Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Seems the eight years of the Obama Presidency might just have been a tease, as it appears this pack of sore losers actually could be worse then the one's he dealt with.

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, if Hillary Clinton somehow survives the next week and actually wins the presidency, the republicans have already announced that her reign as Commander-in-Chief will not be a smooth one. By already signaling what they plan to do, the republicans have given the voters the heads-up to say 'enough', we've suffered enough with this game that they've pulled for years now. Perhaps the republican obstructionists will anger enough patriots to help turn a republican majority into a democratic one with the assistance of their unprecedented threats. 

As everyone pretty much knows the republicans got together during President Barack Obama's initial inauguration and made a pact to try to stop everything and anything that the new President tried to accomplish. Well it seems the FBI director's gambit to leak the discovery of something on a laptop, which could be related to Hillary Clinton, has begun to have repercussions in this years election campaign, and not just on her election. So who knew the October surprise this time would be the FBI director being the pawn in Donald Trumps con. You see, now that the polls have begun tightening up, as they normally do before election day, at least that what all the talking heads keep saying, now the money behind the republicans, the ones who pull the strings, have decided to throw their pocket change into the ring. 
If Hillary Clinton gets in, as she's still expected to do, the 'powers that be' have decided to throw in a bundle, to try to retain the majority. It seems the main reason for that is of course, the Supreme Court. With the court in the balance, whomever gets in, in theory might be choosing the next four judges, including the one thats already on deck. Hence her winning is pretty important, otherwise look whose gonna be doing the choosing. Sorry, this notion scares the bejeezus out of me. Well with the polls showing the republicans having a better chance of retaining the majority, the money bags have decided to open their wallets and perhaps help retain that majority. 
If they do, they promise to block every supreme court nominee Hillary Clinton puts forward up until the next election. Thats rights kids, four years. That is if she doesn't get re-elected, so I guess we can make that eight years instead of four! They're actually acting like they're willing to let all the current ones die off and not allow another vote as long as Hillary Clinton is in the White House, or until they get the President they want. I mean obviously they're gonna be too busy having congressional hearings to impeach her to waste their precious time on her nominations. Screw democracy! Their original excuse to halt the hearing for Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama's choice to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court was that they wanted the citizens to have a say in it. Even if you believed that excuse, whats the excuse now? We think she's bad, so we won't let her choose one. Talk about treason! I'm sorry, any person who announces this, should be investigated for crimes against the state. How dare they decide if she should or shouldn't have the right to pick a Supreme Court judge. All we hear from them is they're gonna be having congressional hearings against her, from now to Kingdom come. 
Now of course this gets worse if Donald Trump gets in. If somehow, he actually wins and gets to play the ultimate con on a world that won't know what hits it. That is if the man whose been running for President is the one we would actually have. Maybe he would stun us and once he gets in he could realize what the job really means and turn into a hero. I mean some of his rhetoric he's spewed lately on how he's met people while campaigning, its changed him. Not that I believe any of that, just throwing it out, trying to look at the positives in what could be the end of our world as we know it. Scarily and most likely, the man could be worse, and if he is as bad as my worst nightmares, please don't come crying to me when our nation as we know it is gone forever. A few months back, honestly can't remember when I first saw it, but there was an event where Donald Trump came out on the stage surrounded by his flock of deplorable sheep, and I saw that look in his eyes. The look which said I might just win this, this is real. I've actually pulled off my greatest con. Dad would be so proud of me. I suckered everyone. What gets me is what if the part of Donald Trump thats been hidden away, but has seeped into his campaign is true? What if the man is a Nazi or worse? What if his anti-semitic, anti-Muslim, anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-Gay, anti-abortion and anti-women's rights is true? What if he gets to choose the next four Supreme Court judges? I'm just saying, talk about a real reason to vote for Hillary Clinton even if you hated her. Why aren't people talking about that? No all we're talking about are her untrustworthiness! 
It appears that pivot that everyone talked about that occurs after the primary, this campaign season happened when FBI director James Comey began this weeks leaks. The only thing we've actually heard from him was unbelievably another leak! Seems the FBI released information on a Bill Clinton scandal from decades ago for no apparent reason but to embarrass the former president. Seems James is now double downing on the politics. Making it now appear that his memo which supposedly wasn't political, seemingly the biggest political leak since Watergate! I guess Donald Trump was right on this one, except of course his accusation was pointed in the wrong direction. Instead of a new leak, Comey should have already come out yesterday or today and explained in more detail why he decided to break precedent, possibly altering the course of the history of our nation. But he didn't, did he? Guess we will all see if the latest republican dirty play helps steal them another election or maybe help make Hillary's life a living Hell if she gets in. Or better yet, with the republicans telegraphing their plans ahead of time, perhaps the voters will finally vote the fools out of  Washington, and Hillary will have a Congress that she actually can work with and get things done.

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