Saturday, November 26, 2016


Cronyism, McCarthyism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, child labor, and more, seems Donald Trump 'is' taking us back to the good old days, and there's nothing 'great' about that! 

SO NOW ITS THE RECOUNT! For more then a year and a half, the talking heads have been discussing politics, to put it nicely ass backward! Every time there's a major development, something of real importance to report or discuss, we get fluff and talk about tweets and bullshit. Its unnerving! When will it stop? When some of us are being marched into a concentration camp or the gulag? Yesterday, I listened to so-called experts on both MSNBC and CNN scoff at Jill Stein's recount push as a waste of time. While killing the airtime with discussions of Kellyanne Conway's tweets about her feelings on Mitt Romney! This is nothing new, and each time they do it, it drives me nuts. What happened to reporting the news, the facts and letting the viewers decide. I'll use the word that's on every ones lips, 'normalizing' the crap. Hillary's emails nonstop, Benghazi, never-ending. But Trump's tweets more sacred then the bible and even more talked about. Trump is accused of rape, nothing! Trump's Foundation possibly not even legal… forgotten in a day. The Russian hacking of our election, such a nothing, who cares, no harm there! Remember that? That's right, this is what we get, instead of a real conversation about what a recount could mean. If it was at all possible that our election was rigged, possibly by the Russians, or played with to aid Donald Trump into winning the White Housepractically nothing. My question is, why the heck not? In a year when nothing is the norm and everything seems written in some scary end of the world scenario, why would stealing our election not be in this script? After what we've been through, one would think at least one talking head on one of the major outlets would make it their business to work on this story. Push it. Especially from a candidate who used that gimmick all the way through his campaign, accusing others of crimes that he himself was doing. Her taxes, her speeches, being a crook, her husbands infidelities, her family's charitable Foundation, the list in never ending. Each time he attacked others, somehow when his victims was proven innocent, they were tainted with the crime. In fact, considered by millions in our nation of being guilty enough for it to be put in prison or put to death. But obnoxiously with him, there are so many accusations, so many possible crimes we may never get to all of them. So for a man who promised to 'clean out the swamps' (I must note, that is a Nazi expression), even though it hasn't begun yet, his White House (if sworn in) would be the most corrupt in our nations history. After listening to the Republicans call every conspiracy a criminal act for decades, guilty even when proven innocent, there doesn't seem to be one reporter out there that wants be the one who brings us our next real Watergate. Why isn't there ever one issue out there that causes the Democrats to act a little crazy like they do? Why must the Democrats always be the grown-ups in the room? Maybe if Al Gore had grown a pair or acted like a childish inbred, he might have eventually gotten his Presidency. As opposed to stepping aside for the good of our nation, which we sadly learned wasn't for the good of our nation, was it? The fact that the talking heads are scoffing at this, seriously freaks me out. All we've gotten from day one in the world according to Trump is non-stop discussions on a multitude of things that the media wasted time on. So instead of any talks on policies or reality, all we got was TMZ meets the National Enquirer. Walter Cronkite seriously must be spinning in his grave.

I ask this a lot, and with each new revelation, its seems I've become a broken record. But is there anything involved with Donald Trump that isn't crooked? I can't think of one. Can you? So, maybe Donnie boy was right? Maybe the election has been rigged after all. But as it always turns out with those who call others crooked, the actors in the crime, always turn out to be the one's actually doing it. For example, as mentioned above in the Wisconsin counties, they've actually admitted to padding the totals in the voting. Whoops. The excuses that the media is using to disregard this as nothing befuddles me. One excuse that blew me away was when a Republican tool actually said things like: 'nobody would do this, its too obvious, no one would be that dumb, it would be too easy to catch them, so why even talk about it' and all I could do was sit back, scream at my television and say to myself out loud, 'unfreakinbelievable'! 

Seriously, people, am I the only one that ponders this? His wife, his kids, his business practices, his taxes, his foundation, the people he is surrounding himself with. I could keep going. Plus, lets also add to the list of horrors a new wrinkle, one that we all thought was lost in America forever, Child Labor! Seems Donald decided to choose a person to run our nation's schools whose into bringing Child Labor back! And no I am not making this up. So all we get is talk about will it be Rudy or Mitt? 'Look at the inner turmoil' that waste of air time was probably set up by the Trump gossip wing. Lets waste more time on that, instead of what this could do to hurt public school in our nation, before it no longer exists. Shall we say, the rich shall get it, and the poor, sorry no books for you! No healthcare, no social safety net, and now no public education. Wasn't Donald the candidate who said he loved the 'poorly' educated! Now I'm Pondering when the minimum wage will be discussed, as in getting rid of it. 

