Tuesday, November 15, 2016


As the reality struck millions, some of us are having a hard time getting out of bed while others seem to want to make her the excuse for his winning. 

WELL THE BOTTOM DROPPED OUT for a lot of people, and the streets are filled with terrified individuals who are beginning to resemble the Arab Spring of a few years back. So far for the most part, it hasn’t been violent and police are letting thousands of the disillusioned get some of their terror and outrage out. Of course, once there's a Trump in the White House, if it happens (I’m still fantasizing that something occurs and someone else puts her hand on the Bible on Inauguration Day), the people letting the people vent could be replaced by the military and those protesting could face the real anger of the Donald, and it could real real fast.

This is getting seriously bad, I’m talking about my tears. Someone wrote that Hillary’s defeat is the worse they felt since 9/11. My response was, no this is worse because the attack and destruction came from within. We did this to ourselves. Seriously it’s been a week and still I’m an emotional wreck. I can’t watch something about the election or read anything without my eyes tearing up. A perfect example happened on Saturday Night Live, during its cold opening. Kate McKinnon was in her Hillary Clinton drag performing the late great Leonard Cohen’s classic Hallelujah, and by the time she sung the words "I'm not giving up and neither should you." I realized again that I was crying. For once I was happy Alec Baldwin wasn’t wearing orange, because honestly I can not find anything funny or good or happy in where our very own citizens has put us. 
I’ve also noticed that since we suffered through the election, or at least those who hoped the results would be different, that it’s hard to get up the energy to write yet another commentary about what’s been going on. It seems before the election as as we got closer, I never had a problem just whipping out the words. Each day another motherlode of events got my juices flowing, but since, I can hardly get the energy. I guess this is similar to a great loss, a death in the family, like a dream you've had has finally been destroyed. Maybe it was our democracy?
As the vote totals are still coming in, it seems that yes, the electorate decided this year to actually make herstory, but the way our nation's democracy is run, the people actually don't elect the President. But because technically Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote, the blame game is in full spin. People are saying that the reason Hillary lost, was because the voters weren’t enthused about her, at least that’s what I keep hearing. Seems everyone is falling over themselves to try to blame someone, anyone for the results. The progressives are blaming Hillary and the DNC because they didn’t go with Bernie. Even Hillary is blaming others, in her case FBI director James Comey’s late October surprise and his follow up two days before Election Day. The people’s President, Hillary Clinton, suggested it riled up his base and got them to vote in larger then expected numbers. As usual, her reasoning is sound, makes sense and is at least one of the reasons the chips fell where they did. I wouldn’t been as nice in my description, but remember, "When others go low, I go high." Somehow the fact that more people voted for her doesn’t come to mind when they whine that Donald won. They point at polls. They point at crowds. They actually said after the election that she couldn’t drum up enthusiasm, something which was a constant theme from day one. Screw enthusiasm or however you want to call it. Guess people in grief, their memories are very short. Did they not see that event with over 30,000 people on election eve? Again she won the popular vote. Over 60 million people voted for her and the tally isn’t finished. 
It seems the republicans attack against Hillary during the campaign, coupled with their years long opposition to everything President Barack Obama wanted to do worked to rile up his sheep and they voted in the right numbers in the right states. That strategy probably halted the growth of jobs that might have pushed Hillary over the top. Even though Obama’s policies seemed to be on course for slow steady growth, those jobs gained didn’t reach the masses fast enough. People have very short attention spans, seems that their lives even though much better then it was eight years ago, too many of them didn’t gain in Obama’s term. 
Donald’s quick rich scheme suckered more investors, this time those people, were the voters of America. Not enough believed the evidence presented on television, they sadly believed the lies thrown out from his Republican enemies. Not enough listened to all those who claimed Donald ripped them off. Not enough buyers into his scheme believed that his racist, hateful rhetoric and sexual illicit advances against women mattered or were in fact real. My thinking is too most Americans, what was showcased about him during this nightmare we called his campaign was more reality television then the real world we live in. So all his misdeeds were simply made for television. I mean come on, if we weren't all experiencing it together, wouldn't most of us think that the people telling us about it had lost their minds? Making stuff up! There is no way possible what happened actually happened, I swear I keep waking up hoping that that week never happened.
