Friday, November 11, 2016


As protests erupt throughout the land, a few thoughts on this years election. Like Donald claims he's got a mandate when he actually lost the popular vote… eh, nope!

SEE DONALD WAS RIGHT the election was rigged, by gerrymandering districts the Republicans won the day, and maybe in the process destroyed our nation forever. Be it with the assistance of Russia as its seriously being reported or the fact that people knew about the Russian invasion but never came forward, which I presume is a serious crime. Powers that be, please look into that pronto, before Inauguration Day. So far nothing expected in this election has been normal, so wouldn't it be something if after all we've been through, they rip his presidency right from underneath him on a legal technicality. Seems the Soviets and the Trump campaign were in cahoots, plus the FBI had a hand in letting it happen with the aid of people in high political office, and maybe even the media was in on it too, Fox Faux news! We were promised an Impeachment hearing from many members of the talking heads in Washington politics, perhaps the Impeachment is still occurring, but the names have been changed from a she to a he. Every time Donald Trump said that Hillary's crimes were worse then Watergate, I was thinking, nope, your's are sir. Well, if its true about any of it or amazingly all of it, me thinks Donald J Trump is the one whose topped Watergate, and hopefully like last time, the man is gonna be leaving the gig before his term is supposed to officially end in 2020?

Its really turning out that Bernie Sanders was also correct, the stacks are against all of us and look at where its found our nation. And no, I don't believe the reason Hillary won the Democratic primary was because the DNC rigged it. Sorry fans of the man, as showcased in the general, she won the popular vote. Give the woman some credit. Simply put, Hillary also won the primary because she got more voters then anyone. And I'm sorry, I have to mention this, a recent poll showcased that Bernie would have beaten Donald, so its now Hillary's fault Trump's president. Excuse me? I'm sorry, if the shoe was on the other foot, Bernie probably would've been treated the same or worse then she was. Meaning he probably would have also lost anyway. The leaks would have been about Bernie and his wife this time, made up for real. Believe me, they would have destroyed him like they destroyed Hillary. I could be wrong, but we will never know, will we? So stop blaming the victim here, which is Hillary. She won, she ran a clean campaign, and more people voted for her. In fact except for President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton actually had the most votes ever by a Presidential candidate. As of now, 2 million more people voted for her then Donald. Think about that one for a while. So all this talk about taking about the Democratic leadership is the wrong way to go, its more, how do we fix the gerrymandering and rid our nation of the Electoral College and none of this nonsense would happen again. 
Blame those who didn't vote or who voted for the third party in protest, or to make a statement. Not to mention those who voted because the media allowed a conman to get away with everything. One hiccup after the other it didn't matter. They allowed lies and conspiracies to trump experience and reality. They allowed a talking point, to become the only thing important, and ignored everything else. Instead of hammering away at everything. Instead of shutting down that lying talking point, they allowed surrogates to get away with none answers. Which has left our nation on the edge of a cliff not knowing whether whats to come is the end of our world or simply some terrible mine field that we will all have to suffer through until we get in our next fixer in chief. 
You know, like our current President, Barack Obama, he righted the Hellhole that George Walker left us in. Sadly when he was elected, what seems to be happening now, happened then. And it looks like a large portion of our nation fell for the Republican propaganda once more.  Just as we were about to soar as a nation, as the past screw-ups were fixed, the people who voted or whomever rigged this election decided to slip back into the past once more. Or perhaps we've just got a lot of angry white people out there whom hate minorities, the gays, the government, foreigners and anyone else that could be blamed for how pathetic their lives are. 
Call it a hangover, call it depression, call it the fear of the unknown, or is that fear of the known, we are talking Donald Trump here. All I know is since the realization of what occurred began to sink in, that hole in the pit of my stomach has gotten deeper. Anything and everything associated with the election gets me emotional. The most amazing thing in all this is watching my mothers reaction to a Trump victory. To put it nicely she's more stunned then I am. I actually talked her into voting in the primary and yes she voted in the general election too. Since my mom refuses to go on the internet, thats right, she doesn't have an email address either. So except for what's on television or what she reads in the daily newspaper, she's been getting much of her political updates from me telling her about the latest insanity by Donald, from one of his Trumpeters or what I've seen online. I think at first my mom thought I was making things up. I mean there no way what I was relaying was true. As it got wackier and scarier she began turning on CNN and MSNBC. About three weeks a go I discovered my mom was now watching MSNBC practically all the time. Talking out loud, to her television, like me, trying to make sense of whats occurring right in front of our eyes. And it seems she's as upset, stunned and discombobulated by Trump's election as I am. Seems my political vibes are rubbing off on my mother, I wonder if thats a good or bad thing? 
