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As Donald tries to pivot reality seems to smacking him the face as his rhetoric doesn't match his campaign and his past seems to be coming back to showcase what a fraud he really is

Donald J. Trump has spent the better part of a week pitching himself as the savior of African-Americans, at the same time, according to reports by the New York Times, his supposed wealth may actually be really a portfolio's worth of debt! The man may be rich, but it seems he owes a lot and is probably worth a lot less then anyone could imagine. 
Trump who has claimed to be worth "greater" than $10 billion, has an estimated worth by Forbes and Bloomberg at approximately $5 billion. Of course to put a ratchet in his Presidential game, Mr. Trump instead of writing down $10 billion or $5 billion he has claimed to be worth, he instead wrote at least $1.5 billion when he filled out his financial disclosure form which is legally a must, when you run for the President. That is seriously a big difference, and for some reason no one is discussing. So your guess is as good as mine as to what he supposedly is worse. Of course what they discovered is not the actual amount, seems until Donald J. Trump actually releases his Tax forms we won't know the truth. Of course his surrogates are coming out now, in droves, saying that the American people don't really care about Donald's taxes, they only care about their own, seriously trying to change the subject!  Luckily for all of us who do care about the subject, the law and our country's future, the New York Times investigated and did the math on his known properties and business and have come up with an estimate of what the man is really worth. And funny thing, turns out the man appears to be in debt up to his nose. 
But an investigation by The New York Times into the financial maze of Mr. Trump’s real estate holdings in the United States reveals that companies he owns have at least $650 million in debt — twice the amount than can be gleaned from public filings he has made as part of his bid for the White House.Beyond finding that companies owned by Mr. Trump had debts of at least $650 million, The Times discovered that a substantial portion of his wealth is tied up in three passive partnerships that owe an additional $2 billion to a string of lenders. NY TIMES
So what is the man really worth? Its possible in reality nothing! It possible it turns out that  in reality his wealth is really all on paper, and he's in debt for millions and millions of dollars. The man makes deals, acquires debt and as we're been learning he surely knows how to get out of paying his bills. He's repeatedly filed bankruptcies, has been sued thousands of times, and as opposed to what he admits to, which is none, Trump has settled on a number of occasions.
It seems Donald didn't realize once he enters the big ring of Presidential politics, anything and everything in his past and present would come out. His reasons for not joining the military, why he wasn't accepted into Harvard, his wives past, be she a model here illegally or one using the wrong visa. Yesterday I read a disgusting little article online that claims she used to be an escort! The article didn't say if sex was involved or if she was just paid to 'date' the men, wouldn't it be something if this is actually how they met. Wouldn't that be a story? You want to run for President, you want to destroy people's lives, maybe just maybe you deserve stories like this to come out. Sadly, what we've come to learn about the man, nothing reported, even as low as that possibility is shall we say that unbelievable. You rap what you sow.
Of course we already had heard about at least two cases that sound like the man paid off political leaders to end inquiries into his now infamous Trump Universities. s reported by Harper Neidig, for Seems the man's possibly been doing illegal acts for years now
Trump donated $35,000 to the successful gubernatorial campaign of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott three years after a probe into the university’s "possibly deceptive trade practices" was dropped by his office when the university agreed to cease its Texas operations. And a political fundraising committee supporting Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi received a $25,000 donation from the Donald J. Trump Foundation just days after her office had announced it was looking into joining a multi-state lawsuit against Trump University. Her office later dropped the inquiry, citing a lack of evidence.
And now with his attempt to get at least some of the African-Americans in our country to vote for him, it seems his workers behind the scenes haven't been listening to what he's been preaching. Turns out, the people running security at his events have been busy making sure that only white people are allowed into his events! The latest reports paint a very ugly picture of racism and anti-immigration. Here are the latest. First they removed a half Indian man, Jake Anantha, an 18-year-old from Charlotte, who was approached by a member of Trump's security team and then ushered out by police. He was told that he resembled another man who had previously disrupted Trump rallies. Jake who is a republican was stunned and upset, because he was actually a fan and was wearing a pro-Trump shirt with another pro-Trump shirt underneath.
"I do think it's because I'm brown," Anantha said, explaining why he believes he was kicked out. He added that he was "totally shocked." "I couldn't believe what was going on," he said of the incident. "Obviously now I'm very angry. I've wasted a bunch of time coming here. I may have wasted six months of my life supporting Donald Trump, who doesn't even let me come to his rallies."
And shockingly a few days ago Sean P. Jackson, the head of the Black Republican Caucus of Florida, an African-American male, wasn't believed that he actually worked for the Trump organization. He was escorted from back stage by the secret service, when nobody there recognized him. I guess they never got the message, that one of them is black! I mean, come on, you got one black person working for you, and nobody knows what he looks like? Give me a freaking break.
Amazingly just as he is attempting to gain the African-American support, he does something that should actually lose him even more, which seems impossible, how can you lose people when you basically don't have any? At his latest teleprompter speech, in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Trump's speech writers added a new wrinkle that surely will make Republicans happy and Democrats screaming mad. After starting off a section of his speech with:
"The GOP is the party of Abraham Lincoln, I want our party to be the home of the African-American voter once more.  I've asked the African-American community to honor me with their vote." Adding he "fully recognizes the outreach to theAfrican-American community is an area where the Republican party must do better."
Isn't it nice when he acknowledges it, its always 'nice' when they at least acknowledge it. Sadly it usually means nothing or it actually makes it worse. Of course knowing him, I was expecting the other shoe to drop and of course it did before the speech wasn't even over. Adding to his "rigged' theme that he keeps harping on. I mean, if you look at the campaign, I can't for the life of me understand why Donald isn't winning by 30% I mean the man is running the greatest Presidential campaign in history… not! Seriously the man is running probably the worst campaign in modern political politics, possibly ever. I'm, sorry Donald, you should own your terrible campaign, using the "rigged' theme as a excuse for why you're doing so bad, is really an insult to your historically inept campaign. I mean, he should really enjoy the applause for how horrible it's been. Well yesterday, double-downing, he went after Terry McAuliffe, the Governor of Virginia who is a long time Hillary Clinton supporter, for his decision by executive order to restore the voting rights to thousands of convicted felons, who have competed their sentences. In April, after McAuliffe issued his executive order, Trump called it "crooked politics", seems the Republicans hate the fact that former felons should ever be allowed to vote, even after they settle their debts. Well during his latest big read, the writers came up with this little a republican staple of racist thinking. 
"Hillary Clinton is banking on her friend Terry McAuliffe on getting thousands of violent felons to the voting booths in effort to cancel out the votes of both law enforcement and crime victims," adding "They are letting people vote in your Virginia election that should not be allowed to vote. Sad. So Sad."
Seems he or at least the writers of his latest speech think  that all felons would vote Democratic. And of course all "law enforcement and crime victims" all only vote Republican. What gets me is the man wants us to believe he wants to help all Americans, but people who've paid their debts, should be shown out and aren't worthy of their rights to vote which is written in The Constitution. So if that's true, isn't it ironic that a man, who seems to never pay his debts or bills, refuses others their constitutional votes? Why I find it ironic and pretty much anti-American.
Perhaps when all is said and done, the biggest mistake Donald J. Trump has ever down was run for President. Lets just hope enough discoveries are uncovered before election day that any possibly that the man could win is well over.

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