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Hysterically trying to beat her to the stomp Trump so over does his pitch, it proves her point and again reveals why he isn't up to the job and never will be 

WHAT TOOK HER SO LONG? Finally! Yes! For years they've been "smearing" the Clintons for every crime imaginable. For most of President Obama's tenure Donald J. Trump attacked our President as unAmerican, and lets not forget he got lots of help from most Republicans. For over a year now he's been "smearing" Hillary for everything under the Sun, and his latest attacks "smearing" her and the entire Democratic Party as "bigots" possibly could be his most outlandish. That is, until we start discussing his attacks on The Clinton Foundation and then we enter an entirely different sphere of "smearing". This "smear" is dangerous, because 'real' people are gonna get hurt when bad people do bad things, especially for political reasons. 

So, Hillary Clinton's campaign comes out with a web ad., showcasing the truth about Trump's history, who he's listening to and whose now running his campaign. And of course you guessed it, she's the one whose gone too far! How dare 'she' accuse him of the truth by throwing reality in our faces. Uncovering some of the real ugliness behind Trumps campaign. Seems he's in cahoots with White nationalists, but Hillary shouldn't bring it up. I guess it's not lady like? 
Trying to deflect her upcoming speech, knowing this one might actually put a major dent into his plans, a few hours before Hillary came out, Donald J. Trump tried to beat her to the punch by instead of revealing his latest Immigration plans, as he had announced he would, he was instead gonna try again to destroy her wonderful charity. I must mention that during the speech he mentioned how large the crowd was and on such short notice. Disregarding that the event had been planned in advance, so technically he was lying again about something. The only thing that was new today, was the speech he read, not the renting of the venue or getting the word out that Trump was speaking. What a bullshit artist.
Spending the better part of his latest tirade trying a two-pronged approach, accusing Hillary Rodham Clinton as again the biggest crook in history with The Clinton Foundation. Throwing out total made up mush that has seemingly no basis in reality, doing his best, or worst, by trying to make the words "Pay-to-Play" another "Lock her up!" chant. So unbelievably obnoxious. I'm sorry, why is it that every possible scandal concocted by the Republicans and thrown out at the Democrats, is the next Watergate? Don't they realize American's remember that Watergate was Nixon's scandal? And yes, he played the Watergate card.…
The section of the speech that got me to sit up, was when he tried to do an interesting thing. Attempting to put the onus on the problems with minorities on the backs of the Democrats. Using the oldest playbook in the Trump playbook, calling out others for doing exactly what he's done.    
“It’s the oldest play in the Democratic playbook. When Democratic policies fail, they are left with only this one tired argument,” Trump said at a campaign rally in New Hampshire. “You’re racist, you’re racist, you’re racist. It’s a tired, disgusting argument. And it’s so totally predictable.”
Sadly, he's right, "it is so totally predictable." Because Donald J. Trump, you are the one always doing it! But then the bomb dropped for me.
She lies, and she smears, she paints decent Americans — you— as racists,” he added, a day after he himself called Clinton a "bigot" who “sees people of color only as votes not as human beings worthy of a better future.”
"She lies, and she smears"!?! She lies? And she smears? She? Have we just gone to Bizarro-land? Am I the only one who has witnessed his non-stop onslaught? His lie-fests? But "she paints Americans — you — as racists" WTF, wait, what did he just say? She paints Americans — you — as racists?!?! Thats when I wanted to scream, cause I instantly knew what he was trying to do. Making it seem Hillary was attacking them, not him but his followers. See, look I'm with you, she's only in it for herself. I'm actually stunned what a brilliant move he was attempting. I'm serious, especially when his campaign doesn't have a leg to stand on. And of course what made the moment hysterical, was when he tried to scold her and the Democrats for 'their' lies about his followers.
“To Hillary Clinton, and to her donors and advisors,” Trump said, “pushing her to spread her smears and her lies about decent people, I have three words: Shame On You.”
No sir, shame on you! 

