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Seems the Mrs. is just as delusional as the rest of Donald's surrogates when describing the spawn of Satan, just wondering if anyone actually believes any of their own words?

FINALLY THEY TROTTED HER OUT and I guess you could say she didn't disappoint. That's right, Melania Trump, current wife of the Donald as he had promised finally returned to the stage and proved the woman knows how to read a teleprompter. I must admit I wonder were the words she read written phonetically, because that's how she sounded. I understand English isn't her first language, and she's proven that once again. I'm sorry, the woman always sounds like she's a bit robotic. It was also very apparent she was doing the exact same thing her husband does, simply reads the words they write for him. Which of course makes me laugh when afterwards everyone discusses how great they did, what they talked about, or what they said, because the words were written for them. They didn't write it themselves. In fact as we all know she in fact was turned into a plagiarizer at the NRC when they gave her Michelle Obama's own words to read. What are we electing puppets? 

About that, bit of plagiarizing by Melania, it seems unbelievably at least one sentence from today's speech was originally said by another one of Donald's wives, his second, Marla Maples. "America meant, if you dreamt it, you could become it." Well its not as if we expected her to write the speech, but could we find quotes to use from someone we couldn't google search? So we listened as Melania read the words, and as with all of Donald's surrogates what we've heard was a discussion on a different candidate then the one whose really running.  She talked about Donald, or at least the one they want us to think he is. Not the one whose assaults women whenever he wants to just because of who he is, just because he can. 
Her description of Donald felt very similar to the one Mike Pence had described during the lone Vice Presidential debate between himself and Hillary Clinton's running mate, Tim Kaine. By the end of that confrontation, the audience was practically laughing out loud at the lies Pence were saying about DonaldFrom day one, all we've heard from his talking heads, are lies about Donald Trump, and lies about his opponents. With Donald, it was the lies he actually said and their defense with whatever legalities came forward which could halt his Presidency. With Hillary, it was the never ending lies about her server, her character, what was on those damned emails, plus every possible conspiracy that they could whip out of their asses to tar and feather her as a crooked treasonous liar.
But then Melania Trump explained what her job would be if she became our first lady and I went wait a minute. Not only does she copy the words she's allowed to say, she also mimics their policies. Hillary Clinton's life's work has been helping women and children and that has been what she's been pushing as the theme of her Presidency if she gets in. Well, guess what Melania plans to do? That's right, whomever is pulling her strings, keeps stealing other people's! This is a total smack against Hillary Clinton and her actual accomplishments
Of course this is a usual deflection with republicans, somehow whenever they find an issue that they're doing badly with, they try to figure out a way to throw out a pitch that sounds great and sucker the voters into believing their lies. They come up with a snazzy title, great talking points, and drum it into our brains, till we all believe the world is flat and Donald Trump is the Messiah. But in the end, almost always its revealed that the talking point was simply a lie and the candidate was simply a total sham. Compassionate Conservatives, comes to mind. Sadly more often then not these liars win the argument and our nation is the loser when they do. One other thing I should mention, what Melania wants to really do is end bullying on the Internet. Lets repeat that, if that stopped you cold. Yes that's right, she announced that her gig, if she was lucky enough to get it, was fixing social media, arguing that Donald's worst traits, his bullying others via the Internet, and most specifically twitter, would be the thing she would clean up. 
"It is never OK when a 12-year-old girl or boy is mocked, bullied or attacked. It is terrible when it happens on the playground, and it is absolutely unacceptable when it is done by someone with no name hiding on the Internet. We have to find a better way to talk to each other. It will be one of the main focuses of my work, if I am privileged enough to become your first lady." - Melania Trump
As my headline mentioned, has she been so under wraps that Melania's not seen, read or heard anything that Donald Trump has said? Is she gonna sit her husband down and explain that he also will have to follow the rules that she's gonna implement? Or will the future first family once inaugurated, have a separate rule of law? Will they turn themselves into the first monarchy of the former United States of America? I can see it all so clearly, one day there will be a musical on the world stage. Melania! With her on a similar balcony, perhaps overlooking Fifth Avenue, and the star of the show will sing, 'Don't cry for me Slovenia." I'm just wondering if our nation will survive her reign of terror any better then Argentina survived Evita's? Hopefully this little vision of mine will never occur, except perhaps in an off-off Broadway show, maybe something showcased during the New York's International Fringe Festival. Maybe even as early as the next summer.

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