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Why is that whenever people in Trumps camp throw out accusations we simply believe them without so much as a spec of proof? 

One of these days he's gonna say the world is flat, just to see how many of his followers believe it. And then knowing the media they would have scientists and people on their shows arguing with 'inbreds' that the science haven't been proven yet. I'm sure globes would now be considered a liberal plot. As usual, I mean, it is a day in a week right? More accusations are being tossed out against Hillary Clinton, but this time the attacks are not against her, but at The Clinton Foundation. Trying to destroy it, to destroy her. No matter how outlandish, no matter what they themselves have done in the past, all of that is disregarded as long as they can attack Hillary, and deflect the questions from what is really crooked in this race, the Republican candidate. 
For the last few days, Trump has tried to tell the African-Americans they should honor him with their votes. My question is why? I mean, what happened? I'd like to know when he had this epiphany about helping African-Americans and now Hispanics? Because his history tells us that unless lightening struck, he's simply lying through his teeth. But the other thing he's doing is trying his best to hurt millions of people around the world in his zeal to become our next commander-in-chief. He's like a mafia boss, who kills people indiscriminately seemingly for the fun of it, just to get what he wants. And he wants power… it seems he's already corrupted, could you imagine Trump with real power?
As always with any of these attacks, the accusations are so overblown that if the charges were true the woman would be burned at the stake. There is never a speeding ticket with these people, its Clinton helped found ISIS! Fine accuse away, I would think most sane people would disregard yet another round of garbage, but what gets me is the people who are throwing the bull are the same people who lie about everything else. So why should anyone believe them about this or anything, I'm serious? Its almost like they just can't believe Hillary can win, and they're are trying their best to hurt her by not doing their jobs. Which is reporting real news. Especially the so-called liberal biased media who are trying their best to prove they aren't siding with her. Sadly it seems, these bold faced liars who never answer a question and who always deflect to another attack seem to be able to control the talking points. Even when the media calls them liars to their faces, instead of going onto a real news story, like Donald's foreign debts, they discuss the latest accusations non-stop! 
My question is, why is this crap allowed to continue and to even be believed by anyone? Why is it that these sacks of shit, these obviously hateful characters that could have been taken from the pages of a Dickens novel, are given free range to spew lies? Why the media doesn't give these liars, lie detectors is a puzzlement to me. You want to spew lies, lets see if you are actually not lying for once. Seems in their world, your guilty until proven innocent, accept of course if your name is Donald J. Trump or if you're Republican.
Somehow instead of just laughing to their faces, or giving them the hook or pulling their microphones, they're allowed to spread lies and to simply make shit up. Its called facts, but none of these Trumpeters seems to think that facts are important or real. To them all facts are simply google searched, right Mayor Giuliani?
Which brings me to Hillary's health, really? According to them she's at deaths door. Somehow all their surrogates have gotten medial degrees and can tell her entire health by simply examining Google searched videos. Junior came out and argued that people shouldn't be allowed to see Trumps taxes because laypeople would make up things about it because they aren't accountants. Really, but your hired help can come out and accuse our former First lady of having every health issue known to man because anyone with two eyes could see something is wrong with her! Has Donald looked in the mirror? I would think he might be little worried he could be the one whose last days are sooner then we think. I mean if the man who supposedly is his doctor thinks, this man if elected would be the healthiest person ever to be President, perhaps he really needs another doctor. Or better yet, perhaps they should stop trying to Swift Boat her in regards to her health.
Sadly it seems AP, put out a hatchet job on their Foundation, obviously playing with the numbers and the facts to fit their editorial and frankly they should be ashamed of themselves. The worse part of their journalistic crime is that Trump and his buddies have jumped on it as fact that Hillary is a crook. That everything she says again is a lie! Of course in reality, and by all accounts The Clinton Foundation is one of best charities on the face of the Earth, it actually does help millions of people on Earth and is the poster child on how to run a Charitable organization. But of course, screw all that, if a hit piece meets their needs lets hurt as many people as possible. So before any allegation is proven, we should just shut it down. Unbelievable! Sure, screw all the good it does, lets shut it down because a bunch of lying sack of turds demand it.
