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Plus it seems the media just won't give Hillary Clinton's a break over responses to her emails

On a day where Donald J. Trump basically accused Hillary Rodham Clinton of being everything he is, unbalanced, unstable, dangerous, and pathological, just to name a few of things he called her, its turning out that his surrogates could be even more unhinged then him.

Seems the best thing Donald J. Trump could do right now to right his sinking ship of a campaign is to fire all of his surrogates. I'm not kidding. Paul Manafort the National Spokesperson for the Trump campaign needs to go, simply because of his ties with Russia. If he wants to clear up some of the mud he's been spewing lately that could be a big start. He could say it was all Paul Manafort's fault. Wouldn't be the first time someone was blamed for a tyrants actions. I mean Manafort is seriously scary and his background is simply unacceptable. Choosing him to run his campaign should have been a warning to everyone, especially when he started suggesting, excuse me joking, that the Russian hackers find and release Hillary's 30,000 personal emails that she had deleted. 
As for his other talking heads, even the ones who he already fired, who are still in his pocket like Corey Lewandowski, who somehow aced a paid gig on CNN. I must say, Corey is unbelievably pro Trump whenever he appears and obviously is still under his control as evidenced by his bringing back the pathetic birther movement. He was in the middle of a conversation, when someone brought up Trump's emails. Corey's response was to query where President Obama's college transcripts were! It was madness. I simply couldn't believe he thinks people will still fall for that bullshit, simply deflecting the question, where are Donald's taxes?  Which seemed to be forgotten by the end of the segment, good one Corey you deflected it again. But his other surrogates, his talking heads who are paid 'guests' seemingly on every talk show or news program, seem to always make matters worse then better. And now as the primary campaign has become the National Presidential campaign all Hell is breaking loose. Katrina Pierson who daily continues to put her foot in her mouth, for example, she lied over the course of several days, about who the President was when Army Capt. Humayun Khan died. And tried to deflect her  lie by disregarding the fact that Donald had attacked Khan's grieving mother. That's how the entire issue of who was President when he was killed. Scottie Nell Hughes, and Kayleigh McEnany have also kicked up the rhetoric and even their simple statements are flat out lies. Each come out from time to time to either lie about Donald's history, deflect when queried about yet another faux pas by either the Donald or one of his surrogates themselves.  
If you sit back and watch several shows in a row, even on the various channels, it is quite stunning listening to what sounds like a loop. The only thing that changes is the person who is saying the lies. Sadly even if Donald cleaned house, replaced all of his surrogates with people who actually could at least lie less like robots and more like humans, I doubt it would help. I'm sure they would all do the same thing, each spouting the exact same talking points, after all, looks whose paying their salary's. 


And yet again, the media just won't give it up with Hillary's "lies" over her most recent comments having to do with her emails. Seems that every time someone asks her a question about the subject, every time she answers, always seemingly with the truth. 'She never sent or received classified emails'. 'That the FBI director Comey, eventually admitted it during the hearing, that no wrong was done.' That there was no classified emails.' But no matter how she answers it, no matter how many ways she responds, the talking heads parse every word as if each one is the mother load. They never discuss her policies, what she's promoting, any of the other questions she answered, ever. All they do is continuously discuss this.  
Sadly if Donald ever gets his act in gear, the media will probably, instantly forget the thousands of hours of mishaps, or worse that he's done over the last year and a half. But the media's talking points will be forgotten the next time the question is brought up about her damned emails.

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