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At the same time his campaign shuffles the cards, Trump tells African Americans he's their champion as he insults them, while praising the police! 

As with everything else, Donald J. Trump calling Hillary Clinton a bigot, again showcases he's everything he accuses others of being. Without having any solutions to any of the problems made up or real, the self-titled 'Law and Order' candidate returned last night, seemingly for the last time as the man who never pivots, pivoted once again. 

"I am who I am," "I don't want to change. Everyone talks about, "Oh, well you're going to pivot, you're going to."I don't want to pivot. I mean, you have to be you. If you start pivoting, you're not being honest with people."
So I guess, he won't be pivoting again, right? Except, of course after saying that several hours earlier on Tuesday,  Donald J. Trump traveled 45 minutes outside of Milwaukee, which is 40 percent black, to West Bend, Wisconsin, a community that is 95 percent white and spoke before an almost entirely white audience. Unbelievably, during the speech, he repeatedly lied and said he was speaking in Milwaukee which actually has people of color as opposed to where he actually was, surrounded by whites! Simply put, what we got was Donald's latest character attack on Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party as a whole. This time he added possibly the most ridiculous charge so far, she's a bigot! Let me repeat that, he accused Hilary Rodham Clinton, of being a bigot! Wow, talk about a losing argument.
Thats right, Donald J. Trump reading off the teleprompter again, thats two major speeches in a roll, called out Hillary for basically being what he is. Its a shame for him that, most of her surrogates and advisors are people of color, women, muslims and all shades of our society, as opposed to for example Trump's economic team, made of thirteen white guys, six named Steve. 
So maybe not a pivot, and no, he hasn't improved his reading skills and neither has any of his ideas. Sadly, as usual none of the things they decide to have him read have solutions to any of the problems he professes to care so much about. Just a series of Republican talking points read seriously badly by a man who seems to have no idea how the real world operates. It's simply obnoxious how a man who practically is the definition of the word bigotry, is now of course calling Hillary a racist. The idea that he actually thinks if he just calls her a bigot, that the idea would stick, like his "crooked" title has seemingly done. That everyone, as he would say, would simply believe him on yet another flat out lie because he's been so truthful so far. Well what he has said, and how he's attacked her, has so far found him trailing in the polls, so perhaps let him just continue to put both feet into his big fat mouth, can't say its been hurting her. So I guess keep it up Trump, please.
His speech last night I guess was his way of showing how he was gonna help save people of color and yes I know how insane that sounds. Seriously, the great White Hope is alive and insane and comes in the form of Donald J. Trump! Simply put, Trump out of left field, called himself the champion of African Americans! Without any ideas how to fix anything, I guess with everything else with this conman, we, the American people, are supposed to forget everyone of his past dealings in business or personal relations. 
As he was trying to win over all African Americans by speaking in a place a predominately while community, I was half way expecting him to actually say the words that 'Hillary killed the cops, she pulled the trigger, I saw it on video'! Thats how insane he sounded. I mean come on Donald, after a year of using bigotry all over this great land, and thats after approximately 8 years of calling our President a Kenyan, he's obnoxiously now blaming the Democrats for the racial tensions in America. Of course this isn't a new talking point spun out by the Republicans, but when a racist calls out a person who isn't, it does make you go talk about the height of hypocrisy.
It is pretty astounding how much whiplash we get from his, I guess you could call them mood swings. And just as I was about to discuss this latest whopper, seems we have few major changes in his campaign to discuss. There's a new sheriff in town to right this sinking ship, that is if its not too late, please God, make it too late.
First we got the news that Roger Ailes, the recently ousted Fox Faux News Chairman and CEO who was booted out, because of his shall we say not so nice tactics when it came to woman, has either been brought on to advice his campaign or has been secretly working behind the scenes from the start. Both idea's Trump and his surrogates totally deny. I mean, if in fact it does come out that Ailes has been running his campaign since day one, that might be a huge problem with the FCC and whomever is in charge with our election. Don't you think? Well I do, and yes I am discussing a real Congressional hearing or at least a good old fashioned trial. Talk about election fraud. I mean the network is Trump's publicity channel. Hannity is practically his lap dog. 
And now, Donald has hired Steve Bannon to lead his chase for the crown. I guess if there was any question that Donald was gonna ever really pivot into a general campaign candidate, that has been answered for all. The answer is no, never, not on your life, quit BS'ing yourselves! This is it folks, the Republicans who got hoodwinked by him, maybe finally have to face the truth, the man is who the man is. Perhaps this will really begin the mass exodus of the remaining Republicans like Ryan who actually fell in line like the good old boys should. All I can say is oy, the man behind the heinous Right Wing hit machine known as Breitnart News whose been after Hillary and Bill Clinton for years, has now been assigned the task to fix the sinking ship. Which means, you know those commercials that Donald hasn't been doing. Well, get ready for the mud to be thrown. In other words, if you thought its was bad before, those were the good old days! Get ready to be stepping into so much garbage that will make the movie Natural Born Killers seems like a G-rated nursery rhyme.
Guess, if you're Hillary Clinton its time to worry. Anytime a major shakeup occurs with your opponents campaign you need to step back and discover what the new guy will do to wreck whats turning out to be smooth sailing to the White House. We know what we had, we don't know what we are gonna be faced with. And the fickleness of the electorate this year, I'm just worried that all will be forgiven when they rebrand the man. Hysterically just as he says he's not gonna change his ways, he's not gonna pivot, its possible thats exactly what was happening behind the scenes. The good or is that the bad news in all this is the man or men behind the curtain have extensive resumes, so pretty much we know what to expect. And sadly what to expect ain't gonna be pretty. So buckle up Clinton'ites, its gonna be a bumpy ride from now till election day.

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