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Plus, I'm sorry enough! Now they're even lying about an assassination attempt on Donald Trump, is nothing out of bounds with these losers?

SOUNDS TO ME the man who once was known as America's Mayor, might be carrying anger issues against Hillary Clinton. How else can you ponder why the former prosecutor would be willing to seemingly turn into a traitor. Aiding and abating disgruntled FBI agents to complete a crime, leaking Intel that ain't supposed to be made public! Rudy has acted like a deranged lunatic for months, continuously making accusations about Hillary without evidence, except as he would say his seasoned eye. Perhaps we will learn that all of the previous leaks, he was also in on. Maybe he's the ringleader, but most likely just another stooge for Donald. Hopefully when this is all over, all of Rudy's involvement will be brought to the surface and he'll spend the rest of his days on Earth in a padded cell, drooling from the meds they give him. I was wondering why or how Rudy got himself so ingratiated into the Trump campaign? Perhaps he flaunted his friendship with the FBI to Donald a few too many times, trying to show the builder he's still got some clout in this world, maybe that was the reason in the first place. 

Without having any proof, but going with how things are being unveiled to the public, seems the man is so blind with his hatred he's willing to break the law to get what he believes accomplished. Perhaps he's still upset at losing to Hillary Clinton when he ran for the Senate in 2000. Could be that being upstaged by Hillary Clinton in New York after 9/11, stealing his precious airtime while he promoted himself as New York City's savior might have done it. Or even his own failed Presidential campaign. The man is so upset with her, it almost seems a bit too personal. When he discussed her being stupid, "too stupid" in fact to be President because she didn't leave Bill Clinton when the Monica scandal erupted. How could she be that dumb as to trust her slimy husband? Perhaps her staying with Bill, upsets Rudy, because all of his own marriages failed. Could it be that simple? The man is the definition of why divorce was conceived, and why alimony is just. 
Who knows, all I do know is that seemingly Rudy, who at one time sounded like a reasonable human being. Who rose to the pinnacle of power in American politics, seemingly is in cahoots with rogue FBI agents who have turned into enemies of the state. Well according to his own words, the man had knowledge ahead of time that someone or several someones were gonna be leaking FBI Intel which would blow the roof off of this election.   
"Did I hear about it? You’re darn right I heard about it, and I can’t even repeat the language that I heard from the former FBI agents." - Rudy Giuliani
So let me get this straight. He knew ahead of time that the FBI was gonna leak... yet instead of informing the proper authorities he allowed it to happen. Isn’t that a crime? Isn't that treason? If Hillary did that, he would have already had her shot on sight! I understand he used to be a prosecutor, but come on. So is this what prosecutors do? Allow leaks from the FBI into one of the two campaigns running for President? Is this how they win cases? If so, how is that's supposed to be a good thing? Another thing, what is it about losers who look at their conquerors as criminals as opposed to simply their opponents? Somehow these losers can’t grasp they just lost. Get over it already. Get a life. No, these losers have a vendetta against the winners and those who helped the victor in turn will be on their shit lists. 
Look at what the Republicans have down since losing the White House to President Barack Obama. Instead of acting like the victim, dealing with their own wounds, righting their own ship they instead turned seemingly insane. These sore losers went after the victor, our President, using the excuse that the man wasn't legit. They first stopped him at every chance they got, saying their own failed policies, the ones that got us to the brink, would work. Even though they were voted out by the citizens, because their policies didn't. Then tried to brainwash the citizens with their never ending lies. When that didn't work, it seems that’s decided to go all Soviet sympathizer. They decided to sell their souls to get back what they think was theirs. 
So is Rudy being fed information from his FBI friends, or does his treasonous activities go further? Seems that's the question. If he was a persecutor going after a character doing what he himself is doing, I think he would describe them as he describes Hillary's crimes. Happily there's already been a call to investigate Rudy's questionable culpability's with these leaks. Lets hope that investigation isn't dropped as soon as its out the earshot of the public and we discover how far down the rabbit hole in Russia his ties are. 

ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION! Well that's how the Trumpeters are spinning it. Of course with these liars, everything they say and do you must question. And it seems this latest one, just three days before election day is yet another lie. Here's the story as I see it so far. There was a protester at a Trump rally, carrying a sign. Something occurred as Donald J. Trump was on stage, possibly shoving, the protester shouted a few words, and all Hell ensued. Donald was swiftly removed off the stage by his Secret Service security, when someone in the crowd, who hasn't been identified, shouted "gun" and after a scuffle the protester was taken away. Donald returned and kind of used the moment to make a perfectly crafted comment to get the sheep cheering.

"Nobody said it was going to be easy for us but we will never be stopped. Never, ever be stopped," - Donald Trump
Almost believable. My God, some nut tried to hurt the nominee, my God, there was a gun! My God, doesn't that make me look at Donald Trump differently. So, someone tried to assassinate the man, now I need to vote for him, lets disregard everything he's ever said or done. Well lets look at some of the information that the Trump campaign, didn't mention. The protester, didn't have a weapon, wasn't a Democrat, and in fact was a Republican, named Austin Crites from Reno. According to the protester, he's been going to events for months, carrying his sign which said, 'Republicans against Trump', the authorities released him once they conducted a search and background check. Nothing there to worry about. Just one American enjoying his constitutional rights. Seems this was nothing, that was turned into a something. Not attempted murder, no attempted assassination, not event a terrorist attack. I actually ponder if this was set up in advance, not this specific protester, but the Secret Service safety net and removal of the nominee itself. They sat down and planned out a moment that they could use to showcase that someone attempted to kill Trump. Make it into a pseudo Manchurian Candidate super climatic election moment to jolt the voters into falling all over themselves relieved that he was okay and they would drop Hillary and all vote for Donald. Of course we heard from Donald Trumpeters as usual drumming up the lies in regards to something he said or did. His son, Donald Trump Jr., and Dan Scavino both retweeted a post which called the event an "assassination attempt", his chief surrogate Kellyanne Conway threw in that "This guy was a Democrat, probably a plant" disregarding the reality of whom the protester really was. 
They lie about everything, trying to make anything into a political advantage, good bad or even real. It is really astonishing to watch them play their games. Today I was flicking the channel and Chuck Todd was speaking to Newt Gingrich and asked him a question about the surprising surge by latino's in early voting. He asked if it was possible that Trumps initial jump into the race which was punctuated with his anti-immigration comments, might actually be the thing that eventually kills Donald's chances. Instead of answering the question, Newt, deflected, and argued what if Hillary loses, and went off on a spin. Completely not acknowledging the gorilla in the room. Seems lose or win, the Republicans will forever be blind to their own racism. With the rise of the latino vote, perhaps a Clinton Presidency will actually cause real legislation on Immigration this time. They say there is power in numbers, and with the numbers we are seeing, perhaps Hillary's decision to choose a running mate who speaks fluent Spanish, eventually could prove to have been the best decision of her political life.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, November 6, 2016

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