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What can you say, the America I thought I lived in, was just a mirage, as Donald J. Trump was elected our next President! Now the question is whom and what kind of President is the man gonna actually become? Heaven help us all. 

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WELL MY DREAM DIED! Yes, I'm heart broken, yesterday the bottom dropped out of the Democratic party as the citizens in our nation made a statement that slapped all of us in the gut who believe in our Constitution. As the evening developed it made me think of past Republican Presidential victories. The speeches and the promises we heard after the rancor of the long campaign almost made you go… maybe? That is until we discover what they did as President. Donald Trump's victory speech last night almost made you think that the entire campaign was a smoke screen and the real candidate will emerge on inauguration day… almost. With each succeeding Republican President, from Nixon to Reagan, to George Walker and now Donald Trump they've all been given their chances to give us all a little shock and awe of their own, and for the most part they've failed and left our nation in worst shape then when then entered the Oval Office. The worse part of all of this is all of the talking heads, who pitched Donald Trump's lies are now gonna be staples in our lives for at least the next four years. That is if the Donald actually survives, with all of the criminal and possible legal issues swirling around his head, Impeachment or prison is still a possibility in the near future.  

The main problem with everything being run by the Republicans is the fact that now the man probably won't be attacked on Capital Hill and he'll most likely now get away with everything. The Republicans are pretty much in the drivers seat and hopefully the rest of us won't be their roadkill. Forget Hillary Clinton, talk about a smack in the face to President Barack Obama. Look at all of his accomplishments that are now in danger. Look at all of our social programs, abortion, women's rights, the minimum wage, and of course Obamacare. Maybe her big mistake was latching onto our President and his policies. Perhaps she shouldn't have been so nice, perhaps her being a lady, in the end was the real reason she lost. The nation wanted a bully, and they elected one. Much like the Reagan Revolution took over our political world from Jimmy Carter, it seems the Trump behemoth, has now become the new norm. So now, Donald Trump, again because of the supposed sins of another Clinton, this time of course both Hillary and Bill has now taken all of President Barack Obama's accomplishments and put them all in danger. After George Walker Bush got in, remember what happened to our nation, now imagine what is possibly gonna happen with the policies that we even know about. Now we have Donald Trump in charge as opposed to President Obama, so there is nothing stopping them from implementing all of their draconian cuts to everything. Just to put the cherry on top, they already said today that Obamacare is going away, so yes its coming! 
Perhaps all those racists and homophobes that fell for Donald because of his rhetoric, was pushed to vote because President Obama simply went too far too fast for the good old boys to live with. Donald Trump and Fox Faux News tainted our President as an outsider. Pitched an America that was darker then our President's skin, and in the end that tarnishing of Obama and Hillary, worked better then all the millions of dollars that the Clinton campaign spent on all of her brilliant ads. Just like with Jimmy Carter, the Republicans branded Obama as a weak feckless politician. When you listened to Donald Trump speak about our President and his accomplishments, I think weakness would be at the top of his list of descriptions he threw at him. And just like with Reagan we have a showman who has a way with a line, some how he mesmerized a nation into believing he could run our nation better then the current Commander-in-chief. They say Al Gore v George W Bush was a smack in the face to Bill Clinton and his sins, and look at how close that election was. All the votes haven't been counted yet, but even though Hillary lost the Electoral College, she actually won the popular vote! So all that Republican gerrymandering actually might have had a huge hand in Trump's triumph on Election day. So the man who called Obama illegal and wants to deport millions of illegals, is now the person whose replacing him. How could so many people believe all of his lies? How could so many, over 50 million people voted for him after watching the three debates, or living through their respective Conventions? Maybe it was all the girl talk? Maybe it was Hillary throwing out the Rainbow coalition and the good old boys were saying enough of this. We've spent eight years living with someone that they felt shouldn't even be President because of his skin color, and now Hillary is shoving all that beautiful equality into our faces. All that rap, all that Hollywood sinners, all that liberal garbage. Maybe its just that? Or maybe it was the moment in the campaign during the debates when Donald J Trump actually said the truth about the Iraq war, and George W Bush's worse crime, attacking the wrong nation! Getting us into this mess that we are still trying to get out of. They may have booed in that arena that night, but it was for me the one time his entire campaign where I went yes, someone finally said the truth about Bush being wrong. He laced into the establish that fell for it hook like and sinker. That for me was worrisome. Or we could also throw in the Brexit vote in Great Britain, maybe what happened over seas is exactly what happened here? I should also ask about all those polls, how the heck could all of them be so wrong this year, when they were so right four years ago? But like most things this past year, there was so much info coming at us daily it was tough to keep our balance. Which is pretty much how the future President ran his entire campaign. Discombobulating his adversaries that they all eventually were on the defense. Even Hillary Clinton fell for it, with lots of help from Wiki Leaks, Russia, and the FBI. And lets not forget that Comey fellow, and his late October surprise which may in the end prove to have been the final nail in Hillary Clinton's chances. That final nudge that made people say no more to her. Even with his apparently too late reprieve on her sentencing, the grenade had done its damage and the results speak for itself. Or maybe 30 years of labeling her the devil was just too much for any human being to over come? Or simply put the fact that she was a woman was something that millions of people still in this day and age could not get past. How sad that the worst example of a chauvinist pig and a possible assaulter of woman would defeat the most qualified candidate that ran for the highest office in the land, regardless of sex. Well I guess he did.   
At least, if you look at the positive side of her defeat, The Clinton Foundation will now flourish without the political world trying to destroy it for strictly political reasons. We will learn soon, if the Republican threats to it are real or was that just for the election. My big worry about choosing Tim Kaine instead of Elizabeth Warren occurred to me when I watched the Republican Vice Presidential Debate, as I wrote then Tim just wasn't what Hillary's campaign needed that night. Elizabeth Warren was. She would have decimated Mike Pence. Hillary's gamble that the Spanish speaking Senator would be the final key sadly didn't work out. Or of course Bernie Sanders might have helped. I'm already gonna throw Elizabeth Warren into the ring as my choice for the next campaign. That is we some how survive the upcoming one that just got voted in. The one saving grace in all this is that somehow our nation has survived everything, I would hope that it could even survive whatever Donald has in store, fingers crossed. 

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, November 9, 2016

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