Monday, June 27, 2016


While the Drumpf again showcases why he's dead man walking

So a wonderful thing happened today in America, what may be the next President and her Vice President, held hands on the stomp, to the cheers of the crowd and demonstrated what might be an historic pairing that was never conceived by our Founding Fathers.
Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren wearing almost identical outfits of blue, surrounded in a sea of blue signs, spent roughly an hour together demonstrating what could be an almost unbeatable duo in the November elections.
Showcasing why each, could easily knock out the fool that is Donald Drumpf Trump
Coming out together on stage to the cheers of the crowd, the energy even palpable through the monitor on my computer screen. Once the excitement of seeing them together subsided slightly, we witnessed Elizabeth Warren first go after Drumpf and then we got Hillary, going on the attack. And then to end the event, we got both again, basking in the cheers of the crowd. I got goosebumps.
It was a thing of beauty listening to both of them attack the Donald, showcasing why the man is small and not worthy of the job, and listening to Hillary again tell us what she wants to accomplish if she's elected.
On the other hand, we received another bunch of tweets by Drumpf insulting Elizabeth's heritage, calling her Pocahontas and a racist for lying about her heritage. And then one of Drumpf's surrogate's basically went Birther on her, practically demanding that Elizabeth take a DNA test to prove her American Indian heritage, sounds a lot like his attack on President Obama. Honestly sometimes I wish I owned a gun…
So what we got were two intelligent woman, both astonishingly capable of running our country against a man who throws out racism by again using the name, Pocahontas when describing Elizabeth Warren and then he has the nerve to call her a racist. What a choice. Or shall I say, there is no choice.
Of course Elizabeth might not be her eventual running mate, and as been reported almost everywhere, most likely she's gonna be picking a man, but seeing these two Democratic giants it made my heart skip a beat. Imagining the next 4 or 8 years with these two running our nation, I can only visualize great things ahead for us as a country. Think about it, not just one woman, but two. I just wonder if Elizabeth gets chosen, will Bernie finally endorse Hillary, or will he still act like he's the nominee and Hillary is just standing in her way.
I must mention earlier today, I responded to a post on Facebook, commenting on the fact that both women were wearing blue, and they were standing on a stage surrounding by blue signs, and honestly they seemed to get lost a little in all the blue. So I suggested that perhaps one of them should change there color scheme, but it seems a few lovely ladies on the site, called me "sexist" for commenting on what they wore. "Only a man would say such a thing" Really? Out of all the things to get upset over, my suggestion on outfits seemed to be going a bit too far.  
What cracks me up about being called "Sexist" is, have they been listening to Drumpf, or the Republicans? Have they read my blog, have they seen any of my posts on social media. The last thing I am is sexist. Its like a few weeks a go, I was sitting at a bar in Manhattan, and an Irish man, with very heavy accent, looked at me and simply by my appearance, and my Brooklyn accent, figured I was for Bernie Sanders. I almost spit out my beer, and had to simply put him in his place. Just because I look the way I do, and have a Brooklyn accent, this person immediately assumed I was for Bernie, as these women who said I was a "sexist" because I discussed her outfit. I wasn't insulting the outfit, her weight, how she looked, her hair or anything, actually I thought she looked great. I was just suggesting that maybe they should look at the visuals. Perhaps today would have been a good day to wear of her to war that Yellow tunic. 
Now I can understand why they both wore similar colors, to showcase they were together, and it was an obvious thing to try and yes it did look great when the signs were low and they stood in front of the people. And perhaps in the future the color schemes would be altered as the campaign continues. But to be called a sexist by anyone, just because you suggest a color, man I can only wonder what I would have been called if I actually insulted her.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, June 27, 2016 

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