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Otherwise perhaps it's time for another flood because, if thats not the case, then the Human race really sucks!

Seems I've come up with the real reason congress won't do anything to stop the spread of ZIKA -- we've been invaded by Aliens! Scoff if you will, but how else can you explain the lack of human compassion with the players in Washington who have done everything not to actually do anything to stop our latest health crisis. So now that the ZIKA virus has become a clear and present danger inside our borders why hasn't Congress reconvened and done something, before thousands of children are born deformed or worse? Don't your think it's time the do-nothing Congress actually did something? Maybe I shouldn't be bothered with people I will never meet or know, I mean if our elected officials don't care and they voted them in, why should I? But seriously, we are talking about politicians who for political reasons refuse to allow their citizens to acquire health insurance. Thats millions of people, I guess stopping an epidemic is just so trivial when you're trying to get re-elected. 

So why should I care if innocent Americans get infected with a virus that could potentially kill millions upon millions of people. Who knows, maybe this actually could be the beginning of the end of everything, because of our leaders playing political games with people's lives! Have you seen the children born infected or the bodies of the ones who died in the womb? Their heads misshapen as the brains inside their skulls developed incompletely. Astonishing instead of even discussing this most pressing of issues, all I keep hearing about is Hillary's God damn emails and The Clinton Foundation is completely crooked and needs to be shut down. Unbelievably instead of pushing for the funding for our latest probable end of the world scenario, recently Marco Rubio had the gall to actually attack abortion as a choice for the women who discover their unborn child were infected, saying that if it happened it was Gods will or something obnoxious like that. If it unfortunately happened, the parents would get to live with whatever God decided to grant these lucky newborn parents. 
Oh and the pitch that people would either abstain or use condoms all the time in the area's effected is a joke. What is this 1950, people don't follow the rules. What should we, punish the parents for doing the nasty and forgetting to use their umbrellas? I watched this idiot on television in Miami, on the beach, being interviewed, he was laying there, and proudly mentioned that he doesn't use any repellent. He's not worried. So if he gets bit, doesn't realize he got infected. He gets horny one night and decides, screw the condom. Knocks up his wife and she sadly gives birth to a deformed child. Will Marco's bullshit in any way help this situation? Any of it? The reality is, these ZIKA infected mosquito's are now here, and sadly some of the people that could be infected shortly, are seriously lacking in good judgment. The virus has reached our shores, people are gonna get bit, and pregnancies are gonna occur. Doesn't take a rocket science to realize that the sooner we can stop the spread the less lives are gonna be hurt. 
What gets me is, these people in power are always saying they want to help us. Do something for us. Help society, yet it seems when a situation warrants it, they do nothing but stonewall. And deflect using conspiracies and utter lies. The fact that this isn't the first thing in people's agenda now is a travesty. I understand that we have a situation in Louisiana, I get that that's big, but, this is something that all it takes is a vote. This shouldn't be difficult. It's almost as if this is one of those scary movies, the pod people have arrived, and phase two is mutating our species. I'm sorry, maybe I'm a bit paranoid but the ZIKA story is beginning to seem a little too similar in plot to the CBS television series, Brain Dead. They say, truth is stranger then fiction, honestly has the last few years seem normal, seemed real. No its seems like something out of a nightmare scripted by a bad script writer. Perhaps the Tea Party's beginnings could be the beginnings of their invasion. 
Look back at how the insanity started slowly, then began to spread to both sides of the aisle. Look at the rise of Fox Faux News and it's kind. For God sake look at Sean Hannity, or Michele Bachmann, or even Rudy Giuliani, and how about former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, how else can you explain their behavior? I mean look at Donald J. Trumps surrogates, it's funny I actually believe he isn't a pod, this is him, I just believe he's surrounded by 'people' who are well not people. Just sit back for a few minutes and watch them spin their answers. It actually feels like scenes from that great flick, Strange Invaders. The only thing missing is that fantastic creepy musical score and the odd camera angles. But the players I'm sorry, they ain't Human. I know I've been watching way too much of what is laughingly called the news on television lately, and I've been on Facebook so much that I'm gonna start to be considered a stalker, but maybe that gives me the right to say something is not right. I've been a witness to way too much of the insanity, I haven't just watched the clips or the edited footage, I've suffered though hours upon hours of live events, and then watched as the talking heads on all sides talk over each other, pretty much insulting the intelligence of everyone evolved, especially the viewers.  
We have a candidate that is literary lying non-stop and throws our conspiracies as facts, saying the other candidate has caused all the ills of this Earth. We have another candidate that is only asked one question, why does everybody hate you and mistrust you? We have a Congress thats refusing to do anything but hurt whatever our President tries to accomplish and we have judges that side with homophobes and racists. And lets not forget that we have have a country that has suddenly come out of the closet, no not as gay or lesbian or transgendered or bi or all of the other variables, but as proud racists, homophobes and anti-immigrants! They scream it out loud proudly and somehow this has become a good thing. So why should I be surprised that when an actual medical emergency occurs inside our shore lines, that the people in charge are doing everything in their power, not to do anything! 
I wish I was just being sarcastic, but how else can you explain this lack of action? These monsters from another planet who have taken over our world makes more sense to me then to actually believe that these people in power would just be that heartless. That they are only in for the power or the money, or the eventual anchor job on Fox Faux News. It can't just be to be able to get a high paying job on cable news. I mean can they be that inhuman? I'd prefer the reality to be we are living in a real Alien invasion and finally the truth is coming out. 
Maybe in a horrible ironic way, the infestation of ZIKA will be how our society is even saved. In a sick twisted plot twist, perhaps as the truth become clear and the invasion revealed one of the babies born infected will bring us the cure for the disease itself, or maybe our first real super baby. Possibly our first real X-Men. Or most likely, we are simply filled with a nation of hateful, despicable people who should all rot in Hell. We have a Governor in Florida who is playing politics to score political points at the expense of people's lives! So by trying to come up with a storyline for a bad B-budget movie, I'm basically saying to myself that reality sucks. That our only saving grace is to simply make things up, try to create fantastic scenarios. Because otherwise some of us would kill ourselves when we realized how much people simply suck
Perhaps if there is a God, it's time for another flood, I'm serious. If people could be so heartless they they actually allow something like this to occur when they have the power to do something about it, maybe it's time to start over. 
What gets me is every time one of these pods attack Hillary Clinton or President Obama about everything they demand complete transparency, all paper work, all records. But Trump doesn't have to release anything. Always excuses. Taxes, health records, his wife's immigration papers. But our President has to release his birth certificates, his college transcripts. What is he hiding? Trump releases a ridiculous letter showcasing if he's elected he would be the healthiest person ever to be President? Really healthier then JFK was, healthier then Obama is? 
And without so much as a bit of proof, Trump is demanding The Clinton Foundation be shut down because there has to be something wrong there. It's like Planned Parenthood, they decided to go after them, shut them down because they wanted to, not because anything was actually wrong. Brain dead indeed! Maybe these end of the world believers have got it right. Maybe the nut-jobs that we laugh at are gonna have the last laugh. Cause watching as the world of Donald J. Trump has seemed to takeover our media, the only explanation I can find reasonable is that we should kiss our friends and loved ones good bye because the next time you see them, they won't be who they were, and soon neither will we.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, August 22, 2016

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