YES! #ShutTheBullshitDown Bravo #BrianFallon If you judge a candidate by the people he has out there… Me thinks Hillary aced it again. At least there is one, 'real' surrogate out there that actually knows his stuff… and unlike some of the so-called 'surrogates' that the Democrats have the man wont let BS get past him. That said, at least the Democrats don't appear to be robots… has anyone else noticed their eyes. When they have his Trumpeters on, they all look a little 'too wide eyed' and they all say the exact same words… have you noticed once they join his team, they opinions magically change to the same lies the others are already sprouting… #BrainDead people… the pod people have taken over...
That was my commentary on Facebook, typo's and all, that I wrote after listening to The Clinton Campaign's Brian Fallon who practically smacked Andrea Mitchell in her face as she again showcased why a once great journalist has turned into a hack. This BS, is just like the Planned Parenthood witch hunt, no evidance or actually with "rigged" evidance, yes thats better… lets hurt millions of people because we need to stop Abortions. Christian values, my ass! What gets me is, doesn't her charity employ people? Shouldn't we wait 'at least' to see if the allegations are creditable or factual before we destroy all of their lives? Before haters start to attack the Foundation like they've attacked Clinics?
Every time they shut down an abortion clinic for concocted reasons, they hurt people. They make up voter fraud arguments and steal the constitutional rights of millions. They believe the word of a debunked doctor and thousands of babies are hurt or die because Anti-Vaxxers would rather believe fairytales then to take the word of the professionals, their doctors. And of course, they refuse to simply sign a bill to fund research for Zika, for purely political reasons, and these are the people telling us we should vote for him. Really? What the Hell do you have to lose? Really? I would say a lot!  
Talk about a rush to judgment. What happens if Donald J. Trump actually gets absolute power, what happens then? We are discussing a person who claimed our President is not American, who conveniently doesn't want to talk about it now that he's actually the Republican nominee. What if he gets in and decides to drag the former President through the streets of Washington DC as an invader? I'm sure his followers will cheer him on, right now I think its a fair question to ask if he was planning that? Remember when he came out and announced he was paying for detectives to investigate Barack Obama's birth place, and prove he was right. Aren't we still awaiting for their report? 
Now his wife is threatening to sue if the gossip about her past isn't removed. Funny, seems we could easily solve that problem, simply release her immigration papers. Didn't Donald announce that she would? It seems nobody has seen her since the Convention, have you? Everyday he demands something, accuses everyone of some God awful crime. Never do we get proof from him on anything, just more accusations. Followed by his surrogates like a Greek Chorus, who come out and spew garbage about whatever the latest attack is and everyone seems to just fall in line.
The fact that Donald complains about Hillary's voice on the stomp is really insane, has he listened to himself? He's whined and made fun of others, who use the TelePrompTer reading other people's words, and that's exactly what he's doing and doing badly. Every time he attacks someone it seems to be something that he actually does or is being accused of. Like calling Hillary racist. Does anyone actually believe Hillary Clinton is a bigot? And when he and his surrogates argue that she's got no plans or policies should we just forget everything she's proposed because they said so? They complain the media is being unfair to him, the biased liberal media that is always lying about him. Really? For a man who actually has an entire news network devoted to him, an actual cable television host, Sean Hannity, who has practically anointed him as our next Jesus, that part of the biased media never, ever gets brought up or discussed as biased. Nope they are just telling us their version of reality. I guess maybe, they aren't actually considered a news outlet, Sean recently admitted he wasn't really a journalist, so I guess it doesn't count. And I'm sorry, if the media was in bed with her, do you think we'd be still discussing the emails or Benghazi or Monica?
Yesterday Rachel Maddow had this piece that showcased that the new man in charge of Donald's campaign, Steve Bannon, who is also executive chairman of Breitbart News,  well It now turns out that the man whose money is behind Breitbart News is actually a major donor to the Trump campaign, and we're talking millions. So one man is in control of all three sides. The campaign, the media, and the money for the campaign. If something isn't illegal about that, I don't know what that is? Now wouldn't that be the story that one would think is news? Just hope this bit of news will actually get some traction or will the next news cycle be only about whatever else the Trump Campaign can throw out there.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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