'Donald Eat Sh*t, release your taxes or go F yourself. Maybe if you weren't such a PoS Hillary wouldn't have to have done this. But you were, and she did.' 
That was my comment online, while waiting for Hillary to come out and again make me ask, why do we even need to vote this year? Does anyone still think she's not winning, give her the Presidency already. Well, approximately a few hours later, Hillary Clinton came out and showcased a performance for the ages. Instead of going off script and responding to Trump's latest attack, she just went for the kill and it was glorious. Instead of the attack as described by Trump, we got a tearing apart of Donald's history with minorities. She laid out the case of who really is the racist in the crowd, and here's a hint, it's Donald. She did a beautiful job of tying him up with the White nationalists, and showcased how that section of society, now called 'Alt-right' is a major part of his campaign and America's problems.

From the start, Donald Trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. He’s taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over one of America’s two major political parties. His disregard for the values that make our country great is profoundly dangerous. In just the past week, under the guise of “outreach” to African Americans, Trump has stood up in front of largely white audiences and described black communities in insulting and ignorant terms:  “Poverty. Rejection. Horrible education. No housing. No homes. No ownership.   Those are his words. Donald Trump misses so much. It takes a lot of nerve to ask people he’s ignored and mistreated for decades, “What do you have to lose?” The answer is everything! A man with a long history of racial discrimination, who traffics in dark conspiracy theories drawn from the pages of supermarket tabloids and the far reaches of the internet, should never run our government or command our military. And let’s not forget Trump first gained political prominence leading the charge for the so-called “Birthers.” He promoted the racist lie that President Obama isn’t really an American citizen – part of a sustained effort to delegitimize America’s first black President.
She didn't go to the sewers like him either, she just debunked the arguments about her speaking fees. Honestly, she's worth every penny, her fees they're probably too low. I have to write this, I am really sick of the media when ever Hillary Clinton comes out and actually gives it to Trump. Gives him a good shellacking with facts, they always go into 'its such a dirty campaign, but why does she have to go there?" Really, she comes out once, and she the one going too far. He goes too far on an hourly basis and they joke about it, but Hillary comes out and give a substantive speech and she went too far! Simply put, she came out and told us his real history with bigotry and his history of ripping off his new pals, the "African-Americans" and why this person he's trying to pitch to us he is, ain't the person who he really is. 
What gets me is about the Trump campaign since day one they've amazingly used the attacks against him, every negative and tried their damnedest to spin it to their advantage, sadly succeeding too many times. They attempted to Swift Boat Hillary on her health! So now, Hillary's campaign comes out with a single web ad., showcasing the truth, about who he's agreeing with, who he's listening to, whose donating to him, and whose now running his campaign. So now of course she's gone too far! How dare "she" accuse him, excuse me? Or worse, how dare she showcase this reality visually in an ad, giving 'them' credence. Somehow Hillary is supposed to answer the continuous onslaught that they've been throwing out at her, but not in a way to offend anyone. I guess like everything else, Trump is the exception. Even if she showcases the truth, she's gone too far.
Its funny if you think about it, all Donald J. Trump seems to do is propose total lies, but those are cool for the masses. The talking heads on the news, especially the one's for Trump are seeing red over the 'truth'er ad, as I will call it. Its really ridiculous how over the top they get with every question about them. Any accusation against them, they never have to answer to, they just swat those questions away like day old garage. Just the media throwing out lies, but every accusation they throw out seems to be believed as proven fact, and punishable by death.
I'm sorry, it was time. It was time for Hillary to come out and smack some reality into Trumps very orange face. I'm just surprised he hasn't threatened to sue her for her lies. Sometimes I wish Hillary wasn't such an in control candidate. Because during todays's speech it would have been a wonderful time for her to just go off on the man. To destroy his attacks on her and on The Clinton Foundation. And its time for the media to take what she said, not as they are trying to frame it, but for what it was. Her take down on his campaign and why it needs to be reported by the media as the ugliness, racist hateful organization that it really is.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, August 25, 2016

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