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Will Hillary Clinton break that last glass-ceiling and make a lot of people's dreams come true or will Donald Trump stomp on those dreams and turn everything into our worst nightmares?

Art by Neil Feigeles © 2015

WE MADE IT PEOPLE, FINALLY ITS ELECTION DAY and one of my biggest dreams could come true. Hillary Clinton could become our 45th president and I will be able to sleep good for the first time in months! Believe it or not, in 1992 the first real time I ever saw her on my television, I said to myself that someday this woman would be president, and less then a day that dream could actually come true. Please don't pinch me, I don't want this dream to end. Of course that 'could' be is surrounded by a whole lot of fear and trepidation with the reality that that could be, might not come true. I will hedge my fear with the fact that every time I've voted for a Clinton, they won. The only time either lost, I actually voted Hillary to win the Democratic primary, which she did in New York against the future President, Barack Obama. He eventually did win the Presidency, and yes I voted for him then, but Hillary won that primary so in theory no Clinton I've ever voted for has lost when they were on the ballot. I'm hoping today keeps that streak alive. Lets count them shall we, we've got  two Bill Clinton Primary victories, two Bill Clinton, Presidential victories. Two Hillary Clinton Primary victories for Senator, plus of course both Senator election day victories. Two democratic Presidential Primary victories and finally of course election day 2016. Will my streak continue or will the Republican in this years race, shock the world and ruin everything? Sad to say, there is that elephant in the room we kind of have to mention, even if don't want to. Sorry elephants, but if the expression fits, use it. There are a lot of things you could use to describe Donald Trump but presidential is not one of them. Which is the opposite of what can be said of Hillary Clinton on a bad day. 