Maybe, I'm going overboard, just a little. This could never possibly happen, right? Just like a Trump Presidency, never in the real world. Please media, wake up and do your jobs. If this is how he plans to run our nation, we seriously are in the shitter! National security briefings, who needs them. Not our future tyrant, he's too busy supposedly choosing his quasi Gestapo, then sitting in meetings. For a man who knows nothing, the fact that he doesn't seem to realize there are things he needs to learn is frightening. I guess he will wing it or follow the advice of the experts he's surrounding himself with. You know, the ones he's hiring who have no experience in the jobs he's giving them. Like Ben Carson, a doctor, running HUD. I guess cause he's a minority, he would understand housing… right? Seems like the talking heads in the media (at least on MSNBC and CNN) all are scoffing at Jill Stein’s recount, saying nothing could ever happen with it. That the Democrats should just sit back, deal with reality and get over it. Really, what are they so afraid of? What happens if they discover with the recount, Hillary won any or all of the states that she currently has lost! And actually wins the totals here too? Imagine if she did? If there is a possibly, and somebody is gonna be recounting, then shouldn't that be a story to report? Isn't this news? Real news? Big news? Career making news? Seems the media that has been wrong for a year and a half, can’t admit, this notion that the numbers were rigged is real. To them, Jill Stein’s power play is simply a way to give her Green Party a push. Honestly I don’t care if that’s her angle, let’s see the results. Lets see if Donald really won the states that are in play here? What is he afraid of? What if it shows something illegal happened? What if the election was rigged? Why does the media who screams about twitter, scoffs at even the possibility of election fraud? I find this astonishing that something as important as possibly real rigging of our nation's election is being laughed at by these reporters. Seems their polls were wrong weren't they, or were they? Perhaps, the polls that were scoffed at after the election. Trying to wrap the heads around the fact that they were so wrong, were actually correct and the system was rigged? I mean they were spot on four years a go, and always seem to be, so why was this years election so wrong, as in terms of the polls? Again, maybe they weren't…

I understand some people think that Jill Stein is only doing this to put money into her pocket and to help boost her Green Party movement. A theory that seems the closest to reality to me. Perhaps she feels guilty for helping Donnie win the crown? I even noticed some people online claim that by doing this she will help prove that the election wasn't rigged, in fact helping Trump and Putin. Seems their opinion is that the whole Jill Stein recount is really her way to help Moscow. They want Jill to stop and have Hillary's people do the recount, after all they've got lots of money they could spend for it. I agree with that part of it, they've loaded, but I can't believe that she would waste any time on this, except to get her face in the news. I mean, she's got more money fundraising for this then for her entire campaign, and lots more press. Maybe she's gonna announce her aim to run again in four years and she's using this whole recount thing to fill her bank and to finally give her candidacy a reason for existence. The system is rigged. How funny, finally she would be doing something that she stole from Bernie, but this time actually doing it, as opposed to simply stealing a talking point.  

Now even Donald Trump has tweeted his feeling about this possible rigging. Of course, he's against any recount. Seems the man who bitched for months that the election is rigged, wants people to just go with the results, even if they look sketchy. Nothing there folks. Nothing behind that big orange curtain to reveal. Your head isn't feeling uneasy by what might have happened, that's just a hangover from every ones universal celebration of Trumps astonishing mandate given to him by his overwhelming loss in the popular vote! 

To listen to people now who allowed nonstop lies to proliferate on air for months, who hired trumpeters as paid employees to pitch the charms of Donald Trump. Who allowed neo-Nazi’s to actually question on air if the Jewish people were even equal to the whites? Who allowed nonstop racism, anti-Semitic banter, anti immigration, anti Muslim filth in the guise of reporting to become the norm. Now they want people who are querying the maybes, they want all of us to just sit back and accept what they tell us are the results. I'm sorry, we've already discovered that at least 4 precincts in Wisconsin was rigged to aid Donald Trump. We've read about all the voter problems through out our nation. We've learned about thousands of votes being thrown out illegally, and the media doesn't think that its worth a recount? 

After what our nation has lived through, not to mention the hacking of one political party by the Russians, with the assistance of the FBI, one would think with such a divided population, that the powers that be might want to confirm the right person was being sworn in in January. I mean wouldn't it make sense to make sure, before its too late? The good thing is, if somehow we discover that Hillary actually won both the popular vote as well as the electoral collage, knowing her, she's already got her choices for all of her cabinet positions set in place. And I have no doubt, all of them are actually experienced in the positions she wanted them to have. As opposed to Donald who seems to be choosing people by their TV Q scores and how little they know about the task that they are being given. I guess if he can wing his Presidency, so can they wing their assignments. That is before before we all crash and burn from their incompetence.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, November 26, 2016

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Fed up said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! What can we do to stop the Dems from being Pussies over and over again. And the constant cry from the right about the "liberal" media needs to be punted back to them. They're anything but that. Thanks for giving me a place to rant where I won't be called a libtard, told to kill my self, told I'm stupid etc.