Well, the honeymoon phase Donald Trump expected if he won the Presidency never happened. But instead of parades of people celebrating in the streets as their new savior graces us with his winnings, the reality of what might become caused our citizens to erupt in anger and the protests began. Almost immediately, thousands started joining up on the streets, as if there lives and futures depended on it. Sadly not enough of the electorate before the election believed the nightmare could come true. There was very little of what he promised discussed in the media and too much wasted airtime spent on Hillary's emails. So now those whose candidate lost, are in a tizzy and they’re hoping that perhaps if enough rise up that Donald would just quit because the people don't really love him. 
The Trumpeters, well they are not very happy that people instantly didn’t bow down to him or them, practically threatening those who don’t quit complaining. When the announcement that Steve Bannon, of 'Alt Right' fame was announced as one of Trumps main advisers, even that was argued by them that the media is lying again. There is no racism with Steve. All of his past evil words or actions never happened. The person they know, and the person that ran the campaign is not the evil son-of-a-bitch that the liberal biased media is describing. Much like their arguing that the masses of people complaining and worried that Donald might do what he’s pitched weren’t giving Donald a fair chance. They are also arguing that the racism or worse reactions also spreading throughout our country by the Trump sheep are being made up by those opposing the president elect. 
I was speaking to a young lady, who it turns out didn’t vote. A New Yorker, so honestly her vote this past Tuesday wouldn’t have changed the outcome on Election Day, since Hillary won New York. But her answer to me why she didn’t did open my eyes to one of the main reasons Trump won. She didn’t believe Donald was gonna do any of the stuff he pitched in his winning con. She didn’t believe he had the power to deport millions of illegal immigrants. She just simply didn’t believe. She also thought Donald’s daughter Ivanka was wonderful and didn’t seem to know anything about her except perhaps what she had seen at the RNC or what she’s read in all those fluff pieces floating out there. 
Sadly I hope I’m wrong but as some have put forth, it’s possible what America has elected into office could be our very own version of Adolf Hitler, and that very possibility is causing me many a sleepless night, and this is just week one. I already imagine our very own concentration camps popping up all over our nation, housing those who disagree with the rule of law. Or at least the new one, one of his cronies will enact once he places that tiny hand of his on the bible and is sworn in.  Perhaps Guantanamo can now be retrograded to house our own political prisoners. Maybe one day thats where we'll find Harry Reid, Michael Moore or even Hillary and Bill for the crimes of simply being Clinton's. Watch out media, those who oppose them might be in trouble now. The New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, and any of a number of newsmen or outlets who refuse to cow down to their wishes. Still not seeing the resemblance to Germany in the late 1930's.
It wasn’t so long ago when Russia had overthrown its Communist past and actually elected in a Democracy. Or at least their version of it, and look at how swiftly it has turned back into a dictatorship under Putin. And just like in America, the people there freely elected in their own current leader. Scarily even in America that possibility is on the radar. I’m not sure how powerful the rioters would feel if Trump's SS military under the tutelage of Putin starts mowing them down. Perhaps ironically in the interest of protecting us from those unlawful protesters, Trump’s force would deem it necessary to remove all the  guns from civilians. Wouldn’t that be something that the pro-gun candidate, decided that that was one issue he was wrong about and he himself ends the Second Amendment.
Lastly as the names are being announced who Donald will be surrounding himself in his cabinet, each one seems to be scarier then the one before, including Steve Bannon of course. But today I had a great laugh, Ben Carson, this years chief clown in the race for the Republican nomination. Of course calling him a clown is sort of redundant when you discuss any of the menagerie of candidates that blessed us in the Republican party. But Ben Carson, announced today that he wouldn't be accepting a cabinet position in the Trump White House. Hysterically the man came out today and said that he didn't know enough about government to accept any offer. But, didn't he run for President? Maybe like Trump, the game for him was winning the prize, not actually doing the job.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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