I couldn't have said it any better then how the current first lady, Michelle Obama phrased last night's amazing Hillary Clinton campaign event in Philadelphia. "This is truly an emotional moment for me." I mean it was, as more then 30,000 people attended the rally on Monday evening. The President and his wife, Barack and Michelle Obama, joined Hillary and Bill Clinton on the stomp, plus lets not to forget Chelsea also was there. I'm telling you, seeing all that political star power on one stage was thrilling. Ever since that first introduction to the future First Lady I’ve been, lets just put it out there, smitten with the wife of the Senator and soon to be President Bill Clinton. Not just because I found her cute and sassy, but because of her intellect and her feistiness. But after being mesmerized at first glance, listening to her speak, she simply blew me away. To put it nicely, the woman seemed to know everything and that has never changed. In that one moment, because of his wife, my admiration for Bill Clinton went off the Richter scale. 
I should add that I pretty much had become a fan of Bill Clinton, four years earlier at the Democratic National Convention. When the future President gave that never ending speech that many people in the media made fun of. But that speech hooked me as soon as he walked on that stage. Maybe it was his youth maybe it was that head of hair or maybe it was the fact that for the first time in my adult life there was a man in politics who seems to say what needed to be said. Who seemed to understand the issues and appeared to have the right answers to the problems we faced and for once when a politician answered, his words actually seemed to have a sensible and feasible solution. Which is pretty much the opposite of Hillary's opponent Donald Trump. Whatever magic Bill Clinton possesses had me, and three years later when he was now the candidate in the race, instead of an unknown Governor from Arkansas, I already had my choice for President in mind. But what cemented the entire thing for me was Hillary. Thats right, Hillary. My feeling was, anyone who was smart enough and lucky enough to marry this great lady had what I was looking for. And that was that. Of course my description above didn't hurt either. Throughout the years since, as both Bill and Hillary Clinton prospered and faced adversity by those who deemed them criminals or worse for no apparent reason except for their last name, they’ve always proved me right. That they yes were as gifted, talented and special and my first impressions were. 
Even with their own self inflicted wounds, mostly overstated by their enemies, I have never felt their mistakes were ever calculated and were simply in fact human errors. I’m sorry all this server email nonsense wasn’t criminal, as has been reported Hillary actually received advice from the previous Secretary of States. So maybe it wasn’t wise, but it wasn’t done for a criminal purposes. I should add that several of those accusers have turned out to be doing similar things, which of course is always the case with those who go after the Clintons. Hysterically the only person it seems in the world who hasn’t been hacked is Hillary Clinton, ironic much. The same thing occurred when they impeached Bill Clinton, half the members of that witch trial were revealed to be worse offenders then the President. 
I must add, that being a lifelong democrat and pretty much a political junky my admiration for both of them has only grown. Look what they did after the presidency, they used their clout to start The Clinton Foundation which has helped millions. If there is one negative in a Hillary Clinton victory its the loss of the Clinton's in its operations. I presume they will continue with its life saving charity, but the President and Bill Clinton will have to step away. Did you notice how I described Hillary Clinton in that last sentence, I hope I'm not jinxing it. But it is I think the first time I've referred to her as the leader of the free world, not wanting to jinx it. But thats how it came out, so I guess that how it was meant to be written. 
When you think of it, it’s pretty much democratic norm these days for former Democratic Presidents to do great things when their terms are over. Especially since Jimmy Carter, whose the perfect example. You could also add Al Gore to that list too with his work on Global Warming, screw how fate changed his destiny. But as usual with the Clintons, their Foundation is world class and has possibly done more good for the world then anything an ex-president has ever done. Sadly its been tarnished by the Trump campaign, hopefully that garbage will be forgotten once Donald is, and the Foundation can continue to do what it was set up to do, help people. You know the thing that is supposed to be what politicians get into the business in the first place, to help people.
Now about Hillary Clinton's time since she left the White House, nope she didn't stay home and bake cookies. Thanks BeyoncĂ© for reminding all of us about that great quote that Hillary said all those years ago. As we all know, instead of retiring or simply helping her husband with the Foundation, she became a Senator, twice. Then Secretary of State and now she is on the cusp of winning the Presidency. What do The Republicans do, retire and one paints! Which is why the nonstop attacks against them has always baffled me. How is it that trying to help others is such a bad thing? When Hillary Clinton mentioned the vast Right-Wing Conspiracy and people laughed at her, after the last few weeks I wonder how many people are still laughing?  
Listening to the Trumpeters argue that they kept polls open later was a bad thing boggles my mind. Not to mention listening to the Republicans argue that the "wrong" types were allowed to vote is seriously scary. If Donald is such a great candidate wouldn’t he want more people to vote? Isn’t that what we want, citizens voting? Isn’t that what they whine about all the time, how low the numbers are on Election Day? Add to the fact, that for years the Republicans have been trying to make it more difficult for people to vote. What was once supposed to be every citizens right once they reached the right age, it seems that the Republicans only want those people whom they think are the real Americans. A seriously screwed up mentality which should be something they look at, when they do their diagnostic on why their party is pretty much dead man walking these days. Donald Trump may have made it front page news, but the bigotry is nothing new in the Republican Party. Lets hope that the numbers that are being reported with early voting and the surge of Latino voters will make a statement that brings our nation into the twenty first century. 
So today we discover if Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman President. If she in fact beats all the odds and the most vile despicable human being to ever run for President and makes me a very happy American. Sometimes you just feel it in your bones, and maybe I am bewitched but I can see no bad with her becoming our nation's 45th President. As President Barack Obama so perfectly stated, there has never been a person more qualified to be the President of the United States, not Bill Clinton and not himself. President Bill Clinton said she was the smart one in the family, and the man's one of our great leaders to ever lead our nation. She has spent a lifetime helping others and learning on the job. She was a Senator, a Secretary of State, an attorney, First Lady of the United States and almost Democratic nominee eight years ago. I just hope that by the end of election day, today (oh my God its today!), my beliefs are finally put to the test. Lets see how Hillary Clinton handles the job. Lets see how yes, a woman handles the trials by fire. Let see if she tries to do what she promised, and lets see how much of it she gets enacted. We have no way of knowing how Donald Trump will handle defeat, if it happens, but lets hope his bark is worse then his bite. That if defeated he will disappear from consciousness except for the pages of the rags as he goes from one courtroom to the next trying to evade a prison cell. I can already feel the emotion in me, and can only imagine how I'll feel as I walk up to vote. I've been thinking about this day for almost 25 years, wondering if my first impression would actually come to fruition. One of the reasons it took me a while to get behind Barack Obama was that he was possibly destroying that fantasy. But as we've discovered, maybe her losing to him was the best thing that could have happened in the long run. Lets hope if she wins today, her Presidency is half as great as his has begun to turn into. My personal feeing is, hers actually could top even his and if we don't spend the next eight years with Republicans trying to impeach her at every turn, and maybe we get a little cooperation from those Republicans in Washington, perhaps when this is all said and done, Hillary Clinton will be looked at as the woman that made American greater then any of us could have ever hoped for.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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