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So the man saves 800 jobs in Indiana, and is going on a victory tour, but the reality is nothing like his pitch, and this time its the tax payers from Indiana who’re the ones who are paying for it… 

SEEMS THE WIZARD OF LIES, is pulling another con right in front of our faces and now he’s gonna throw a victory tour to promote what a great manipulator, deal maker and liar he really is. So I guess now we know how he plans to make good on everything. Seems this is gonna be his way, nothing is new when all you really have is a shell game as your way of doing business. Donald Trump has never been subtle, but how many times can he pull off this scam, before the population realizes that yes, he’s done it again? Possibly maybe never? But there's got to be a tipping point, right? I mean he’s pulled off the biggest score of his life, conning millions, so why should reality smack us in the face on one of his lesser cons. Maybe reality, is not part of the big picture here, or perhaps we the people will wake up to whats really happening when its too late, and all or most of Donald’s deals turn out to disasters. 

Just wondering what will be the scheme that the master of manipulator tries to pull off that breaks the camels back? What if anything will wake even his strongest supporters up to finally see the man for what he truly is, a fraud! So it turns out the great deal maker really isn't such a whiz after all. People were wondering why Mike Pence was still doing the job of Governor of Indiana, especially when Donald tapped him to run his transition team. One would have thought he might be a little busy in Washington, to spend his days in Indiana doing the minor a job of running a state. Normally I would applaud Mike Pence for wanting to finish out his term, I wish more politicians would do that, of course, that disregards all the time the Indiana Governor was away from his job while campaigning for Donald for his VP slot. So lets not throw the man a parade for doing his civic duty just yet. Seems Donald and Mike had a plan to make Trump seem like the savior he preached he was. During his campaign, he attacked Carrier and companies like it who were taking jobs out of America and promised to end it, or so whom disobeyed him would face his wraith. The man would just will the populous into following his lead and everything would be as he promised. Of course with a conman, when the dust settles, in Donnie's case, even before the deal has been officially announced, the truth that is uncovered, reveals the man to be even a better carnival barker then deal maker. Turns out the reason Mike Pence is still in Indiana doing his job, was to work out an incentive deal that he will be signing into law in the middle of December. In other words, this was a plot that Donnie or Mike concocted to make Trump appear to be the man he pitched himself to be. And by doing so, it turns out the man was revealed to be the fake that he really is.

As usual the only one who really benefits from his deals, is the man himself. As it now seems apparent, the genius at making a deal, had something up his sleeve. So the real reason Carrier agreed to his deal, was that our future President gave them an incentive to partially stay. That's right, the deal supposedly is, the state agrees to give them approximately $7 million as an incentive, which will be given to them using tax payers money. So whose paying for it, the citizens of Indiana! Talk about corporate welfare! For that pricey sum, instead of the entire factory staying in America as Donald had promised during his campaign speeches, approximately half of the workers will still have jobs for the time being and he's paying the company to do it. That said, Carrier is still relocating to Mexico and we are still losing at least half of the jobs that are currently in Indiana. Simply, the only reason any of the jobs are remaining, is because they're being paid off by tax payers money to continue operation for now. So I guess we should thank the man? I mean great, that's 800 jobs instead of the original 1400 that was slated to go to Mexico, so I should be like them shouting it from the rooftops. I guess I was wrong, the man is making America great again. Or is he? 

Of course there's one big problem, the $7 million that Mike Pence will be signing away, is gonna be taken out of the money needed to pay for the states expenses. In other words, something is gonna have to suffer because this deal was made. My question is what and who will pay the price for Trump's generosity. I mean where's the money coming from? Schools? Sanitation? Infrastructure? Road repairs? Social Security? Pensions? Where? Sadly this is what made places like Detroit go bankrupt! Seems, Donald Trump is playing games with our nations finances, and all I can see from this attempt to showcase his moxie are a lot of other companies doing exactly what Carrier just did. Blackmailing our nation to make better deals, and in the long run our nation will disintegrate into a retread of what we went through during George Walker Bush's tenure. Lets start a war and cut taxes at the same time, and try to stay above water till the bottom drops out.  Remember the 1970's in America, this was how cities and states survived, by taking money from one place to pay another, and then one day it caught up to them and our nation was seemingly dying on the vine. Remember that's how they screwed up Social Security in the first place, they 'borrowed' money from it to pay for other needs, and now the same people that took the money from there are arguing that the system is a failure and needs to be privatized. Bernie Sanders wrote a blistering editorial explaining what Donald is pulling in Indiana with Carrier, is a sham and why it could cause the floodgates to open wide, and this deal could be the beginning of many or is that the beginning of the end. Seems Donald Trump is threatening other companies who are planning to move away. Oh the questions boggle my mind? What if they can't make the deal that Carrier made, what will those companies do? Lets see, possibly fire employees. Perhaps eventually close down. Maybe on a good note, the CEO's will give up their multimillion dollar bonuses and stock options and use the money to save the company's and their employee's their jobs? Aren't they also as patriotic Americans as Trump wants us to believe he is? And if they aren't, what will Donald do, eventually arrest them and take the companies away like they do in Russia or China? Just throwing that out get into the conversation, heck somebody has to. Right? 

So when does it stop? Donald it appears is already acting like a dictator. Its his way or watch out! Seems the man who played every game in the book to make money, is now gonna be the one who wrangles in all that corporate greed, really? Or will they all pay him off, some way, kiss his ring, name their first borns after him? Me thinks, there's gonna be a lot of angry CEO's out there who have to answer to their stock holders, remember profits? Lets see how agreeable they are to Donald's whims, when they have their jobs on the line. 

Now lets go full circle on what today's victory tour by Herr Donald, I'm sorry, I should write, The Donald could really means. With the resurgence of antisemitism since Donald won the electoral college (which of course had begun as his candidacy continued), and the onslaught of swastikas, not to mention the alt-right and Stephen Bannon have brought to his candidacy, seems today's celebration is perhaps a little too close to something Adolf used to do. You see today's victory tour is reminiscent of the ones Hitler did in the 1930's, which were called The Nuremberg Rallies. I vaguely remember when I learned about this in school way back when, but watching the video which is showcased with the link below while researching on google about today's events (which I discovered at make me want to again worry for the future of our nation.

"That’s right, the last time a politician held victory celebrations in his own honor they were called the Nuremberg Rallies. They began after the Nazis’ rise to power in 1933 and became a yearly event emblematic of the power of the regime’s propaganda machine."    

Kind of gives you chills, huh? Of course with the Trump campaign the use of Nazism is nothing new. Sadly Donald's and his son's Nazi ways have been too abundant for months. But this development, this event, surely must make others unnerved by the similarities as it has upset me. To learn more, about Trump again following the playbook of Adolf Hitler, please check out this link  

So am I being paranoid today, or am I the only one who sees what's wrong with picture? We've got a presidential elect acting like a dictator without waiting to even be sworn in. We have his followers demanding we just fall in line, and we actually have comedians discussing what they can't or can say in their acts anymore. I guess we shall see if my Jewish heritage is simply playing a number on me or if that same history, has taught me that history has been know to repeat itself. Simply if it acts like a Nazi, quacks like a Nazi and reacts likes a Nazi, chances her he might actually be a Nazi. Just saying, I may not be the first person whose noticed, and I certainly won't be the last, I just hope that if we survive what ever Trump has in store, what I see coming isn't what actually occurs.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, December 1, 2016

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