Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I'm seriously having doubts about what to be thankful for, but like the turkeys our President pardoned today, I guess I should look at the bright side and just this once try to forget the bad.

IN A YEAR WHEN ALL CONVENTION went out the window and a great lady was seriously screwed out of her rightful place in history, looking at the positives is not an easy thing for me to do. And thats without discussing what might be in our near future with The Donald running this nation. But with all the good things that have occurred this past year and over the last eight, and somehow trying to disregard all the nightmares I’ve recently had about what our world might turn into, that innocent positive boy inside of me, still hopes the world will be better tomorrow then it feels like it is today. Of course hope, is something I have a lot less of then I did just a few days a go. 

Last weekend, John Oliver had a brilliant ending to his second season with a bit entitled ‘FU 2016!’ Which was punctuated with the loss of so many talented people, including Leonard Cohen and David Bowie. I mean it was bad enough to suffer through the crowning of King Trump and the loss of Hillary Clinton, but hearing the names of those we lost this past year, really did a number on my tear ducts. Perhaps in the new year, the talk that the election could be overturned and Hillary or even some other Republican could replace him, does bring me some solace that 2017 already feels like it’s gonna get better. Of course like everything else in this years election, I’ll believe it when I see it. And if it doesn’t happen and Donald does get sworn in, my only hope is that the man can’t be as bad as I expect him to be, or could he? There’s always Impeachment to look forward to... Well that’s for another day, this is about looking at things that I’m thankful for. We’ve got plenty of time to think about that, or do we? Have you heard today’s latest... don’t get me started. 
The first thing I’m grateful for is that our current President, Barack Obama lived to see his entire term. No seriously, if you listen to the rise of hate speech lately and all the disgusting attacks we’ve heard since he initially ran for his job, the fact that the man lived to handover the assignment, even to an orange faced could be tyrant is a victory. What a triumph for our nation and our world. To see a man and his family handle the job with such class and accomplishment is something I will treasure forever, and I will marvel for decades that he actually got elected in the first place. 
Today watching the ceremony at the White House as he pardoned this years lucky turkeys all I could do was smile and laugh. As he handled the annual tradition with such class and humor I couldn’t help to think how lucky we are to have lived during his tenure. I’m sure like our ancestors who talked about their leaders, President Obama is one for the ages. To see history happen right in front of our eyes, the good kind, and recognize it as it happens is pretty special. I’m actually getting emotional just thinking about it. How lucky we were to be so smart to have elected him in. So for that I am forever thankful.
As the nation prepares to transition from an Obama Presidency into a Trump (that is if he does get sworn in) White House, looking at our Presidents achievements, such as our economy, job growth, Gay marriage and Obamacare, all I can say is thank you sir, you reigned supreme! It’s just astonishing or is that sad, how many of the people that should’ve given him thanks by voting for Hillary, instead decided that the turkey they did vote for, was a man that makes most of us feel like we do after we’ve stuffed our faces way too much during the Thanksgiving meal.
I for one will be forever grateful to have seen (on television) his inauguration live. Sitting there with tears falling down my cheeks. To witness the thousands who stood outside to experience such an historic moment in time. To listen to his words. Simply something I will never forget. Of course, maybe his biggest achievement was making marriage legal for the LGBTQ community. I may be straight, but I’ve never been more proud of our nation. Finally the land of equality had made it to its most important of circumstances, its most sacred vow. The marriage between two people. I haven’t personally had that moment, and may never, but whenever I witness it, I’ve never been more sure that real love exists. To see this once forbidden happiness, this love expressed opening and legally, was truly an inspiring experience. It to put it nicely made me high. And yes it almost felt like I was on something, in the same way the President Barack Obama's Inauguration made me practically giddy. Now if we clean up the remnants of bigotry in regards to discrimination in laws still enacted or currently being shoved into real legislation, I could maybe think the world has truly rid itself of one more negative. 
On a positive note, I must say with all of the hatred that has spewed out lately it’s almost amazing that the LGBTQ has seemingly been speared whats been done towards the Muslim or Mexican communities. 
Not sure if this is a good sign or not, but with all the negativity of this past election campaign, its almost forgotten (at least in the streets of New York City), how good everything looks. Obama's work on fixing up George Walker's mess is finally having visual results. Its a shame President Obama didn't have one more year to finish the job. Scarily, the last night I felt so good about my city was right before 9/11 so I'm not sure if this means anything, just figured I should I’d mention it.
On a personal note, as a novice in political commentary I am very thankful how many out there have dropped by to peruse my almost daily diatribe on my thoughts of what’s good or worse in our political world. So let me give thanks to those who have graced my blog, even those who disagreed with me. It’s a special feeling to have what sometimes just pours out of me without any idea ahead of time, welcomed by even a handful, let alone sometimes hundreds in a single post. Like today's which began when I thought back at our President's turkey pardons, I never know what or where my inspirations will take me, or come from. Sometimes after they're written, I go back to read my own commentaries and go did I write this? Happily, so far, as I can recall, nothing that has come out of me is something I would take back, apologize for, or be embarrassed by. As always, let me know if I've crossed the line, or not.  
Of course I’m thankful for my friends and family and loved ones. And all the new friends I’ve gotten through this blog. And the fact that even at my age I’m still able to pursue my passions in the arts, even if that pursuit sometimes feels like you’ve been punched in the gut one too many times. 
Lastly I’m thankful and grateful to have had the chance to vote for someone I’ve admired for more then half my life. I'm thankful that more then 62 million other souls in our nation agreed with me and voted in record numbers. She may not have technically won the election (yet), and she may never gain the title, but for months I got the chance to dream it, and I actually got the chance to vote for Hillary Clinton for President of these United States (And as I wrote that last line, my eyes began to tear up, again), and for that I will always be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving Day to all, and to all a good night.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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