Saturday, August 13, 2016

Why does the media, pretty much disregard her positives while only ever talking about his negatives, I mean she is winning the election right?
As someone who is practically praying for a Hillary Clinton landslide victory in November, it really chaps my butt that Donald J. Trump is doing his best to tank this election. Not that I'm complaining, but why isn't the discussion on how her poll numbers are rising? Why is it always about what he's doing wrong? Believe me I'm happy about his ineptitude but when will she get any credit for her winning campaign proposals or at least for her lead? Please Donald do your best to reveal your insanity, but the woman got more votes then anyone in the Primaries, but it was Bernie who lost it, not Hillary who won it. She's leading in most polls but its Donald's doing thats causing it. In fact I keep reading everywhere suggestions that Hillary should just sit back and let Donald do his worst, let him lose it.
And of course it seems she's getting practically no air time or press, while he's on the tube 24/7. I'm just pissed that Hillary won't be given any of the credit she deserves if, or shall I write when she wins the election and becomes the first woman President. I'm seriously afraid her accomplishment will be forever discussed as a Trump implosion, as opposed to a Hillary Clinton historic victory.  
It's always about Donald, but come on, Hillary does deserve some credit for her lead in the polls doesn't she? I understand that lately it seems Donald is doing his best suicide spiral, especially since the RNC, but can we not give her some credit for her now double digit lead in many of the polls? Have we already forgotten the brilliant Democratic National Convention already? How in one week the DNC, totally sucker-punched the Republicans by showcasing that at least one political party is living in reality, and the other sees our world as some sort of dystopian horror show.
Trying to taint this year's vote as a rigged system if he loses, as he's 'joked' in the past, Donald J. Trump doesn't care if it's rigged as long as he's the winner! Of course as with everything he says, what he seems to mean is the opposite, because in reality the only way he could win is if the election was rigged in his favor and not the other way around. Hysterically he appears on Fox Faux News his personal publicity network and their talking heads continuously claim that the rest of the media is slanted for Hillary, but never admit that they are slanted for Trump. Their fair and imbalanced so-called reporting is seriously so impartial that I keep waiting for them to say the Donald is the Second Coming of the big guy himself!
The real disappointment for me in all this is, nobody seems to want to discuss her proposals, what she actually accomplished over the years and the reasons why she should be our next President. That seems to be forgotten in the talk. All they want to discuss is the hacks on the DNC and her emails, and of course Donald's screw ups. They almost never want to discuss his plans or lack there of, or compare his to hers, but they have no qualms to go on and on about one of his asinine tweets.
The only thing the talking heads want is to discuss is how he's self destructing, but never how she's running a pretty perfect campaign. I guess old fashioned campaigning is well so old school and why would that be interesting to people today. Well I guess I shouldn't complain, what could have been a real election campaign between two candidates, which could have been a nail biter, has become a campaign between one candidate and one clown going off the rails. In the long run, if Hillary gets in because people were voting against him as opposed to for her does it matter? I just hope that when all is said and done, that Hillary's achievement will be remembered as historically big as President Obama's was and is.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, August 13, 2016

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