Now talk about history repeating itself and I'm gonna use Baseball as a metaphor. I know, whats baseball have to do with our world possibly coming to an end? Just go with this please, I think it'll make sense. There are three strikes in baseball, right? The third strike you get, you're out. Makes sense? Everyone gets that? Well, time to get chills. In 1928 the Republicans took control of all three branches of our Government and guess what followed? Thats right, the Great Depression. I would call that Strike one, I think you're beginning to get my drift. Get ready for Strike two. Remember when The Supreme Court decided our election in 2000, after Al Gore won the popular vote? Again the Republicans had control of all three branches, and we all know what happened next, don't we? The Great Recession and endless wars! Sadly I couldn't get a better example for a Strike two if I tried. And finally Strike three, Donald John Trump is now elected leader of the free world and that's right the Senate and the House are colored in Republican red once more. Sadly that makes Strike three, which mean our nation possibly just struck out! And just like in baseball a strike three means you lose. So possibly that lose could mean the end to everything we consider dear to us, our very way of life. Yes, it could be that bad. 
Now about that Strike two, you know the last time a Republican claimed there was a mandate with the election? That's right, it was George Walker Bush! After getting the Court's fateful decision, the fool, came out and announced that the people had handed him a mandate, and he proceeded to use his mandate to potty much cause mayhem to our nation. Well, that was no mandate and neither is Donald J Trump's Electoral College win. How can it be a mandate when the other candidate wins the popular vote? Yes, he won the Electoral totals, and yes so did a lot of his fellow Republicans win the day. But even though he won the electoral college, his victories were pretty much within striking distance. Those totals could have easily flipped to Hillary's side and this years story might have had a completely different ending. I think most of us can remember how late the night went, mandate my ass. This was no Reagan landslide, no this was a nail biter and because of the electoral college and gerrymandering, Trump won. Maybe not fair and squarely but as they say, them the rules. 
Now about our citizens, seems many people out there are now freaking out, and freaking out loudly and disruptively. Protests are erupting everywhere from out of anywhere and are happening all over our nation. And in several cities in other country's, including England. The online community, has turned the election nights shocking results into a wake up call up to the people worried that what candidate Trump pitched to his followers might now come true. Seems the fellow that was laughed at, or ridiculed about, or people said could never be elected president because of what he said, whats he done or what he promised to do, actually somehow conned his way into the big house. And now that's its shall we say too late, they want to complain loudly about it. Well sorry kids, seems all your friends who wanted to make a statement, lost us our nation! Thanks Susan Sarandon. They didn't listen to the LGTBQ community or the Muslims or Mexicans that Trump insulted. They didn't care about Donald's running mate who promised to take away women's rights. They listened to the spin and believed the lies about Obamacare rate hikes and refused to believe the experts when they were told most of the hikes would not be felt by the citizens themselves. They fell into a trap baited by the Republicans to replace a "failed" health care system with something else, that as far as we know hasn't even been thought of yet. What did these fools who voted either in blind faith or deep hatred against Hillary think would happen to those who currently get health care through Obamacare. That magically they would all be eligible for something or did they simply not care that millions of Americans are now in danger of being left to their own for their health care needs. Well as usual they believed the people who had lied to them forever, sheep being the sheep that they are. Simply they were deaf to anyone who was screaming out loud in their ears. Nothing it seems could knock simple common sense into those who decided to help destroy our nation, by voting for a man that pitched plans to hurt all the above.
On the bright side, everyone of his issues could now be huge problems for a sitting president. Every thing discussed online, on air or in print, legal or business, inside our nation or foreign, Donald Trump has so many hiccups that we could be spending the next four to eight years, in court dealing with his illegalities. Hysterically for me, anyone of them could be Impeachable! And lets not forget his family now being in charge of his company, talk about conflicts of interests. As of now his kids who are gonna help his transition team and help set up his presidency, are also gonna be running his businesses. Nothing shady in that is there? What is wrong with this picture? We are all in it! Get ready for the sideshow, the Washington power players might be so busy dealing with Trump issues, Hillary Clinton could be spared a few witch trials. Of course that would be thinking positive, and sadly this week, after what we just lived through, my positive notions are out the window.
All I know is that the person I wanted to be President, who was gonna continue on the road that President Barack Obama had taken us on, lost. Or her Presidency was taken from her by nefarious means or one's legal but seriously shouldn't be. And unless something even more amazing occurs and somehow this story has an ending none of us can predict, our nation will be run by a man whom most of us have no idea where he will take us. How far backwards we will go. How many people who will lose because of what he does, and of course will our nation survive if some or all of his promises come true. I guess we'll see if elections matter won't we? Lets discover how one vote counts! Lets discover if his pitches were as much lies as his attacks against his opponents were. Lets hope his bark was louder then his bite and the man actually turns out to be a better president then we all could have hoped for. And lets hope his policies don't turn our country into the Third World nation that some of us fear it just voted itself into becoming. Fingers crossed people, lets hope all us negative ninnies are wrong, and perhaps the man when realizing that he actually won the biggest con of his life, wakes up and actually does the job he now claims he was born to have.  
Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, November 11, 2016

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