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So Donald J. Trump, read us his economic plans, the question is, did he even understand what he was given to say and why did it sound so such like Paul Ryan had written it? 

I just sat through Donald's big economic speech and honestly I'm still not sure what I was watching. Honestly with each new day, one never knows which candidate will come out, the brash cocky pompous ass or the controlled teleprompter reading puppet that sounds like the fools he rails against. And depending on how he comes out, his defenders and detractors have a field day, trying to either nail him to the cross or act like the man can walk on water.
Turns out today we got the second of the two, basically Donald J. Trump read his entire speech off of a teleprompter, he actually didn't go off book once, not even when the more then a dozen protesters interrupted him. Amazingly he seemed to be parroting many of the talking points that House Speaker Republican Paul Ryan have been pushing for years. And no, his abilities to read off of a teleprompter haven't improved, even with all the practice he's had lately, as he supposedly transitions from a maverick business man to a run of the mill old fashioned candidate, that is depending on which day of the week we are discussing. Hysterically or is that hypocritically, half of his proposals sounded like arguments against how he himself does his own businesses. Railing against businesses working overseas, he argued to punish employers who did that. I actually had to rewind the video to make sure I heard what I had heard. Aren't much of his businesses overseas? I mean where are his ties made? Where are his shirts made? Seems America First is a great theme unless your name is Trump. Guess lets not discuss something as unimportant as where his businesses are, lets instead deflect to discuss Hillary's emails. Of course since the man is running as a genius businessman, I guess we should just believe him, he knows best, right?
And his proposals were seriously all over the map, a series of Republican talking points, that seriously do not add up. Most of what he said might actually have sounded good on the surface if we hadn't already heard them proposed by others over the years. Astonishing for a man that says he's running against the establishment, his policies announced today sounded a heck of lot like the same old failed policies that Paul Ryan has been proposing for years. Guess he thinks, Americans won't remember George Walker Bush failed Presidency and how much in debt we were when President Obama took over. All we got was debts up to our noses, and what he proposed today was unbelievably more of the same. And his explanations on how we pay for any of his plans was basically answered by the good old 'I'll be filling all of you in on that at a later time.' The beauty of Hillary's campaign is is that she has policies for practically everything and she explains how to supposedly pay for everything. 
A few days back, Donald J. Trump announced who was gonna be his economical advisors. As usual with everything with Donald, they made a big deal about this. But as with much of what he's promised, what we got isn't exactly as phenomenal as what it was touted out to be. It turned out to be '13' white men, none of which shall we say are brain surgeons. As Hillary Clinton called it afterwards while talking at a campaign stop she said:
"Today in Detroit he's got, I don't know a dozen or so economic advisors he just named, hedge fund guys, billionaire guys, six guys named Steve, apparently, and so they wrote him a speech and he delivered it in Detroit." Hillary Clinton
An excellent article I read earlier today which describes his economic advisors as pretty much pack of losers and believe me its an eye opener, and truly showcases why he mustn't be our next President. Please check it out. American Greed: Trump's Economic Team Is A Who's Who of What's Wrong which can be read at:   
And listening to his proposals, or should I write what his advisers wrote down for him to read, contradicts a lot of his own proposals which were on his own website until yesterday. In fact according to reports, what was on his website, has been replaced with what he has proposed today. Out of site, out of mind I guess. And it seems the whole ball of wax, trusts businesses are gonna hire people at record numbers. That is if everyone of his positive predictions come true, and if they don't, you guessed it we've got 'huge' deficits! And as a former President once called it, my friends we got ourselves our latest "Voodoo Economics" promoter. Every few years another Republican comes out and touts trickle-down economics. That somehow if we cut taxes on the wealthy and they would spend their savings on hiring new employees, rising salaries and jump starting our economy at a pace not unseen since the end of World War II. Except every time they cut the taxes on the wealthy, they just put that savings into their own pockets and nothing every gets down. Every time, its simply a lie that has been shown to be a false notion. Like voter fraud, lets find a solution to a problem that doesn't exist, and hurt millions in the process. They keep touting a magic number, four. At least a 4% growth, I seem to recall Mitt Romney pitching something like this, and people scoffing at this then. Well, today Trump came out and proposed it again, and as before, the experts keep saying that number, well that is almost impossible. And in order for his proposals to work, the 4% growth would have to continue and possibly double for a prolonged period of time for it to be a success at all. But the odds of that happening are small, and most likely the growth would sputter and instead of growth we would quickly see deficits rack up and we'd be right where we were during the failed term of George Walker Bush. The talking heads have already begun to take sides discussing if today's 'stable' candidate can stay that way and for how long, before he goes off the rails and becomes the candidate we've all grown to despise. Whats sad about the question is, it seems to be every days question. If Donald J. Trump will be Doctor Jekyll today or Mr Hyde? Will Buddy Love come out and act like he's off his meds, or will we finally get the candidate that the Republicans pray on bended knees every night that he will transform into. Can the man actually stay one personality for more then a day and which personality will that be? I guess we shall see. I am so looking forward for the moment when he flips out on stage in front of everyone. Perhaps during one of the debates, when he's cornered and for once can't lie his way out of it.
So I must ask, does this one speech, forgive a year and a half of hate filled rhetoric? Does it shut up the talk about his mental capabilities or cause America to have amnesia about any and everything that he has done or said during this campaign? Every day it seems with him, this could be the moment he changes, the next speech will alter everything, and then nothing. Nothing changes he's still the person that we all wish he wasn't. Each time the talking heads act like what ever he does on that specific day will cause everything that he's done to be forgiven or better yet forgotten. My question is when will they stop asking this? He is who he is. I would have thought by now, he would have learned his role much more professionally, instead he has seemingly become ready for a straight jacket. Perhaps, today was the Donald J. Trump we will see from now on, and somehow, all will be forgotten and Trump will turnaround everything and win in a landline. Somehow, I doubt that that will be the ending this campaign winds up with.

Just one man's opinion 
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, August  8, 2016

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