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If he is such a genius in business, where are his endorsers? For a man who claims he's a winner, why is it the only people who talk about him are his detractors?

The only people who say anything positive about him seem to be either his hired surrogates, his family or those who will gain financially or politically from his campaign, I mean if he's so great, where are his business associates who can showcase his mastery in business. Come out come out where ever you are! Anyone? I mean there has got to be one investor or business associate that has made money working with Donald J. Trump, right? Each day we've gotten a new report where we discover he scammed somebody or another business of his has gone bankrupt because of dealings with him. We keep discovering how many business deals he either refused to pay his bills on, or forced his business associates to accept pennies on the dollar, if any, in the first place. Remember he claims to know how to make deals? He keeps saying he's gonna just rip up all trade deals! What do you think the countries in these trade deals, he pulls this bull with will do, simply accept it? Lets stir up a little war between nations, to make America's bottom line better or most likely his own. I mean that is if anything he now says he will do, he would actually do once he's in office. Usually these tales of woe aren't happening right now, but of deals he made a while back or seemingly every deal he's made in his list of accomplishments. We discover from the political ads broadcast on our televisions, and promoted online, or interviews with one business leader after the other who showcase how they were screwed over by Donald. 
But now, we are discovering his scams are happening even as we watch them live. A few months back, instead of appearing at a Republican debate, Trump threw a fundraiser for Veterans. He did this with great fanfare, it helped him gain a lot of fans. But later it was revealed that the money's raised  at the fundraiser had never been given to the supposed charity's. Where was the money Donald? Eventually he gave the money's owed, sadly actually less then the amount he had promised, but it only happened because the press discovered what he was pulling and shamed him into it. 
Well yesterday, a new even bigger scam has arrived at our doorsteps to make even his worse scams before, seem like jaywalking. It turns out Donald, who is now fundraising, because his meager supposed billions weren't enough to self fund his now Presidential campaign. I'm confused I was under the impression it would cost approximately a billion to run for President. So if the man is worth 5 or 6 times more then that as he claims, why couldn't he just write a check? Well it turns out he needs little help from his followers, maybe he isn't as cash rich as he professes to be. So now he is fundraising, begging for money, I guess he can be bought, like all the candidates out there that he's insulted and lied about being bought and paid for by their donors. Seems the thing that made him different from everyone else was just temporary, or was it just another lie? So perhaps his self-funding was basically bull, as is everything else he's throwing out. 
Well, shockingly the arguments against him being a con artist, a crook, or worse, might be happening as I write this. Now that he's accepting donations, his followers could be being bilked for millions upon millions of dollars without them even knowing it, until its too late. And theres no way of stopping it. You see, if you wish to donate to his campaign, when you go to the Trump Pence website, when you donate, on the form online there is a 'recurring' donation button. 

