Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Our forefathers are seriously spinning in their graves, as Trump's choices are announced. The only outcome I can see is the end of America as we've known it!   

SO IT ACTUALLY CAN GET WORSE! That's what I was thinking as the next set of names were announced, argued about, discussed and cried over. Anyone who thought Presidential elect Donald J. Trump, was in it to help our citizens, as opposed to himself and his ass backward leaning friends, were sadly mistaken. If the sheep haven't woken up yet from the con game Donnie pulled, if or when they do, they will finally realize what Trump is getting ready to do, or worse, has done. To simply end our nation or should I write, alter it into something that none of us hoped or dreaded it could actually ever become. Making America great again, while a groovy tag line for some, for others, its historic linkage to Nazism in Germany in the 1930's only made what we thought could happen that much scarier. While those who opposed his candidacy, who have been screaming we told you so from day one, realize that what we thought and expected could happen, well its reality, and unnervingly its actually made even our worst predictions look remarkably tame by comparison. 

Boy don't you hate it when you're right? Just this once, I so wish I was wrong, boy how I wish! Since Donald announced his candidacy, with his outlandish speech. Scaring half our nation into thinking, is this a real or a sad joke. The nearer we get to his swearing in, the worst his Presidency actually seems it will become. With each new announcement, with each new tamper tantrum on twitter, the level of anxiety in the pit of my stomach rises a bit higher. I keep imagining that this is some crazy drug induced episode, of course the problem being I'm not wasted and this is supposedly really happening. Donald Trump is gonna be our President? Is this really taking place in the real world, in real time? Maybe the citizens of our planet are being manipulated in some kind of crazy cosmic game of chess? Or I'm having a really bad dream, that I just can't wake up from. Or I did something real bad, and its all my fault… but whatever I did to have caused this, I am so so sorry. Please forgive me, whomever and please make it stop! Let us all snap out of it and either Hillary Clinton won, or the campaign itself hasn't yet begun. Whatever the reasonings, Trump's Presidency has seriously been doing a number on my mental stability. Seeing our nation turn into a pack of racist wolves, while discovering that our neighbors could turn out to be closeted Nazi's or Klansman, makes me happy for once that my father passed away years a go. Watching whats occurring in the streets of America would surely have made my father cry. Is this what he fought for in the Pacific during World War II? Somehow, either through lack of voters or voters being fooled into voting for Trump, or the Russians rigging it, or Trump rigging it, or just somebodies bad joke, Donald Trump will be running the free world. And it appears most if not all of his surrounding cast, will do everything in their powers or with Trump's blessings to make the lives of most Americans worse then it is today. A Republican dream fulfilled!

Seriously, what is abundantly clear is that all of his threats against the social safety net weren't just verbal attacks during a campaign but things he plans to actually do! All of his arguments against environmental regulations, his assault on the Affordable Care Act, bringing coal back, his unbelievable announcement that women who choose to have an abortion and the doctors who perform them should be punished could all be real in a matter of months. Even his attacks against the minimum wage looks like they weren't just political noise. And shall I bring up his attacks against the media, seems the only station that will ever be given access again to him, is Fox Faux News. While the rest will be prosecuted for crimes against the state. There's even a thing going around the Internet that The Donald will be able to text message everyone whenever he wants, so Big Brother it appears is named Trump. 

All those promises, or should I call them threats, plus more, are in fact looking to be on his docket. Which would almost be acceptable because at least, this is what we (not me), but apparently the voters, voted for. So yeah us, I guess we got what we wanted. But his promises to clean up the swamp, well, they're turning out to be the things that he lied most to the voters in his campaign. Seems the man who pitched himself as the ultimate outsider, is gonna surround himself with a pact of insiders who in fact should never ever be allowed inside any of the walls of power. Hysterically or should I write insanely, I seriously can not believe this is real, Sarah Palin, yes, the woman from Alaska, is in discussions to have a post for our future leader. I swear, every time we hear a new name, there should be a drum snare somewhere, being struck. When Donald Trump announced that his Treasury secretary's choice was gonna be Steven Mnuchin, I could only imagine what Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders were thinking. One of the people that took advantage of the banking crisis, who made millions off of the backs of unsuspecting victims, who helped take our nation to the brink of implosion may now be in charge of the Treasury department. You see, he used to work for Goldman Sachs, yes that Golden Sachs! So it appears that the man who spent months railing against the banking system is now welcoming him into the fold. Well Bernie and Elizabeth might not be banging their heads against the wall, but I am. But hopefully they've already come up with plans to prevent this utter disaster, at least one can hope.

I can already see a day, if and when Donald is unable to continue, where they will create a fake Trump, or a propped up unconscious one, that will appear on screen, like a bad B budget movie. Where the only things that will move are his lips and his handlers will be running our nation into the ground. As for the members of Congress who promised to go after Donald J Trump's 'issues' when he was still a bad dream as opposed to our own nightmares, well they now seem to wanna act like the man's a boy scout. Nothing there to investigate, we should just trust the man, look what he's sacrificing to make America great. Let us all bow down, shall we. Everything they attacked Hillary Clinton for and demanded hearings on, that apparently Donald has ten times as many issues with, they want to let slide by. Guess it pays to have the majority, doesn't it? I only hope that when the time comes, and the Democrats have to put their feet down, they do it as obnoxiously as the Republicans did and make the Donald turn a much darker shade of red then his normal artificial orange. Of course by the time that happens, we might all be learning how to speak Russian and the President's title could be changed from Commander-in-chief to maybe, King or even possibly Czar?

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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