Monday, November 21, 2016


I know he has to spin it in the best way possible, at least until he's left the building, but just pondering if our current President missed that history lesson?

WHILE HATE IS BEING RATCHETED UP in our nation, as our future king surrounds himself with seemingly a clown car filled with enemies of equality and democracy, it seems our nation has suddenly turned into Germany during Hitler’s reign of terror… and sorry, I won’t apologize for not falling in line with those who bent on their knees to blow him or sold their souls like those who now disregard everything he does as a sacrifice for the good of the nation while helping to destroy it from within.

Maybe President Barack Obama skipped the class about Germany before World War II, when a new political leader emerged named Adolf! His rhetoric was shall we say not as nice as our current President elect or at least it wasn't in English. But his sentiments pretty much scream as echoes of the hatred spewed by this current political leader. We may have defeated that nightmare, and I guess we’re gonna survive this one. I just hope the ramifications of what’s to come won’t be as horrific and destructive as Donald’s role model. Scarily his fans are showcasing what his hate speak has spawned. Maybe its just people using Trump as an excuse to act out, maybe? Perhaps this is just their way of celebrating their victory?  
My dad once said, if a black or Jew ever won the Presidency the world would come to an end. He said this not because he was a racist and hated them, but because the bigots out there would lose their minds! I'd prefer to hope that this current outburst is just a case of temporary insanity. But sadly I think its more that they've discovered that their way of looking at the world is more common then any of us ever thought possible, and Trump's 'victory' has emboldened them into their vile acts. Sadly those acts, seem to only have just gotten started and the power players at the top are simply letting it happen and aren't taking any credit or blame. I remember my dad used to tell me that the Jewish people (of note my family is Jewish), and the Blacks (that’s what African Americans were called in the 1960’s) were basically looked upon by the haters as the same. Simply not white! As a kid I didn’t get it, and hated thinking I was different. I so wanted to fit in, but if this is what the so called white people think, I am so happy not to be a part of their race. May it disappear the way of the dinosaur! I also never got racism and hatred of any kind. How can you just look at someone for whatever reason and think they are less then you? Or even worse, less then human? I just innocently thought everyone was equal and things like that were part of our history that you learned about in class, or watched in movies showcasing the way things used to be. Being a New Yorker, maybe I was living in a bubble? I honestly thought those kinds of people died out during the Civil War! And if they didn't the few left who believed like that were few and far between. Who knew at least a quarter of the nation were secretly harboring these hateful feelings. Of course being the lone white kid in my entire public school and junior high (I am not exaggerating), I faced racist kids of color who taunted me, called me 'White Cracker' and worse, but I never took it personally. I thought they were using that as an excuse to hurt me, it really had nothing to do with my color. Luckily for me it never got that bad, which is why I've never felt afraid walking anywhere, night or day, good neighborhood or bad. Of course it turned out that the 'end of days' my dad warned me about, would seem to be happening after the African American President left office not when he placed his hand on the bible to make it official. I guess the hatred had to stew for a few years first. Marinate for a while, while he was in office. The hints were obvious that bad things were brewing. The images of the first family as monkeys, the photos of nooses and of course Donald Trumps' birtherism bullshit!
Now our President Barack Obama says he’ll push back, he'll "speak up" if Donald Trump does something that goes against our "values or ideals", but until then we should just give the man a chance to prove that his rhetoric was worse then what he will actually do once in power. Looks like our future Fuhrer's casting of his inner circle hasn't given him pause? I guess the fact that Donald is planning not only to remove as much as they possibly can of anything that President Obama has done while in office hasn't made him go, wait a minute. Or the fact that he seems Hell bent on transforming our nation into a place none of us recognize. Sir, while I might consider you one of the greatest Presidents, if not the greatest our nation has ever been lucky enough to have elected, your giving the man a chance, rings hollow to me. Especially with what we've watched in recent days. 
Maybe its me, but as evidenced in what Donald Trump seems to be pulling in regards to making his stay in the White House the biggest windfall in history, I would think that he has already pushed it way too far. That before he even gets into power, they should find a way to stop his Presidency in its tracks. For God sake, I think there are at least a dozen reasons that could Impeach him once in office, so why not stop it before we have to put our country through another months long episode that who knows how much that would fracture our nation even more then it already ahas become. But if we can't stop it ahead of time, I would have no qualms doing just that, because the man, once he's sworn in at the Impeachment hearings would surely convict himself easily. I understand that the Republicans are jumping for joy that their wants are within their reach. But what does the man have to do, before even those who sold their souls wake up and realize that Donald Trump isn't a good fit for the Presidency? That the man is actually a danger to our very Democracy! When will they stop, and realize that they are Americans before they are Republicans? Sadly I guess the answer to that is never. All I can hope is that somehow we survive, his Presidency, that the people who are in power don't play even more games with the rights of the voters so that in two years or in four, the voters who still can, wake up to the nightmare we are currently living and vote these fools out. So we can begin to dig out of whatever hole he's put us in, if that is still possible.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, November 21, 2016

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