence of the meaning of it, as he’s done with practically everything else in this race for The White House. Now he’s using common sense towards the problems that face our nation and the world. 
One of the reasons I’m such a fan of Hillary Clinton and President Obama, and for the most part the entire Democratic Party is they seem to grasp the concept of common sense, in regards to trying to solve problems. 
The Republicans have spent decades arguing for policies that go against the very concept of the expression. Their attacks against Obamacare are the perfect example. And their unwillingness to deal with the reality of gun violence, is alarmingly scary. No matter the question, no matter the death toll, no matter, yes, of basic common sense, any discussion on gun restrictions, background checks or rounds of ammo automatically means that the result of the measure will take away The American people’s 2nd Amendment rights. Even their arguments go against common sense. 
Our President has spent years using the term, justifiably frustrated at dealing with the Republicans and the NRA. Even the NRA came out and said that Trump’s idea to arm club goers as a way to make the carnage less, well murderous, showcased how far The Donald has gone.
It seems The Purge is now not just a movie franchise but our way of life, and unless the political powers that be, all begin to use common sense and agree on something, nothing will change.
Today I was listening in on CSPAN to the debate in The Senate on Gun Control, created by the Filibuster by the Democrats, sadly what I heard were two conflicting arguments, each promoting their own amendments. The Democrat was pushing her common sense approach, and the Republican was pushing his, while lambasting hers as not tough enough. Basically showcasing how this argument will end today. Nothing will get accomplished! Nothing will change. Each will argue that the other side was playing games. Each will try too use todays argument as a way to score political talking points. And the only thing that will happen is that the scourge of gun violence on the streets of our country will just grow until we all are caught in the cross hairs and die. But what do I know, I’m from the old school, if it talks like a duck, and quarks like a duck, then its a duck! Isn’t that basic common sense?

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, June 20, 2016

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