Thursday, November 17, 2016


As we discover whom Donald wants to help lead us to the promised land, visions of breadlines fill my eyes. Seriously what have we got ourselves into?

AS THE NAMES of the worst picks imaginable, one by one, get leaked whom Donald Trump wants to hand the most important jobs to in his inner circle, shudders keep running down my spine. If that wasn't bad enough, the clown car that is the rest of Republicans still in power, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are discussing enacting everyone of their scary cuts to most of our social services. They're even discussing rolling back all of the protections in banking that was installed after Bush's economic policies destroyed our economy. All I keep wondering is why wasn't this discussed by the media for months as opposed to Hillary's God damned emails?

Just look at the list of names that have been banded about and look at what they might be in charge of. As Secretary-of-State, Rudy Giuliani, Nikki Haley, or even Mitt Romney. Secretary of Homeland Security, the notorious racist Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Secretary of Defense, Tom Cotton, or how about the next Attorney General, maybe being Ted Cruz or Jeff Sessions. General Michael Flynn, as our National Secretary advisor, and lets not forget the already announced Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff and Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist. Hysterically and scarily even Sarah Palin has been thrown into the mix. And notice I haven't mentioned his family and son-in-law whom it seems he wants to not only run his company in a supposedly 'blind trust', he also somehow wants them to work for him in the White House. And whats so bad about his choices so far, is that they either like him have no experience in the positions they are being considered for, but it appears most of them have conflict of interests and a lot of legal issues. How do I say this, lets just call them the cesspool of losers. One of the things Donald Trump claimed was that he would surround himself with the best people. Well, these are seriously not the best, not even close.
Yesterday Hillary Clinton came out, really for the first time since she technically lost the Presidency and again proved why she should've won. Seriously, watching her talk about the Children's Defense Fund, listening to her briefly discuss how the loss effected her, proved that once again why any complaints about her speaking fees is simply jealousy, the woman's a great speaker. Yes, she's still upset she lost, but she's unbowed by it. It just befuddles me that she didn't win, how could we as a nation blow it so terribly? I mean if Trump was a decent Republican maybe, but him? Look who we had the opportunity to lead our nation. Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity. Talk about a mind. Talk about a waste! Why would people vote against what is best for them? I understand unhappiness, I understand fear and I understand people will do a lot of things to try to survive. Obviously we've all met or sadly personally gotten swindled by a great salesman, or as in this case, I mean conman. I even understand racism, well not really, but I kind of get it, but still, I just can't fathom what just occurred. As Hillary Clinton spoke lovingly about the children that were being celebrated at the event, my eyes began tearing up because my country that I love so much might now be in so much jeopardy. All of the things that make it great, are now in danger of either being taken away or modified into nothing. Everything that President Obama helped stop the Republicans from doing, are now in the cross hairs of these so called patriots. And all I have is fear. 
When Al Gore's presidency was awarded to George Walker Bush I was upset, I mean we spent weeks suffering through the 'hanging' chad debacle. I was a fan of Vice President Gore, but mostly I was a fan of what Bill Clinton had done, and was hoping for a continuation of more of the same. By the time George Walker was sworn in, I wasn't expecting much. We did have his father as a hope that what some of us felt about George Walker, might be wrong. So I was hoping we would survive his tenure without too much damage. Of course when he attacked the wrong nation, I expected that the voters would kick the fool out. But no, and as we all know, by the end of his second term, we just barely survived the worst Presidency in our nations history. Looking back the only thing that worked out in the end, was that George was so pathetic that we got Barack Obama to announce his run for the White House, and look at how great that turned out. It took our President almost his entire tenure to right the ship and it seemed we were on course to go smooth sailing into our futures. Talk about optimistic. Look who we had as a possible President. The person that some thought should have been our Commander in Chief, eight years ago. A former Secretary of State, and a woman who had spent her lifetime preparing for the job. Man I was stoked. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to sit back and watch where this great lady would take us in the next eight years. The things our current President couldn't accomplish in his tenure, Hillary Clinton would be able to get to.  
Not sure how many people remember how it felt to live in America right before that election that changed our nation forever, but I do. I used to walk around New York and marvel at how great everything seemed to be getting. The city was cleaner. There was nonstop construction. Jobs seemed to be easy to find. Our nation seemed to have rid ourselves of a lot of the hatred in our past. From racism or wars, to hate crimes. Women had rights and it felt that most of us were equal, and the America I lived in was the America that I had read about. I was so excited for our futures, and then the Supreme Court chose our next leader and the bottom dropped out from underneath all of us. I spent the next eight years walking around in a sad daze. Once the chase for George Walker's replacement began, yes I wanted Hillary, but what was so great with Barack was that either candidate was an amazing option. When Barack Obama was chosen by the voters, I jumped right into his pool and have been swimming with him ever since. I can not be more proud of our nation for getting it so right with him, and I was expecting us to do it again with Hillary. 
Sadly as we've discovered, a lot of the voters that voted for President Obama, defected to the Republican nominee, and the rest is history as they say. Kind of reminds me of the Reagan democrats, when will people learn? Much like the Republicans lied their candidate into the presidency with George Walker, an idiot who wasn't up for the job, it seems the public was fooled into doing the same thing this year. That said, even with what we lived through with this campaign, I still figured reality would wake up the masses. But instead it seems a reality star who acted more like a cast member of the 'Real Housewives' meets 'The Sopranos' was what sadly too many people wanted. What is apparent and what has been since the day he announced his run for the office, is that Donald Trump hasn't been preparing himself for the office. His game plan was to win the election and seemingly wing it. Like in that classic political film 'The Candidate' starring Robert Redford. At the climax of the film, after he discovers he actually won the election, he asks his campaign manager, played by Peter Boyle "What do I do now?" Scarily I think that's gonna be his mantra for the entire tenure of his presidency. 
What frightening is if he gets the people they are throwing out as official members of his inner circle, either they'll be advising him or he'll be ordering them to implement policies and positions that will set us on a course with no safety net for the citizens of our nation. And now, there will be no one like President Barack Obama to stop him. I guess I now hope that the Democrats have as a big a set of balls as the Republicans did, and if necessary do what they did. Shut down our Government, until reason and reality wake Donald Trump up. The problem being, we will be having a loose cannon in the White House, and we have no clue how he will react if that occurs. Sadly if Trump's presidency is worse then George Walker's, the Great Depression and the Great Recession will seem like Heaven on Earth. And for the first time in my lifetime, I honestly can say I am scared for our futures, and the future of the Republic.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, November 17, 2016


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What a time to be alive.

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We must rise up!