Turns out, that people keep getting the 'recurring' charges removed from their bank accounts. Not sure if, these victims, even hit the 'recurring' button, that hasn't been mentioned in the articles I've read. But in any case either they are or they are not, but turns out the people who have discovered their money disappearing have no way of contacting anyone on the website  to either cancel the recurring fee or even complain about it. I've heard of scams but this is ridiculous. Having a recurring donation tab on his options, but no way of opting out, and no way of contacting anyone to stop it. There has to be something wrong with this, don't you think?   
You may ask why is this important? Well the other day Trump trumpeted that he had raised $80 million mostly in small contributions. So my question is, how much of that was gotten by unknowing donors who had either hit the button accidentally or on purpose, or maybe not at all without realizing what they had actually signed up for. Without any way of contacting them to fix the problem and to return the money they hadn't wished to contribute. How is this not a bigger story then it is? So far I've seen two entire articles about this online. Luckily I'm not a Trump supporter, so no I didn't contribute to his campaign. And no, I am not one of his victims. But I can relate, as it seems most people have been suckered by one scam or the other on-line. 
Last year I signed up for a free month on a digital 'content' site, the site has music, video and other visual elements for film makers. How cool, I thought. Well, I was under the impression, that I could use the site and download for free for up to a month, if didn't re-up I was free and clear. So before the month was over, I stopped going to the site, I thought I had said good bye and had discovered a windfall of free digital content. Well, nope turns out that wasn't the case. Seems, if you had signed up for the free month, you had to opt out before the end of that month. Meaning you had to go back to the site, and cancel your account and if you didn't cancel, you get to pay a fee of $89.00 for that month. Plus a recurring fee of $89.00 per month until you cancel. Unfortunately I didn't realize this for 3 months, which is when I discovered the withdrawal from my checking account. Honestly I freaked when I noticed somebody had taken money from my checking account, a PayPal withdrawal no less. But when I realized who was doing it, I contacted them. I immediately backtracked to discover this had happened the two previous months. So I was out approximately $265.00. Believe me I was not a happy camper. But at least on their site, they list a phone number to contact someone and at least vent about it. Luckily, I was able get some of my money back, but only because the last payment had happened less then 3 days earlier! So I lost approximately $160. I was angry as hell and have never gone back to the site. I learned a big lesson. But in the case of Trump's donors, without trying to insult them, perhaps they didn't know what the term 'recurring' actually means. I'm serious, according to all the polls, his voters, are 'not' the most highly educated of souls. In fact Donald once shouted proudly at an event "I love the poorly educated! Remember? Perhaps we now know why! 
Am I going crazy, but is the man the biggest con artist in history? What these accusations are suggesting is that Donald J. Trump could be stealing millions upon millions of dollars from thousands if not millions of people. Should I repeat that! All the money he supposedly used from his own bank account, remember he had put in over $50 million of his own money, to finance his Primary campaign. Personally I think we will discover one of these days, that someone else was actually 'investing' their funds instead of Donald, but thats just the perception I get. But if this accusation is true, all of the funds 'he' invested into his campaign could already have been returned with interest, by his followers. Again, he trumpeted his campaign took in $80 million, how much of that is stolen if this is true? Its possible that right in front of our eyes, Donald J. Trump is performing the biggest con game in history? Think about it. No seriously, think about it. How far fetched does this sound.
And if he wins, from what all the experts (who are living in reality) say, is that his tax breaks will basically earn him and his family millions more, then if Hillary gets in. So his whole campaign is really a way to make more money, and this time he can write the rules if he gets in. Perhaps President Obama was right when he labeled Trump a "demagogue" the description seems suitable. 
Basically the poor are not only falling for his lies, but they are also being duped out their money as well. An image of Robin Hood just struck me, and if Trump wins, we will all be living in 12th century England and would all be slaves of the kingdom. I mean the man wants to build a wall, maybe phase two is the mote? Just saying, this almost sounds like the people who invested in his 'university' or any of his other business deals. Again is it me? Or when will the phantom's mask be ripped off and the duped wake up from his hypnotism?
I researched the Internet, once my discussion with the digital web site was over and I had gotten some of my money back, and discovered these hidden fees, and recurring charges are  a huge problem on the web, and no I wasn't the only sucker born, there are millions of us, its a billion dollar business. Hm, wait a minute, that sounds exactly like Donald J. Trump a self professed, business genius, who claims to be worth billions, but of course, we can only take his word for it. He refuses to showcase his tax returns and lies about any and all of his business dealings. Show your birth certificate Barack, but me I don't have to reveal anything. Hysterically, his wife's immigration status is now up in the air, but he refuses too discuss that too, his campaign, simply doing their chief political game, deflect and lie.
Supposedly tomorrow Donald's gonna reveal his plans for the economy, I wouldn't be surprised if this 'recurring' fee is not mentioned. I can only hope that the talking heads begin to bring this up. I wanna hear the excuses, but mostly I wanna see the money returned. Donald called Hillary Clinton crooked, well at least from all thats been revealed so far, the man certainly knows what the word means. I have to use the word again, hysterically Trump's latest campaign stomp speeches are going after her, because she used the term "short-circuited" to explain her not using the exact words that were said that day at the FBI hearing. Not that she lied, which of course is the talking points of everyone, but that she tried to simplify his answers, she 'edited' them down which of course means she's lying. So now, he comes out and uses that and adds all the attacks on him that he's gotten, and lobs them back at her. Hysterically looking even more like he's lost it. It will be interesting to see if this becomes a political issue. If I wagered, I would bet the house on Hillary destroying Donald at the debates on this issue of theft! Just to witness Trump's head explode in front of us, would seriously be worth all the nonsense that he's given us over the last year and a half. And maybe save our Democracy from the worst mistake in America's history.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, August 7, 2016

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