Saturday, November 19, 2016


Sadly this is our country! I guess most of us have been living a dream called America, and it was just a figment of our imaginations. Seems the experiment in Democracy is ending, and a new kingdom has arisen in its wake!

SEEMS WHEN BARACK OBAMA was sworn in the realism that the Aryan Nation wasn't what America was becoming must have put a bee in the asses of all those in our nation that longed for the good old days when the only people of color that walked its streets were the native American Indians who the white people originally stole their nation right from underneath them. Sadly their ancestors needed to acquire slaves to do the dirty work and the land was filled with Africans, and unfortunates from other nations, tainting its shores. And lets not bring up the intermingling of the races, I guess that was the 'others' trying to destroy the white folk from within.

Sadly I wish I was just being sarcastic. But the moment when I first noticed this issue, was on President Barack Obama's Inauguration Day. The day he put his hand on the bible and was sworn in as our nation's 44th President. As all the famous and powerful were led to their seats to watch this historic event, I noticed something that struck me as odd. It seemed to me that most of the people were white, the lone person who wasn't a powerful figure who also seemed to be the only other person of color, was the soldier who opened the door where they passed through. What struck me was how the whites in attendance looked at our nation's newest President, it's first African American President, and they didn't seemed thrilled. Maybe that should have been our first wake up call. 
Of course, racism isn't knew in our nation. But once Senator Barack Obama announced his run, that seemed to be a wake up call for those unhappy with their own lives. That unhappiness, made them long for the good old days when they ruled our land. So we begin to see hateful racist images and language, but mostly it was geared toward our new President and his family, at least what was being showcased online. And once he got in, the racism became more and more prevalent and the hatred spread beyond just him. Seemingly the more President Obama accomplished the more the racism against him and people of color grew. As his triumphs showcased yes a man of color could do as good a job, if not better then a white person, those who had racist leanings and who hadn't gotten the help they thought they deserved, the angrier they grew. I mean first music, then sports, then acting, and now politics, it seems that those who believe that they were superior couldn't handle the fact that maybe they weren't. Those others, might actually be better at things or at least equal. Simply, it was the individual who accomplished the feats, not who their ancestors were or where they came from or the color of their skin.
Sadly it seems, Hillary Clinton's American beliefs, that we are all created equal in the eyes of God or at least in its laws seemingly has put the colorblind inbreds into a terrible state. Instead of falling all over herself for the whites in our nation, she pitched a nation that was equal to all. Women, children, men, people of color, and even those who aren't straight. In their viewpoint, everything these backward thinking racists were taught in Sunday School, Church, or home, was dying off and they weren't happy about it. In other words, 'they' were taking what was ours away and they had had enough of it. And worse, Hillary Clinton was rubbing their noses in it. How dare she stand on stage with rap stars or liberals or the gays or anyone who didn't look like their Jesus that they were brainwashed into believing.
Maybe its possible that the last straw for Trump's voters was President Barack Obama himself coming out and practically yelling and pleading for Americans to vote for Hillary. That if we didn't vote for her, that itself would be an insult to everything he did for us. Honestly listening to him bothered me a little. I would have preferred to hear him say this is what you're gonna lose and gain if he wins and push all the great that Hillary would add to what he's done for us. I just wish he had pitched it to us, less like a father tells their child what was best for them, even if we don't like it. Well I guess too many didn't listen to his advice, and now everyone is gonna be punished and punished severely.
Which brings us to Donald Trump, the loser of the popular vote, who riled up the hatred in the people who I guess came out of the closet to reveal their inner hater. They may not personally be racists, but they seem to be in bed with them. All we heard over and over was this isn't the Donald we know. Even though he's practically surrounded himself with a bunch of pseudo Nazi's, people argued he wasn't one of them. That once in, he would be the savior of all Americans. He was gonna make America great again. But the more we see of what he is hiring to help run this nation, the more it is obvious that the nation he wants, is a White one! Or at least a lot less dark and all put in their places. Everyone of his policies and advisers are acting much like the Republicans did once Barack Obama became President, but scarily not as nicely. Remember that they still acted like they ran the place even after they lost the election. They looked down at him as if he was above his station.
Over the course of this election as we watched Donald Trump and his Trumpeters go about insulting everyone who didn't agree with them. Donald screamed the media was corrupt, and he's threatened to sue papers or reporters who spoke ill of him. As if he was a king who deserved to be respected, and now that the man has lied and schemed his way into the job (still hoping it doesn't become official) he's demanding apologies from those who disagree, protest, or are harassed by those who don't agree. Seriously? Really you want us to respect you because now you're our President or Vice President. I'm sorry no. You want apologies, you first! You want us to respect you? You need to respect us! Remember you are working for us, its not the other way around! You want the Democrats to just fall in line and just let you dismantle our Social safety net, then you can just drop dead. You wanted to make America great, unfortunately the great part in your comment was only about the whites in the audience.
Scarily everyone of his asks or demands sound more and more like a certain Nazi that killed millions upon millions of people who weren't who he considered pure Germans. Yes he was also elected, and yes he swiftly changed all the rules to favor what he wants. And he seems to have no problems with hurting all those who disagree with him or are different. Sadly it seems that the people that he's surrounding himself all have hatred in them, and they want all of us to quietly fall in line. Its not just the Africans, any people of color who aren't white, Latinos, the LGTBQ community. Its also the Jews and even the Asians. Pretty much everyone who isn't white or Christian. If you're rich it seems then that okay, but only as long as you play by their rules. A good example would be Donald's son-in-law.
Suffice it to say, I'm scared for our country, our future and my life. Visions of swastikas keep coming to me. What we've got is an equal opportunity offender, willing to seemingly break every rule in the book to get whatever he wants. Add to that he seriously could be a megalomaniac and all of his posse seem ready to either climb into a white hood, with noose in hand or begin goose stepping as they have their policy meetings. Of course I might be losing my marbles, but sadly I just don't think so. I think what we are seeing, and discovering is what too many voted in. I can't believe that all of them are racists or worse, but even if they aren't, they are okay with whats going on all around our country. Sadly just like the people who allowed the Nazi takeover of Germany in the 1930's, it appears a similar change is happening in our very own nation. The hate that filled them then, at least on the surface appears very similar to what they are pitching now. As we get closer to the Trump regime, my fear grows and like millions of others all I can do is sit back and wait to see if what I think is gonna occur happens. Well I guess on a good note, I always wanted a tattoo, I just never thought the one I finally got might be my identification number like they used in the Nazi concentration camps.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, November 19, 2016

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